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Heat Pump training for boiler engineers with OFTEC

Rhino Trade Insurance 05 March 2023

Boiler and heating engineers across the UK have never been busier. Demand for specialised services has ramped up consistently across the last few years, and more people are looking to change to cleaner and more cost-effective energy sources. 

We recently published an article showing why it may be time for heating engineers in the UK to consider future-proofing their businesses and training in heat pump technologies. Today, the Rhino Trade Insurance team is here to share the latest news from OFTEC, which has launched a new scheme with heavily discounted training for heating professionals. 

Who is OFTEC?

OFTEC is an industry-leading 'not for profit' trade organisation that focuses on the heating and cooking industry. Their main operations take place in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. From the lion's mouth, they are said to lead the way with 'off-gas grid heating' providing some of the safest and most efficient heating processes around. 

To achieve these feats, they approach and partner with manufacturers and industry leaders who concentrate on heating equipment and training (UCAS & LABC, for example). 

Around 10,000 trained professionals are registered to OFTEC's accredited registration scheme, which shows the direction of the industry. More and more heating experts are committing to meet national regulation changes and work in line with industry best practices. 

Is Heat Pump training worth it?

Consecutive government policy has reaffirmed the UK's commitment to net zero by 2050. So much so that the UK government has targeted a massive installation target of 600,000 heat pump instals in the UK by 2028. This will only grow higher beyond 2028, and it will take an army of engineers to ready the UK to meet its goal.

Air Source Heat Pumps work by sucking the air from the atmosphere or the ground around your property and warming it up with smart technology. This is so that you can easily and sustainably heat your home or office. As it works with heat, you can also expect the technology to warm your central heating and heat your water for those nice hot showers. 

The UK, along with the west, is powering ahead of the developed world with the aim to make gas almost obsolete. With eco-friendly solutions and low-carbon technologies like wind, solar and hydro alongside cleaner alternatives like nuclear, trades looking to retrain and ready their business for these new technologies are a hot topic right now. 

What training is OFTEC offering tradespeople?

Thanks to £9.2 million in funding from the BEIS, small and medium-sized heating and plumbing businesses in the UK can add valuable skills to their arsenal by becoming a heat pump installer. This is a step towards the UK's policy of meeting its net-zero ambitions. 

As OFTEC commits to solutions regarding renewable heating, they are one of the first ports of call for funding due to their high training standards and solutions for consumers. Professional installers and engineers can now join the list of growing businesses looking to benefit from heat pump training, all at a major discount. Until the end of March 2023, you can apply for up to 70% off through the Decarbonisation Skills Training competition run by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. 

Training can be undertaken at one of the sixteen OFTEC training centres in the UK. Once the training is complete, all heating professionals can join the trade association's competent person scheme for heat pumps as well as register for MCS to install new technologies through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

How to qualify, and what courses are available

Courses on offer for heating experts:

To gain the 70% discount available for your business, OFTEC offers the following training courses: 

  • OFT21-504A - This includes the installation, commissioning, and servicing of air source heat pumps (domestic space and water heating).
  • OFT21-504D - Assists with the design of heat pump procedures and devices for domestic space and water heating.

Courses on offer for heating experts:

For any tradesmen and women looking to further their professional qualifications, qualifying for the discount is fairly straightforward. To meet OFTEC and the BEIS's criteria, all trainees must work for a heating business in the UK. Once signed up, the tradesperson must complete all aspects of the training course and receive their personal certification before a final certification can be awarded. 

When on the course, you must sit any assessments in person at a certified centre, and all the references and reading materials shall be included in the funding allocation. To find out more about these courses, future-proofing your business, and whether you are eligible, find out more here

Why choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

For any trade businesses looking to further their offerings and solutions, you must hold the right insurance before doing so. As a heating and plumbing expert, growing your business is great, but adding more work can change your current policy and increase your risk. Be sure to check with your insurer and update your details if you are training to become a heat pump installer. 

The team at Rhino can offer most trades varied levels of quality cover, from Public Liability Insurance, Employers Liability, Personal Accident protection and more. Find out more from our team on 0116 243 7904 or visit our website for a quick and easy quote

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