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The best products to have on-site in the freezing cold

Rhino Trade Insurance 20 December 2022

You may have noticed, but it's freezing in the UK right now. We see you all loving the outdoors during the summer but come winter; we don't envy you! 

That's why today, the team at Rhino Trade Insurance want to offer up some tips and tricks on staying warm during the winter months. Whether you work on-site or not, these little gadgets will keep you as snug as a bug in a rug!  

The old-school tools

As I write this, I'm in the northeast, looking out my window as some lads lay a new driveway. Thankfully, the homeowner is providing them with plenty of hot beverages and snacks to get them through the day. But my goodness, they look freezing! 

With that said, keeping warm as a tradesperson in the winter months ain't an easy gig. And let's not forget, some out there don't even think it's cold! 

That's where the old-school tactics can help you out. Some say that you can't get better than the originals. As well as wearing two layers, having a piping hot water bottle stuffed under your jacket can be a real game-changer. 

Don't fancy that? We have seen a fair few tradespeople wearing thick overalls on our travels. These are a great idea to add layers to your body and keep the cold wind from hitting you.

Last but by no means least, a great little trick. A pair of Heat Holder socks can keep your feet toasty under your work boots. They are 1.7tog and explicitly designed for winter. Grab a pair the next time you are in Screwfix!  

Fancy new tech

Technology is changing fast! If your customer provides you with a warm cuppa tea, the worst thing is getting distracted and your drink going cold. Let us present the mug designed to keep your beverage hot - the Ember Travel Mug

Before we get going on this, it's worth mentioning this is a luxury item. At £179, you could probably find a cheaper alternative online. However, as a guide, the Ember Travel Mug doesn't let your brew go cold. It has been built for working conditions and those on the go, so if you get served a nice drink on-site, you can set the mug to stay at a constant temperature for three hours! 

We know it seems mad, but yes, you can control your mug via an app on your phone. It also has an excellent design allowing no room for leaks (unlike those that can be found on a regular flask). 

Warm up with a heated jacket

Racking your brains, wondering how to stay warm when working outside in icy conditions? There's no reason you should be like Mr Freeze off Batman. Get yourself this incredible Regatta Heated Jacket with a battery and save yourself from many blustery days. 

This one is on sale for just £89.99 via our partners ITS and seems like a worthwhile investment considering the temperature in the UK over winter. 

A few benefits of this jacket are: it's water repellent and includes an intelligent heating system with a rechargeable zone of heat powered by a handy 5000mAH battery. There's also a little discreet pocket for the battery so that it won't be in your way. 

Some fancy gloves wouldn't go a miss.

Thanks to our friends at Unilite, you can keep your hands healthy, warm and protected with the UG-12C4 safety gloves. As a tradesperson, your hands are vital and in freezing conditions, leaving them exposed to the elements is not a great idea!  

That's why ensuring they are protected from any hazards and keeping them nice and warm should be a top priority, whether you lay bricks, cut fence panels or re-wire a house. These gloves do the lot. They offer supreme grip on slippy items and the ability to use your touchscreen phone, all whilst weighing just 60g. 

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

We don't just help you stay warm on-site. We also offer outstanding trade insurance at an excellent price. Need a quote for your next Public Liability Insurance policy? Get one in just a minute with our up-to-date quote system

Alternatively, give our wonderful UK team a call on 0116 243 7904.

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