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Building Your Coverage: A Bricklayer's Guide to the Right Insurance

Rhino Trade Insurance 27 April 2023

As jobs go, bricklaying isn’t exactly the soft option. Your days can consist of working at height, lifting heavy loads, and using powerful equipment. We don’t mean to sound all doom and gloom, but these all increase the chance of accidental death and injury.

You must have the right insurance as a bricklayer because it will safeguard not only your bricklaying business but also the lives and belongings of those around you. This article will review the various insurance options for bricklayers and the kind of protection you’re going to need.

Rhino Trade Insurance specialises in providing insurance for tradespeople working in the construction industry and other trade fields. Today, we want to assist the army of Bricklayers in the UK in selecting the right protection so they aren't subjected to severe financial risks that could jeopardise their livelihood. Let's learn how to build the ideal cover for you today.

Construction is a risky business.

Although bricklaying isn't the most dangerous job in the world, it carries a greater risk than the average profession, so it's imperative to have the right insurance in place.

As a bricklayer, you may interact with the general public as well as staff members such as apprentices, trainees, or professionals who work for your company. Bricklayer insurance is created to safeguard the interests of your clients, your employees, and your company. A good bricklayer's insurance policy will cover the following:

Public Liability Insurance is a must.

The general public may pass by or even visit your construction site if you are a bricklayer. Frequently, when you're working on a member of the public's property, there is always the chance that you can damage their property, and there is also a possibility that they will get hurt while you are working there. They could bring legal proceedings against your business if they are injured or their property is harmed, which is when your Public Liability Insurance comes in handy.

Public Liability Insurance is highly beneficial in that it covers you from practically all expenses related to damage, injury or death, including compensation and legal fees. As a tradesman or woman, you can choose to take out cover from £1 million to £5 million. Don’t think you won’t need it – it’s not unlikely.

Check out our website here to learn more about our quality Public Liability Insurance.

Employers' Liability Insurance will also save your bacon.

Whether or not your business hires other people can dictate which policies you take out. When running a bricklaying company, there are always times when you will hire help for a project, no matter how big or small it is. Growing your business and expanding your horizons is great, but that comes with more responsibility, and a valid Employer's Liability Insurance policy must be in effect if you have any employees.

This cover is legally required in the UK and aims to safeguard your business against expense claims made by staff who have become sick or injured whilst working for you. Employer’s Liability Insurance must have a minimum of £5 million in cover, though many policies (such as Rhino's) give more than this - £10 million. Without this protection, you can be subjected to daily fines of up to £2,500 and have to pay out major compensation if an employee ever brings action against your business.

What other insurance options should you consider?

Why not cover all risks? 

Bricklayers should be aware of Contractors All Risks Insurance, which many people in the building industry choose to have in addition to their standard Public Liability policy.

Physical damage or the complete loss of a construction project or site, such as damage to the actual structure or extension being built, along with any plant, materials, and machinery that are on site for the express purpose of building work, can be insured against by any building contractor or developer.

A Contractors All Risks Insurance policy can be specifically designed according to your company's requirements. The policy being in place relieves the stress of paying for any repair work or replacement equipment should something unexpected happen on the site. Electricians, Builders, Bricklayers, Plumbers and property developers purchase this insurance to protect themselves, and their projects, against the many risks they face during a build.

Covering your back in case you make a mistake.

Professional Indemnity Insurance has been created to shield your company from compensation demands made by a customer due to errors you made while performing your duties. You may be protected from the following:

  • Negligence
  • Copyright breaches
  • Defamation or libel
  • Data leaks or hacks
  • Loss of documents or blueprints

All businesses whose customers could suffer financial loss due to your advice, services, or designs must have this cover in place; it simply makes financial sense. It is extremely valuable if your bricklaying business offers advice, instruction or expertise to third parties.

For all of your Professional Indemnity Insurance needs, find out more here from our specific blog post on the subject.

Without your tools, you will be in a tough spot.

Bricklayers cannot complete their job without the tools they use. Where would you be without your trusty trowel, jointer, level, and other tools? For bricklayers, tools are just as important as building materials. This is why including Tool Insurance in a brickie's policy is a wise move. This offers financial protection if your tools are lost, pinched, or damaged and consists of the following:

  • Power tools
  • Hand tools
  • Equipment

Additionally, subject to conditions being fulfilled in your agreement, if there has been an overnight theft involving tools left in your van, this will be covered under a policy with Rhino Trade Insurance.

Income Protection in case you cannot work.

Absolutely anybody can suffer from an illness or injury which could force you to stay off work for some time. Having Income Protection Insurance is an excellent way to alleviate your business's financial burdens when you can't work. This insurance relieves the pressure on bricklayers, whether the accident or illness was incurred at work, or during your leisure time. So whether you’ve developed a condition or had an accident due to the  dangers of the building site or have simply got ill or injured outside of work, Income Protection Insurance will be there with a handy monthly pay-out.

Having this type of cover gives you a source of income even if you cannot work. Rhino Trade Insurance can provide a monthly payment for a certain period of time up to the maximum level of your indemnity.

Protection against accidents and injuries that keep you off work 

Personal Accident Insurance from Rhino Trade Insurance provides our customers with the financial support they need if they have sustained serious harm to themselves – even if not at work when the accident occurred. It ultimately pays out a lump sum in the event of a certain defined accident or injury.

You can find out all the differences between Personal Accident Insurance and Income Protection here.

Rhino Trade Insurance also offers other quality insurance options for bricklayers and other tradespeople alike. You can find out more about Legal Expenses Insurance, Tax Enquiry Insurance and Gadget Protection Insurance by visiting our website or reading our helpful guides on our blog here.

Why choose Rhino Trade Insurance? 

Everyone involved in the construction business faces high-risk situations. The hazards presented to your trade company are significant, and purchasing a comprehensive bricklaying insurance policy may be your only option for ensuring your survival if a serious financial scare arises.

Call the friendly, expert team at Rhino Trade Insurance at 0116 243 7904 if you have questions about Public Liability Insurance for bricklayers, or how trade insurance can help your business. If you prefer to read over our cover options, visit our website for more details, where you can get an instant quote.

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