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What does a Handyman or Woman do?

Rhino Trade Insurance 16 March 2023

We have you sorted for those among us who have a list of jobs that need doing around the house. Have you ever considered getting a Handyman or woman in to sort those minor tasks for you? 

Today, the team at Rhino Trade Insurance wanted to share what Handypeople do and why you should consider getting them in to finish off the small details in your property. 

What is a Handyman/woman?

When in doubt, a handyperson can do little fixes and home upgrades that don't need qualified tradespeople for the job. They frequently fix or swap out fittings like-for-like, for example, washing machines, wardrobes and more. 

If the work you want doing needs qualified expertise like plumbing, gas or electrics, then you need to hire a Plumber, Electrician or the like. 

What typical jobs do Handymen/women do?

As a Handyperson completes various jobs that don't need any particular expertise, such as home improvements and repairs, you will find that their scope of work will be varied. Here is an idea of what the typical Handyman or woman will do for you:

  • Build furniture such as flatpack wardrobes, stands and more
  • Install and mount TVs 
  • Cleaning and clearing gutters and fascias
  • Make sure the fixtures and fittings of any materials or equipment are working well
  • Painting and decorating
  • Maintenance of your property throughout the year
  • Changing light bulbs throughout the property
  • Small plumbing jobs
  • Carpentry depending on experience
  • Installing smoke detectors and other helpful safety devices
  • Any old odd job. 

Why hire a Handyman/woman?

There are a handful of reasons to hire a Handyman or woman. If you aren't too comfortable using a hammer or drill, then it's time to call your local Handyperson for your next job. Here are some of the top reasons to hire a Handyperson: 

Get various jobs done at once

One massive positive for hiring a Handyperson is that they can do many jobs on your 'to-do' list in one go. Need skirting boards painted, shelves put up, and your gutters cleaned? No worries, your Handyman or woman can sort that in one go. 

They have all the gear and an idea.

Okay, so even if you want to try your DIY project, have you got all the right tools? Some jobs take more than a hammer and a screwdriver, and hiring a Handyman or woman ensures that a pro is turning up to do the job with all the right pieces of equipment. Save yourself some money and get a Handyperson in now!

Need a pro? They usually know people.

If you strike up a rapport with them, they could advise you on which tradespeople to use for specific jobs. As someone in the trades, they no doubt have contracts with businesses and will share jobs that they can't do with their Carpentry, Plumber and Builder friends. Utilise their contact base and get quality work done on your property now. 

Save yourself valued time, effort and patience.

Having the right skills, knowledge and experience in building, fixing and repairing certain things can save you time and effort as a customer. How many times have you tried some DIY only to give up, waste time or even burn money? What's more, if you are a busy bee, then a Handyperson is excellent for getting the odd jobs done whilst you are working. 

What are the average prices for a Handyman/woman?

As someone who handles a variety of jobs at any given time, the price will fluctuate. As shown, a Handyman or woman's tasks can vary, and the type of work they do will reflect their time and effort. For an idea of what the average Handyperson may charge (depending on location) for a job, may include:

  • Assembling furniture or building flat pack (Ikea, for example) - £60-£85
  • Painting the downstairs skirting boards - £200-£400
  • Install curtain rail - £40-£50
  • Hang several shelves throughout the property - £200-£350
  • Basic plumbing work - £60-£80
  • Basic electrical work - £60-£80
  • Install and hang TV and mount - £50-£75

Why choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Handymen and women pick Rhino Trade Insurance because we care. We take pride in the insurance we offer and tailor each quote to the specific needs of that Handyperson. Whether you are part-time or run a team of people, we can set you up with adequate trade insurance at an affordable price. 

Get in touch with our lovely, UK-based team today by calling them on 0116 243 7904 or head over to our website and get a quote in less than a minute. It's dead easy! 

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