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The most eco-friendly Trades in the UK

Rhino Trade Insurance 02 June 2023

Ever wondered which trades are the most eco-friendly? Or what you can do to increase your own green credentials?

Even if it’s never crossed your mind, as a tradesperson it’s valuable to know that sustainability is a topic that consumers are increasingly interested in. Information such as the most environmentally conscious trades, how tradespeople are turning greener, and which eco-home upgrades are seeing the highest growth in homeowner demand are all revealed in new research from the find-a-tradesperson platform Rated People.

The analysis was run as part of the recently released 2023 edition of the Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report. Thousands of homeowners and tradespeople from around the UK were surveyed, and 1.1 million home renovation jobs placed by UK homeowners on Rated People's platform were analysed.

Let's explore what was in the report and which trades are ticking all the boxes regarding sustainability.

What is the breakdown of the report?

  • For the study, Rated People studied more than 1 million home renovation jobs listed by UK homeowners on its platform.
  • The top three trades with the most eco-conscious employers are electricians, handymen/women and bathroom installers.
  • This year, tradesmen and women will focus on growing greener by providing quotes online, accepting more local work, and purchasing electric cars.
  • Other eco-adaptations that will experience significant increases in demand include solar panels, biomass boilers, and thermal insulation. 
  • Demand for at-home electric car charging stations is up by 2406%.
  • An enormous increase from one in four (25%) households in 2022 to one in two (45%) homeowners in the UK this year are making their homes more environmentally and energy-efficient.

The most sustainable trades in the UK

As people look for ways to live more sustainably and lower the cost of their energy bills, the demand from homeowners for eco-friendly house upgrades has significantly increased over the past two years.

In addition to looking for ways to make their homes greener, over one-third (34%) of UK homeowners say they would be more inclined to choose a tradesperson if they were environmentally conscious. As a result, it is more crucial than ever for tradespeople to focus on their environmental credentials.

According to this year's analysis by Rated People, Electricians are the most dedicated to sustainability, with nearly nine in ten (86%) adjusting their trade companies to make them greener. Second, with 78% making sustainable adjustments, are Handypeople. Builders (64%) are in fifth place, followed by Gardeners (71%) and Bathroom Installers (75%).

The top trades in the UK for improving sustainability

Here are the percentages of each trade currently attempting to make their trade business greener and more sustainable:

  1. Electricians - 86%
  2. Handypeople - 78%
  3. Bathroom Fitters - 75%
  4. Gardeners/ Landscapers - 71%
  5. Builders - 64%
  6. Plumbers - 58%
  7. Painters & Decorators - 58%
  8. Carpenters & Joiners - 54%
  9. Plasterers - 50%
  10. Heating Engineers - 46%

What methods are tradespeople using to become more sustainable?

More than 78% of UK tradespeople say they will modify their operations and working methods in order to be kinder to the environment this year. Over half (59%) say it's because they care about the state of the planet, and 42% believe that consumers want trade firms to be more environmentally conscious.

Over fifty percent of UK tradespeople (52%) say they plan to take on more local jobs in 2023 to minimise travel time and save on fuel, while 4 in 10 (41%) think they'll start providing quotes online to cut down on time spent on the road. To increase their businesses' sustainability and environmental friendliness, tradespeople will also be upgrading their recycling techniques, using used parts whenever possible, and beginning to drive electric vehicles.

To find out why you should consider driving an electric van for your business, read our article here

How you can make your business greener

Rated People spoke with homeowners who will be installing eco-friendly improvements this year to find out which ones they are considering. The study assembled a list of the top 20 eco-adaptations that will be most in demand in 2023 for tradespeople. The list gives us a clear idea of where tradespeople will need to diversify their skill sets and take advantage of a growing focus on sustainability.

The top eco upgrades inevitably involve energy use and the reduction in overall costs. The planned jobs customers want doing include smart meters, draught-proofing, more insulation, solar panels and EV charging points. Larger jobs to better prepare homes for energy usage had heat pumps and underfloor heating as desired home improvements. 

Read our blogs here for more information on why your business should look for training and development in more sustainable working practices. 

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