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Bursting the most popular Energy Saving Myths

Rhino Trade Insurance 31 March 2023

You don't have to look far to find common tips and tricks when it comes to helping people save money on their energy bills. From YouTube videos to viral TikToks, newspapers to even the breakfast news channels, everybody is pushing certain tactics to keep your home warm and your bills down. 

We are here to debunk some of the myths about saving money on energy. Many outlets claim you could save tens or hundreds of pounds a year by doing their hacks. But do they actually work? Rhino is here to look at the most popular energy tips and tricks and how you can realistically improve your property's energy consumption. 

Saving money on energy: Hacks that don't actually work

Energy and power have been a volatile area of concern for many homeowners in the UK. The Government has intervened in various ways; however, the cost of living has seen monumental increases in gas and electricity. 

But should you try some of the energy-busting tips and tricks? Rhino did a bit of research and found the following popular energy hacks to be myths:

Tin foil behind radiators

Ah, an old beauty! This tip has floated around for generations and involves putting tin foil behind the radiator (sticking it to your walls) so that the heat reflects back into your home. This is supposed to boost the overall warmth of your property and allow less heat to escape into the cavity of your walls. 

The problem is if you have cavity walls that are well insulated, placing tin foil behind your radiators will do little to affect the heat storage in your home. You may have tried this tactic and expected your bills to reduce dramatically, but it's safe to say you probably felt let down. This is due to the fact that cavity walls are there to keep the heat in your home, leaving tin foil pretty much redundant behind your radiator. 

Let's take a property that doesn't have insulated walls. Your radiators will need to be switched on for the same period of time to have any desired effect, so you're basically not going to see any benefit to your bills. 

When exploring energy consumption and heat storage in your home, it's worth seeking advice from a trained professional such as a Heating Engineer or Plumber. They will be able to assess your property and offer ways to heat your home better. Considering Thermostatic Radiator Valves, Smart Radiator Valves, Heat Pumps, and wall insulation could be the way to go. 

Setting your thermostat at higher temperatures for shorter time periods

Another common misconception about saving money on your energy bills includes boosting the thermostat on your heating system so that it's on maximum for a very short period of time. The belief is that this conserves energy for longer. 

A thermostat is placed in your home or property to keep a steady temperature at whatever heat you desire. This means it doesn't matter how fast a room heats up; it takes the same amount of time for your room's temperature to level out to the pre-cranked thermostat temperature. All you are doing is using the same amount of energy but boosting your heat for shorter intervals. 

Plumbing and Heating Engineers recommend using your central heating when you are home and say you should consider installing a smart heating system. Speaking from experience, a few of the Rhino team have Hive Heating Systems installed and recommend them for ease of use, the technology and the level of control you have over your heating. 

Instead of trying online hacks, consider investing in a quality heating system that you can control via an app. Technology is your friend and allows you to set your thermostat temperature with ease, set windows when you want your heating on or off, and some apps even allow you to measure the amount of money you spend on your energy. 

Turning off water heaters when you aren't using them

For any homes or properties that house a hot water tank, switching the boiler or water heaters on and off will mean that your tank needs to be reheated repeatedly whenever you need hot water. 

This hack almost makes sense and, in theory, should work as when you turn an appliance off, there is no energy or power consumption. 

The more efficient way to control your hot water tank is to set on and off times and invest in a quality insulation jacket and sleeve for your tank and pipes. When you want to use hot water in your property, these devices allow your water heater to stay hotter for longer - potentially even for the entire day. 

Ensuring that you have a skilled tradesman or woman look over your system and provide regular services will keep your system running optimally. 

Consider reading our latest post on heat pumps and why you should consider them

Do dark radiators absorb more heat?

If you have read handy articles that talk about how black and dark colours allow objects to absorb heat faster, then this is, in fact, correct. However, as much as painting your radiators a funky colour will make your home look interesting, it doesn't actually help with energy in your property. 

The reason for this is because heat that is generated through light is only absorbed into darker colours quicker. Heating a radiator through conventional heating systems is different; it does nothing to reduce your energy bills and may leave you wondering why you painted them in the first place. For more myth-busting, consider reading the Money Saving Experts' most debated points on heat here

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