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Documentation needed to make a claim on your Trades Insurance

Rhino Trade Insurance 05 June 2023

Making a claim on your trade insurance may seem like a daunting prospect. It shouldn’t be, though - and we’re here to explain why.

Depending on the sort of policy you have, the nature of your business, and the specifics of your claim, different types of documentation may be needed to make a claim on your trade insurance. Luckily for you, the expert team at Rhino are here to go through all of the information you may need. We'll go over some of the usual paperwork you might be asked for when filing a claim, along with other things you might need to submit with your trade insurance claim.

What is Trade Insurance, and why is it important?

Nothing in life is a forgone conclusion; even the safest and savviest tradesmen and women can find themselves in hot water. Therefore, the team at Rhino attempts to prepare all our customers for the eventualities that they may face. One moment you could be working on a typical job, and the next, you’re the subject of a public liability claim, you’ve had an accident yourself or you’re being investigated by the taxman (to name just three possible scenarios). 

For everyone working in the trades, insurance is necessary regardless of whether you’re skilled in plumbing, erecting fences, installing masonry, or anything else. Working in a job like this without having the right cover leaves you, your clients and your dependents highly vulnerable. 

At Rhino, we are focused on providing the most competitive insurance cover to the dedicated tradespeople all over the UK. We understand what your job entails, which is why we’ve designed our policy options to fit seamlessly into your specific trade business. Our cover options include Public Liability Insurance, Tool Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance and much more. So why throw the dice and gamble when our experts have it all mapped out for you?

What happens if you need to claim on your insurance?

If something goes wrong whilst you’re on the job, there are certain steps to take and documentation you need to gather before claiming on your insurance. Below, we have a short and simple guide of what needs to be done to make your claim as quick and seamless as possible:

Document the incident.

Whatever has occurred, make sure to get all the information you can. Any evidence, no matter how insignificant it may seem, could be crucial to your claim because it could identify the main factor that led to the accident. When seeking the information, bear the following in mind:

  • Time and date of the incident
  • What happened 
  • The names and numbers of those who were around during the incident.

Additionally, you should take pictures to record what you can immediately following the incident and ask for a copy of any significant CCTV footage. All of this data can be utilised to demonstrate what happened, especially if it supports any statements made by witnesses.

Collect information on the proof of loss.

Your business will need to offer evidence to back up your claim. This will include info such as invoices, receipts, and other forms of proof to show the cost of the injury, damage, stolen, or lost goods.

A thorough account of the event that gave rise to the claim.

This is your turn to tell the story of how everything went down. This will include the date of the accident, the place it happened, and the reason for the loss. Key details will include any injuries suffered by you, your workers or third parties, as well as any damage, no matter how big or small, should also be included in this report.

Include the Police report if required. 

Depending on the type of claim you are making, a police report may be necessary to back up your evidence. If you have suffered from tool theft, for example, the police will have logged your details and issued you with a crime reference number. This is required for your insurance provider when handling the compensation process. 

Share medical records with your insurer.

If the claim is a result of a medical condition, such as a sickness or injury caused on-site, you may be required to substantiate your claim with medical records or invoices for any medical procedures taken place, whether they are for yourself or a third party. 

Have your policy details and documents on hand.

You need to check your insurance details to make sure that you are covered for the kind of loss you’re claiming for. If you misrepresent this, your entire claim could be thrown out. 

Help the process by providing any extra information.

Any additional information that will add value to your documentation will also help your case. Whatever type of claim you are making, you might need to provide more information, like ownership proof for tools, information on the property in question or proof that any required repairs or replacements were made.

Don't wait to file a claim.

If you wait too long to submit a claim following the incident, you lower your chances of being successful in receiving compensation. Of course, take the necessary time to collect any information and relevant documents to help your claim, but just keep in mind that some policies require you to make a claim as soon as possible in the case of an accident or theft for example. Often, insurers want to know within 48 hours of an incident taking place. 

With Rhino Trade Insurance, it's easy to make a claim.

Rhino Trade Insurance has made its claims process super easy. All you need to do is visit our website and select "Claims" from the menu in the top right.

There, you will find anything you need relevant to making a claim. This includes the email and phone numbers needed for your specific insurance claim. When calling our regular line, 0116 243 7904, choose option three to reach our claims department in an instant. 

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Understanding the exact documentation you need for filing a claim on your trade insurance requires planning and preparation so that you aren't caught off-guard in the event of an accident. Reading your insurance policy and speaking with your insurance provider can help alleviate any concerns.§

All trade businesses manage risk and balance the hazards they find on-site. Thankfully, our all-star policy team provides specific insurance and packages for various skilled professions that include Electricians, Plumbers, Builders, Gardeners, and many other trades.

That's pretty much it. We can provide you with a quote in just a few minutes without needing to know the details of your life. Call our UK-based professionals at 0116 243 7904 for a courteous chat and to get any questions answered, or visit our online, market-leading quote engine.

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