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How to Keep Your Worksite Safe

Rhino Trade Insurance 09 February 2023

Your job as a tradesman or woman is crucial, regardless of your specific role on-site. Because of this, it is in your best interest to take the necessary precautions to avoid an accident.

When working in construction, it's essential to remember the safety measures that ensure you return home in one piece and leave your customers and their properties intact. 

Having quality trade insurance is one thing, but your number one priority should always be to work in a safe and compliant manner. To help you along the way, let's consider some of the best protocols and great resources to help you stay safe and sound in the trades.

The proper clothing and safety gear

Depending on where you work, it may require that you have certain types of personal protective equipment. If you experience wood shavings as a Carpenter, paint fumes as a Decorator or sharp objects as a Gardener, then considering items from the list below will help you and your employees work safer in those environments. 

  • Hard hats
  • Safety glasses
  • N95 masks
  • Steel toe-cap boots
  • Earplugs and defenders
  • Harnesses

PPE is different for each industry to keep workers safe. Tradespeople often deal with various hazardous materials, and the techniques they use to get their work done may involve causing specific reactions from chemicals, splinters, fumes and more. 

Safety and success also depend on having the right tools for the job. Using the wrong tool to complete a task can increase the risk of injury. Having the correct PPE and safety gear may be less appreciated by untrained workers and society, but experienced tradespeople should also push for more safety and not less.

When learning about safety precautions and guidelines, experienced workers and business managers should always follow the health and safety executive to push for greater use of gloves, eye protection, masks and more. 

The right certifications and training

Qualifications and training requirements vary by industry. A person's dedication to their craft and the breadth of their knowledge can be demonstrated by earning a certification or completing a specific degree program.

Health and safety inspectors have specific training available to ensure all workers and trade business managers use the best practices at work. For instance, one of the most common causes of workplace accidents and injuries is improper use of equipment. It may also come as no surprise, but the risk of injury is significantly reduced when tools are used correctly. To reduce the likelihood of serious incidents, skilled tradespeople should always adhere to safety guidelines. If something goes badly wrong, you could be held liable for the costs of rectifying the situation. 

You work in the trades, and risks are always around the corner. Making sure you follow the protocols, train yourself and your employees effectively and have a decent level of insurance will see you through any rough situations. 

Specialist safety resources for the trades

Taking time to study your trades' safety protocols and guidelines can make your life easier. As mentioned, hazards can arise from any avenue when working as a tradesperson. 

In the UK, you can find overall health and safety guidance and specific trade information. Let's say you are an Electrician, Plumber or Joiner; there are tailored web pages for you. Take a quick look at some of these guidelines below:

Why is staying safe good for business?

When it comes to offering a safe and secure environment to work in, it can only mean positive outcomes for your trade business. To get an idea of how taking health and Safety seriously can affect you, take a look at the points:

Keep your employees longer. 

Businesses that care tend to hire good employees who don't take risks or chances - keeping your employees safe and treating them well will ultimately lower employee turnover.

It helps to obtain more work.  

Larger businesses and local organisations have extensive health and safety policies to maintain legal compliance. They typically will only subcontract trade work to sole proprietors and small companies that share their commitment to health and Safety.

Create a positive atmosphere.

As we mentioned above, taking care of employees helps to create a safer, more welcoming environment. Feeling happy and respected at work can result in increased engagement and productivity.

Having cover offers more security. 

When you adhere to health and safety regulations as well as take out a comprehensive insurance policy, you can rest assured that you are protected in the event of the worst (i.e. your staff getting injured or causing damage).

Why choose Rhino Trade Insurance?


Rhino Trade Insurance offers a variety of trade insurance options. We have insurance policies that are affordable and available for almost every UK trade. Through our service, we deal with various tradesmen and women and constantly learn how to improve our service. Staying safe and secure is one thing, but having insurance to back you up in an emergency is another. If you need clarification, have a read of what the tradespeople of the UK think about us here. 

We care about the trades we cover. We like to build relationships and stay in touch through funny videos on social media, giveaways, and more. What's more, you can expect plenty of Rhino swag in the post once you are signed up. 

Contact our Leicester-based team at 0116 243 7904 or get a price online in a matter of seconds for a quick, easy quote.

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