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How to treat your tradesperson

Rhino Trade Insurance 26 March 2023

Ever wondered how you should behave when a tradesman or woman enters your home? Don't worry. Rhino Trade Insurance has your back. Here is a quick blog that you can read over Kit Kat and a brew, explaining how to treat that lovely tradesperson when they arrive for the job. 

You have searched high and wide and found someone you trust with a price that matches your expectations. Now what? Let's get down to brass taxes and explain the do's and don'ts when hosting a tradesperson. 

Clear the areas due to be worked on

Customer etiquette is vital to ensuring a smooth job takes place. The worst thing a customer can do is be under the tradesperson's feet trying to explain how the job should be done or whatever else. 

To kick the job off, even before the tradesperson arrives, be sure to have cleared all areas they need to access. If you are having your bathroom redone, remove any objects in the room and on the stairs that could be a hazard. If you have a new floor fit, remove all your furniture to avoid unnecessary delays. 

Your best port of call for any areas you would rather not get dusty is to place a sheet over areas you want to protect. I, for example, was having some plastering done in my home and laid cardboard down on all the walkways and around the area where the work was taking place. Tradespeople may need to be in and out and up, and down the stairs, so it's best to cover yourself before they arrive. 

Welcome them

Tradesmen and women are human at the end of the day. Be warm and welcoming when they arrive. Although they are there to do a job, treat them like you would any guest coming to your home. If you have done your due diligence in choosing the right tradesperson, you likely already have some rapport with them. 

A friendly welcome can break any unwanted tension and create an awkward-free environment for them to work in. 

Offer them drinks, snacks and food (if you are feeling generous)

Once you have greeted them, offer them a drink. Make them comfortable, and if they prefer to be left alone, show them where they can help themselves with drinks and snacks. 

The most basic refreshments you should offer are tea and coffee. But why stop there? They are there to do a good job for you, so treating them to biscuits, cakes, or warm foods like pasties, sausage rolls, or bacon sarnies will go down like a house on fire. 

The point of offering your tradesperson some food is to show appreciation for their work. Food is a kind gesture, indicating to the tradesman or woman they are valued and appreciated. 

We recently wrote an article about the trades that get offered the most brew on-site. Have a read now. 

Leave them to do their work.

Now is the time to let them get on with their speciality and bring your project to life. Just imagine what it would feel like if you were working and someone was looking over your shoulder. It would feel strange, wouldn't it? That's why it's best to avoid doing it to your tradesperson. 

If you did the above, there would no doubt be tension on the job. You would either make them nervous, leading to a mistake or cause some confrontation. 

As you will have checked their background and professionalism, you trust they can do the job you have hired them to do. So leave them to it. Refrain from giving them advice or sharing how you tried to fix it. They are the experts and know how to put it right. If they have any questions, they will find you; alternatively, drop in on them every so often to check if they are okay for refreshments and raise any concerns you have with them then.

Don't try to renegotiate the price after the work is done.

There are a few no-nos as a customer to a tradesperson; one major one is don't try and haggle the price down once the work has been completed. The most respectful thing you can do is pay them the amount owed for their hard work. 

A common piece of feedback we hear from our friends in the trade is people trying to renege on an agreement. Please remember, the tradesperson is an expert in their field, trying to provide an excellent service whilst also making a living. They are either self-employed or running a business and have costs such as rent, materials and more. Trying to change the price after the job has finished is bad form and is typically frowned upon (i.e. you most likely will be avoided by that tradesperson in the future). 

If there is an issue with the quality of work, bring up your concerns. However, a decent tradesperson will always go above and beyond to solve any outstanding problems. 

Why tradespeople choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

As a customer, you should do your homework to see whether a tradesman or woman is worth their salt. Looking out for a quality insurance policy that has a sufficient level of coverage in case something goes wrong is vital. 

If you or anybody you know is looking for a company that focuses entirely on the trades industry, then Rhino is your place to be. We protect thousands of tradespeople on-site on a daily basis. Give our wonderful team a call at 0116 243 7904 or check out our website by visiting

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