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How to file a claim under a Trade Insurance policy

Rhino Trade Insurance 29 May 2023

As a contractor, you will be aware that jobs can be affected by unexpected events like injury, theft, collapse, fire and flooding, to name a few. An incident like this might result in significant losses and delay your project by weeks or even months. At worst, all of this can have a significant financial impact on your trade business.

Having a solid trade insurance policy in place can be a lifeline - paying expenses and getting you back on your feet when damage is sustained to a project or construction site. In case an accident occurs on your job site, it’s important that you understand how to file an insurance claim correctly so you may resume work as soon as possible.

Let's explore how you do that with Rhino Trade Insurance

What trade insurance can cover you for

If there is an incident on your property or in a public area as a result of your work, you may be looking at a claim from a member of the public or third party for injury, death, or property damage. Your Public Liability Insurance will pay the cost of the ensuing claim.

Legal fees are one aspect of what will be covered by your insurance. There will be a cap on the amount your insurance will reimburse for each claim, though. This is specified in the terms of your insurance, and with Rhino, these caps range from £1 million to £5 million, with cover reaching £10 million on request.

Your Public Liability Insurance does not provide cover for an employee sustaining injuries or illnesses. Employers' Liability Insurance is needed to cover these scenarios and is a popular addition to Public Liability. Tradespeople all over the UK often build comprehensive cover with Rhino and can choose to add the following to their policies:

What should tradespeople do if an accident strikes?

To minimise any harm or injury, you should take immediate action. That could involve ensuring any injured people receive the correct medical attention as soon as possible and/or preventing further harm or damage to the property.

You shouldn't accept responsibility at this time. If a claim is made, a thorough investigation will need to be conducted to determine what took place and who was at fault. Even though it seems simple, there can be details you are unaware of.  

Start by keeping any records of the event.

It's crucial to document what occurred, and it helps to be as specific as possible. What you should consider includes:

  • What took place during the event
  • When the accident took place: time and date
  • Everyone who was present, including their names and contact information.

When to contact your insurance provider

Even if the victim of the accident hasn't filed a claim against your company yet, you should still get in touch with your insurers at your earliest convenience. Rhino Trade Insurance (or your insurance provider) will then be able to confirm whether the occurrence is covered by your Public Liability Insurance or any of your other policy types. If you’re a Rhino customer, you can also find all of this information in your insurance documentation or in your online Rhino account. 

Your insurer will usually explain what should be done next or what is going to happen. For instance, it might be appropriate to have a solicitor appointed to handle the situation on your behalf - all of which will be paid for up to your level of cover taken out. 

If you’re insured with Rhino, contacting our claims department is easy; all you have to do is visit our website, select "Claims" on the menu in the upper-right corner and follow the instructions for the type of insurance you have. 

You can find whatever you need there, such as the phone number or email needed for your insurance claim. When calling our regular number, 0116 243 7904, choose option three to reach our Claims department.

What information will you need on-hand

Your insurance provider will require the following information:

  • Your name and business information
  • Your insurance policy number and contact information
  • Information about the party making a claim against you
  • Information about the incident - including the date, time, and location of the accident
  • What and how it happened 
  • Potentially you could give details of damage estimates and damage repairs (if possible).

In personal injury cases, they will require information on the injury and any additional details you are able to provide, such as treatment, lost time at work, etc. 

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Lastly, If you have insurance with a trustworthy company like Rhino Trade Insurance, then they will guide you through the next steps and keep you updated on the status of the claim. In order to resolve the claim as fast as possible, your insurance firm must first establish the details and fact-find to see who was at fault.

For straightforward cover with simple and effective claims procedures, why not consider purchasing your next trade insurance policy through Rhino? For almost every trade, we provide specific insurance policies and packages designed to fit your unique line of work.

We can provide you with a price in just a few moments without needing your full life story like other insurance platforms. Call our UK-based trade professionals at 0116 243 7904 for a chat and to get any questions answered, or visit our online, market-leading quote engine here.

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