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Tips for claiming on your Trade Insurance

Rhino Trade Insurance 19 May 2023

Claiming on your trade insurance trade insurance shouldn’t be a hassle. You’re probably stressed enough without a confusing claims process getting thrown into the mix. However, there’s some things that are important to bear in mind to prevent your claim being dismissed.

Here are our top tips for making a claim, and what might cause a delay or dismissal.

Examine your policy documents

The procedures for informing an insurer of a claim and the requirements for a successful claim will differ from policy to policy, so read your policy wording carefully.  If you don't follow the instructions and adhere to the requirements specified, your insurance provider can decline to pay a claim.

Take action to mitigate damage or injury

Every business has its own method for handling issues that arise on-site. However you should, to the best of your ability, take some action to stop more loss or damage once something goes wrong to minimise damage and the extent of the claim. This can be done by putting in safety practices and risk assessments so that everyone on-site knows their role if something does, in fact, go wrong. The idea is to prevent any more harm from being caused, and you can explore how to manage a crisis by reading our blog here.

Let your insurer know

It is crucial that you notify your insurer immediately of any claim or legal action taken against your trade business. The terms of your insurance may include a deadline by which you must inform your insurer - which can be a matter of hours, so getting in touch quickly is essential.

It’s a wise move to inform your insurer of an incident that you believe is likely to lead to a claim even before the claim has arisen. For example, an employee’s accident on-site.

Once you inform your insurance provider (let's imagine it's Rhino Trade Insurance), we can then step in to manage the process on your behalf and assist you in navigating the claims process.

Put information in writing and send it to your insurer

Although you’re usually permitted to make initial contact over the telephone, your insurer will usually want you to confirm the details of your claim in writing. This should include as much detail as possible from the incident.

You must include your policy number so that your details and cover can be easily reached; you can also include a Crime Reference Number from the policy if the scenario you find yourself in includes a criminal case (theft of tools, for example). 

You generally have the option of posting or emailing the information. If you decide to post the written information, utilise a tracking method and guaranteed delivery service to make sure it gets there on time and doesn’t delay your claim through no fault of your own.

Help support the procedure

Generally, in order for your insurer to defend or settle a claim, you must be communicative, transparent and cooperative with them.

In addition to disclosing all relevant information about the claim and accident, you must offer access to the property to the insurer or whatever else is included in the claim. Finally, as professionals in this field, you must hand over all control of the proceedings to your insurer to help the claim and settle any discrepancies. 

Find out more about our claims procedures here

Never admit you are the one at fault

This is so important to remember and can be easily forgotten in the heat of the moment. You should always resist accepting responsibility for what occurred - even if you think you are at fault. If you hope to claim on your insurance for whatever happened, admitting you were the cause could mean that your policy/ claim gets voided. 

Don’t try to settle it yourself

Another key thing to remember is that you shouldn’t try to settle the claim informally if you also plan to make a claim on your trade insurance. You are not permitted to make any offer, deal, or payment to the injured party unless your insurer has consented in writing in advance. 

It might feel tempting to offer goodwill gestures or try to smooth things over, but in the eyes of the law this implies you are at fault. As a result, your insurance may lower the amount they pay out or even reject your claim.

How to claim with Rhino Trade Insurance.

Rhino makes claiming on your policies simple and fuss-free. Contacting our claims department is a breeze, simply go to our website and select "Claims" from the menu on the top right, and that's basically it (see, we told you it was easy!). 

There, you will find the relevant phone number or email necessary for your insurance claim. When calling our standard number, 0116 243 7904, option three will also allow you to reach our claims department.

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Rhino Trade Insurance is THE place to go if you need trade insurance because we are a specialised insurance company for tradespeople. We work tirelessly to get you back up and running as soon as possible, whether you are reporting tool or van theft or making a serious claim for injury or damage on your Public Liability Insurance.

Every tradesman or woman juggles risks and dangers. For each trade we cover, we offer custom policies and bundles. These include Bricklayers, Gardeners, Plasterers, Electricians, and a host of other professions.

What else? Well, without needing your life story, we can give you a quote in a matter of minutes. For friendly discussion for answers to your queries, phone our UK-based experts on 0116 243 7904, or visit our online, industry-leading quote engine.

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