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Why Do Builders Need Liability Insurance?

Rhino Trade Insurance 02 September 2022

For any builders who work in the construction industry, on a daily basis, you will find yourself open to risks, hazards and dangers that could result in significant compensation claims. The very nature of the job you do means that you or anyone you come into contact with (be it members of the public or employees of suppliers) could be in danger of injury, damage or even death.

We want to share why builders need to have Public Liability Insurance and how Rhino can help you achieve this. If you work on a building site and something goes wrong, you may be deemed responsible for damaging a customer's property, injuring them or a passer-by or even worse, killing someone through your work. 

Rhino Trade Insurance wants to avoid this and offer advice on how best to protect yourself and your business and dodge any potential compensation claim. 

Financially protecting your business

You don't need the team at Rhino to tell you how careful you must be when working on site. Figures estimate that the top accidents on building sites across the UK include: slips, trips, falls from height, injury whilst lifting and carrying and being hit by moving or falling objects. After working so hard to build up your business, the last thing you need is to find yourself in hot water and have to foot the bill should something go wrong. 

That's one of the main reasons for having Public Liability Insurance. It's a valuable piece of trade insurance that covers you for any damage, injury or accident death that is deemed your fault. 

Public Liability Insurance for builders isn't a legal requirement. However, you'd be taking a considerable risk without it should anything go wrong on-site. Your business and financial well-being could be jeopardised. 

Of course, accidents can always happen, and that's why Rhino Trade Insurance set up shop to help you deal with these unsuspecting moments. We have designed Public Liability cover tailored for builders and offer you protection from just £72.80 a year. You can get cover anywhere from £1 million to £5 million. You can pay monthly with no interest added, and you only have to pay a standard excess of £500 on any claims (that aren't due to the use of heat). With many other benefits, all of this makes us the perfect trade insurer to keep your business financially safe. 

Legal Requirements

If your business employs staff members, you are required by law to hold Employers' Liability Insurance. If you are found to be without this type of cover, the authorities could fine you up to £2,500 per day if you aren't covered and can even backdate it if they please. 

Employers' Liability Insurance is an extremely common add-on to our popular Public Liability Insurance cover. Let's imagine you send a couple of your employees to a job and they end up causing damage to the customer's property and injuring themselves and the customers in the process. By having Employees' Liability Insurance in place, you will be covered for any costs incurred. 

Whether they are full-time employees, sub-contractors or temporary workers, you must hold Employees' Liability Insurance. Without it, you could be in serious bother!

Here at Rhino, we offer Employers' Liability Insurance at a fantastic rate with excellent options:

  • Cover starts at just £6.07 a month.
  • Get cover for up to £5M - satisfying potential contractors or suppliers. 
  • Insurance tailored to your trade
  • All your documentation is ready and waiting for your as soon as you click to pay. 
  • Rhino Trade Insurance's UK team are ready to speak to you six days a week to solve any questions you have. 

Safeguarding yourself against poor advice

Being a builder on-site is one thing, but quite often, you may be asked to give advice, guidance or designs as a service to anything looking for work to be done. That's where having Professional Indemnity Insurance will safeguard your business should you give faulty advice and a customer suffers a loss as a result of your advice. 

Let's imagine you offer design work as a service and design an extension to a home for a client. You may be held responsible if these designs go south and cause the client to lose money. On the flip side, let's imagine you are working on a building site and lose vital pieces of information relating to the site (like blueprints, drawings or sensitive data). You could have a claim coming your way. 

So how can we help? Rhino offers specific and tailored Professional Indemnity Insurance for builders. You can choose to get cover up to £2 million, and it costs just £235.20 a year. 

If something goes wrong, don't fear, as Rhino will be there to help you. Your policy includes cover for legal costs and the damages caused. Find out more about Professional Indemnity Insurance here. 

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

That just about covers us today for Public Liability Insurance. As a builder and tradesman, you can have various trade insurance types, all of which we offer at a reasonable price (on average, up to 40% cheaper than industry competitors). We offer Tools Insurance, Legal Expenses Cover and Income Protection in case you can't work for an extended period of time. 

Give our friendly UK team a call on 0116 243 7904 or get a quick and instant quote online now. 

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