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Is courier insurance a legal requirement?

Rhino Trade Insurance 04 November 2022

The time of the courier is here! With the explosion in online shopping, tech companies like Amazon, eBay and others dominating customers' spending habits, and the gig economy in full swing, the time to work as a courier couldn't be better! 

No matter whether you run your own courier business or work as a contractor for a national company like Hermes, DPD or UPS, you most likely need the right type of courier insurance. 

Rhino Trade Insurance is here for those of you that want straightforward insurance without any faff. Our experts have years of experience and have designed a quality piece of coverage specifically for our friends in the courier business. In this guide, we'll set out the insurance you shouldn't overlook and add in extras that could keep your business safe if something goes wrong. 

Why do I need Courier Insurance?

Having a quality courier insurance policy makes business sense. It adds so much value to the work you do, giving that all-important peace of mind to you and your customers that should something go wrong, you have the necessary steps in place to alleviate any issues. 

In this fast-paced world, couriers whizz around town, delivering hundreds or even thousands of parcels each week. Some even work every hour under the sun, so it comes as no surprise that an odd mishap can happen. 

No one is perfect, and everyone can have an off day. That's why it's vital to have the right level of insurance in your back pocket should you even need to pull it out and use it. But what can you get cover for?

Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

The most standard piece of insurance you will hold is Public Liability Insurance. Every business, contractor and self-employed individual should have a sufficient amount of this cover. 

Public Liability Insurance acts as your safety barrier if you cause any damage to a customer's property. Let's imagine you accidentally break a gate when entering their grounds or smash a window. It also covers you in case you cause injury to a customer, supplier or member of the public or, worse, accidental death. If you happen to be carrying a package to your destination and cause a member of the public to trip and injure themselves, they could make a claim and receive compensation. 

Public Liability Insurance shouldn't cost you the earth, and we'll ensure that! Our cover starts at just £72.80 a year and can grant you the protection of £1 million, £2 million and £5 million quid. 

What else can I get covered?

The world is your oyster regarding what cover you can take out as a courier. Here at Rhino, we have dedicated time and energy to setting up some top-notch options for your next policy. 

Every day you will be working with technology, utilising your mobile phone and carrying a scanner around with you. If these were to get stolen, damaged or lost, you would either end up out of pocket or unable to work until it is replaced. That's where our Gadget Insurance policy for couriers makes your life easier. It's a simple add-on to your Public Liability Insurance policy and can protect electronic devices from £500 to £3000.

Likewise, if you wake up and feel under the weather or suffer from an accident, leaving you laid up for a week, could you afford to go without being paid? This is a real risk for any courier who works for themselves. Our team created Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance for this situation. Our policy will pay you a lump sum if you cannot work from illness or injury. That should keep you afloat until you are back on your feet!

As a self-employed individual or business owner, you will take care of your own tax. Often this can get confusing and sometimes go wrong. If you have a knock on your door and it's the taxman, don't fear; you can get insurance to cover that. Tax Enquiry Insurance.

Finally, let's imagine you land in a spot of legal trouble. Could you stump up the cash to defend yourself in court or take time out to handle any legal correspondents? Our Legal Expenses Insurance is there for couriers who want legal defence they can count on. We are here to represent you and take care of any legal issues you face. Don't stress. Leave that to us!

Is Courier Insurance a legal requirement?

Courier insurance is not a legal requirement unless you hire staff members. If you have employees working for your business, you must hold Employers' Liability Insurance. This will protect you in case any of your workers cause damage or injury during the work you set them. 

Other types of insurance policies for couriers are not required under UK law. However, as you can gauge from the points we have made in this article, it will complement your business and help you sleep easier at night, knowing that if something goes wrong on the job or you get sick and can't work, you'll be covered financially. 

Suppose you work alongside some of the larger, reputable courier businesses in the UK. They may require you to hold a certain level of protection in order to do business with them, so it's best to keep that in mind when deciding what cover you want/ need. 

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we are connoisseurs in protecting tradespeople and self-employed individuals. Not only can you get a straightforward quote in 30 seconds on our award-winning website, but our prices are also, on average, 40% cheaper than other industry competitors. 

If you prefer to speak to someone direct, our outstanding team are based in foxes territory (Leicester, to be exact). So if you want to chat with an actual human being, call us at 0116 243 7904

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