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Plumbers to Follow on Social Media and YouTube

Rhino Trade Insurance 02 January 2023

The team at Rhino recently shared a guide on which electrical tradesmen and women to follow on social media and YouTube. 

Today, we are back with a guide on which plumbing and heating experts to follow. 

Whether you want to find new tradespeople to watch online or learn more about our insurance, Rhino has you covered in more ways than one.

MJ Tiff Plumbing & Heating

Mark is one of our favourite plumbers on the tools. Not only have we had him at Rhino HQ to test out his spicy food scale, but he also puts out some quality plumbing content. 

Based in Warwick, he’s built a solid following among the trades in just a few years and with over 20,000 subscribers on YouTube, you know he’s doing things right! 

Posting on average once a week, you can see videos about jobs he’s on at the moment, must-have tools, and things going wrong, among other things. 

You can find Mark’s channel here

PB Plumber

PB Plumber is a solid plumbing and heating engineer to follow. We love checking in on his content every week. He’s similar to Mark in that he posts a video on average once a week and features his life on the job. 

With just under 50,000 subscribers, Pete is smashing it as a plumbing creator. His helpful hints, tips and knowledge-sharing are what we love to see. You can also catch him on the Trade Legends podcast alongside Unilite’s Big Al!

Watch Pete’s channel here

SmartPipe Plumbing

SmartPipe Plumbing is a young chap who posts regular videos on his channel. There are no holds barred with this lad, and that’s why we like him from things going wrong on-site, hints and tips on how to fit specific white goods and product reviews. 

You can tell he’s doing it right, as his channel has grown to just under six thousand subscribers, which is fantastic! 

Check out Macauley’s channel here

Clayton Heating & Plumbing

Clayton Heating & Plumbing was recommended to us by PB Plumber after we asked for our Instagram followers to share YouTube channels to subscribe to!

Clayton Heating is based in Northamptonshire and posts weekly videos of the day-to-day life of a domestic plumber. Including work on-site, product reviews and honest takes on the things that happen as a plumber. 

Find Clayton Plumbing’s channel here

Andy Cam - I Love Plumbing

We can’t do a plumbing ‘who to follow’ and not include Andy Cam - the ‘I Love Plumbing’ catchphrase extraordinaire. 

We know Andy personally from several events; he is a lovely bloke. With content that is always helpful, giving tricks of the trade and showcasing products that work to make your day easier. 

Along with a laugh and a smile, Andy’s content is a must-follow from the team at Rhino! 

Find him here

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

That’s all for today. If you want us to share more channels and profiles to follow in the trades, then give us a shout-out. Maybe next time we will do our favourite carpenter

If you want tailored plumbing insurance, find out what you can get to protect your business by calling the team: 0116 243 7904. Or, simply visit our website and get a quote in under a minute. 

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