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Should you learn about EV Chargers?

Rhino Trade Insurance 06 January 2023

With the latest news that the UK's largest electricity distributor will be fast-tracking the production and installation of EV chargers at petrol stations across the UK, that got us asking: Is it time for electricians to learn all they can about EV chargers? 

As always, Rhino Trade Insurance are here to decipher the news and share with you what we find. If, as an electrician, you have considered a training course on EV chargers, now is the time to book it. 

Government's ten-point plan for net zero. 

It would seem that electric charging is here to stay. We hear countless stories from tradespeople wondering how the system will cope by relying on more electricity. But the government and larger electric providers still need to ramp up their effort to achieve net zero. 

The news that UK Power Networks is working in tandem with the UK's largest forecourt operator (Motor Fuel Group) to install public charging points has us wondering: Is a fundamental shift coming for the electrical sector?

Electric Vehicles show no signs of slowing down.

The stats suggest that the uptake of electric vehicles will continue well into 2030. It's expected that 3 million more electric vehicles will be on the road by this time. 

This would be why the two giants are teaming up to power ahead with charging point availability at their service stations. 

Now is high time to train in EV technologies.

As the UK government's plan puts it: 

"We must take advantage of this once in a generation opportunity to create a world-leading EV supply chain right here in the UK and improve air quality in our towns and cities."

With statements like these and the fact that petrol and diesel cars are to be phased out in 2030, more homes and businesses will begin installing EV chargers to accommodate their own needs along with their staff members. 

Before considering whether a course in this is right for your business, it's worth reading up about the EV ChargePoint grant and how you could utilise this to install more EV charge points in your local area.

As a qualified electrician, it's recommended that you take the Electrical Vehicle Charging Course so that you are competent and able to safely deliver charging point installation for your customers in a domestic environment. 

The main factors on a course like this one are:

  • Code of practice
  • Design considerations at the property
  • The different types of EV charges available
  • The electrical Requirements for any installation you conduct

After completing a course in EV chargers, your business should receive a document showing the qualification you can share with potential customers interested in using you for their own installation. 

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

The future is bright for our electrician friends, and we are super excited to see where the EV charging game takes us. We already see the likes of Artisan Electrics installing various types of charging points, so it's clear there is a market for them in a domestic setting. 

For any electrical insurance information, our team provides expert knowledge on the best cover available for sparks. We insure thousands of tradespeople and have thousands of reviews online. Get a quote today or give us a call on 0116 243 7904.

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