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Does Public Liability Insurance cover legal fees?

Rhino Trade Insurance 19 April 2023

As a business owner running a small-to-medium-sized enterprise, handling an array of overheads and unforeseen expenses is the norm. Therefore, it makes good business sense to limit those surprise costs by ensuring that you and your business are properly insured against financial loss.

This is where Public Liability Insurance comes in. As a self-employed tradesman or woman, you must protect your company against any potential claims against you or your staff while working on-site or on customers’ properties. This can include accidental injury or damage to property. Public Liability Insurance is a valuable form of cover that could save you tens of thousands of pounds should you be deemed liable for damage or injury caused.

In this blog post, we'll talk about the impact Public Liability Insurance has on your trade business and go into the finer details of how it helps with the legalities of a claim.

What is the purpose of Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance is not required by law in the UK. However, it’s always wise to hold enough cover to protect against any costly claim that may come your way. All businesses should be protected against third-party claims, including sole traders, partnerships, and limited liability companies.

With this policy, you and your workers will be covered for anything they do that causes injury, damage or loss to a client, member of the public, or third party.

It’s important to know that Public Liability Insurance doesn't cover claims that result from injury or illness to your employees. This falls under Employers' Liability Insurance, which you’ll need to have by law if you hire employees.

What does Public Liability Insurance cover you for?

Instances that are covered under this insurance policy include claims for injury and/or accidental death and damages to a third party's property. Your policy will determine the extent of your coverage, though typically, you will have the option of £1 million, £2 million, or £5 million indemnity with Rhino Trade Insurance. It also includes the costs of any legal fees incurred while defending a claim made against you.

These claims can be anything from everyday issues like minor property damage to life-threatening situations or fatalities stemming from your work. To get a clear idea, the claiming third party may seek compensation for:

  • Damages that result in loss, pain and suffering.
  • Loss of income resulting from the injury.
  • Future loss of income (if the injuries make it more difficult for the person to work).
  • Medical bills, travel expenses, and any costs that leave the claimant out-of-pocket.
  • Legal fees and any reasonable additional costs associated with filing the claim.

What you’re covered for will depend on which exact policy you take out and the level of protection. Your insurance's specific terms will determine the precise details of what you are covered for, so read it carefully.

Find out more about Public Liability and how it will help you here. 

What other trade insurance policies do I need?

For peace of mind that you are completely protected against potential claims against your company, you will require the following extra types of insurance to ensure your business can weather any storm:

Employee Liability Insurance - You will need Employer's Liability Insurance if you have any temporary staff, contract workers or subcontractors working for you. Whatever your situation, this policy is legally required for anybody who hires another individual. This is because it will provide coverage if an employee becomes ill, suffers an injury or fatality while working for your company.

Professional Indemnity Insurance - Businesses that offer designs, advice and knowledge as part of their service will be protected by Professional Indemnity Insurance. This important insurance will pay for expenses owed if a client claims that you gave them bad advice and they sustained a financial loss as a result.

Personal Accident Insurance - Personal accident insurance shields you if you get an injury or even die due to your work. As a tradesperson, you face numerous dangers and hazards at work, and if something goes wrong and you can't work, you risk losing money. Rhino’s amazing policy will give you a lump sum to help cover those costs, and it even covers you if you get injured or ill outside of your job.

Tool Insurance - Tools insurance protects your equipment against theft, damage or loss when kept in a vehicle, day or night. Rhino’s policy is the best on the market, so you can rest easy at night knowing that Rhino will have you covered if the worst happens and your tools are stolen, allowing you to return to work quickly.

Want to know more? You can find the full lowdown on the insurance Rhino offer here.

Do I need Legal Expenses Insurance for my trade business?

In the UK, Legal Expenses Insurance can compensate for various scenarios. This is the insurance coverage your company requires to offer protection against any legal costs incurred while a claim or dispute against you is being investigated.

The hiring of lawyers, solicitors and barristers, the gathering of expert witnesses, and, in some circumstances, the cost of any compensation decisions made against you will all fall under the umbrella of your cover. Find out everything you need to know about Legal Expenses cover and how it helps your trade business by reading our comprehensive blog post.

Depending on your circumstances, protection can cover the following:

  • Disputes over contracts - This includes the costs involved in defending against, or bringing, legal action relating to an agreement for buying, leasing, hiring, maintaining, or selling any product or service.
  • Personal injury - This safeguards you from the costs of a lawsuit over an accident or fatality caused by your business.
  • Employment disputes - Fairly common in both small and medium firms. Accusations of wrongful termination, discrimination, or harassment are examples of employment issues.
  • Property protection - This addresses issues including tenancy agreements, ownership disputes, and damage to your company's physical assets or contents.
  • Compliance and regulation - These areas include problems arising from health and safety-related incidents and enforcement notices.

Trade business owners can add Legal Expenses Insurance to their existing policies or purchase it separately. Consult the Rhino team to determine which package would be most beneficial for your company by contacting us here or calling 0116 243 7904.

Why choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Rhino Trade Insurance can assist you with choosing the correct level of Public Liability Insurance and advise on any add-ons you may need in your particular line of work.

As an insurer specialising solely in the trade industry, our team of trade insurance veterans can offer unrivalled knowledge and experience. We customise our insurance to match your company's needs and are constantly looking for the best ways to maintain our affordable pricing and high-quality coverage.

For more information, contact Rhino Trade Insurance at 0116 243 7904 or visit our website. With our helpful online quote engine, you can quickly find a price and be back on the tools in no time.

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