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A Guide to Heat Pump Qualifications

Rhino Trade Insurance 13 June 2023

In the UK, heat pumps are gaining popularity as a method of heating homes, office buildings and shops. However, according to a recent analysis, the required number of skilled tradespeople is insufficient to satisfy the heat pump targets set out by the UK government. Over the next thirty years, the government plans to replace 25 million oil and gas boilers; this is with only 3000 heat pump engineers currently working in the UK.

Heat pumps function as a highly effective and greener substitute for conventional gas boilers by drawing heat from the air or ground and applying it to warm the house or property.

If you're thinking of expanding your skill set and becoming proficient in heat pump installation in homes and businesses, then read on. Although you may be thinking this is a fantastic gap in the market that you can take advantage of, read this article first to examine heat pump certifications in the UK in more detail so that you can select the best certification for your business.

What are heat pumps?

In order to heat a home, heat pumps take the heat from the ground or air around properties or buildings. These can be split into two categories: Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) and ground-source heat pumps (GSHPs), which are the primary types of heat pumps.

While GSHPs extract heat from the ground, air-source heat pumps do their work by collecting heat from the air surrounding your home. Both varieties of heat pumps operate by moving a refrigerant through a network of looping pipes. A heat exchanger transfers the heat that the refrigerant takes from the air or the ground as it cycles to the property.

Since they are not dependent on burning fossil fuels to produce heat, heat pumps are very efficient. Instead, they run the heat pump and move the refrigerant using electricity. This indicates that they produce fewer carbon emissions than conventional gas boilers, which makes them a greener choice and ultimately shows why the government is targeting so many instals of these units.

Find out more about heat pumps here

Heat pump qualifications in the UK

It's important that you and any employees you have to get certified before taking on any projects that involve the installation of heat pumps. In the UK, there are various levels of training and experience that installers can hold, so let's explore some of the more popular ones:

MCS accreditation

A UK programme called the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredits installations and equipment for renewable energy. Anyone implementing renewable energy solutions that are eligible for government subsidies must get MCS accreditation, which is a sign of quality.

Installers must prove they have the abilities, expertise, and understanding required to install renewable energy systems securely and successfully in order to become MCS accredited. They must also follow industry best practices and strict quality standards.

Heat pumps that qualify for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, a government programme that offers financial incentives to households that install renewable heating systems, can be installed by installers who have earned the MCS accreditation. Heat pumps must be installed by an MCS-registered installer in order to qualify for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. You can find plenty of detail on their website about certification and schemes to upgrade your expertise. 

Gas Safe registration

It's crucial to make sure that you are registered as Gas Safe as a professional dealing with the installation or replacement of gas boilers with heat pumps. Anyone working with gas in the UK, including installing, repairing and maintaining gas boilers, must be registered with Gas Safe.

Despite the fact that heat pumps do not utilise gas, some installers may still need to work with gas pipes and connections when switching from a boiler to a heat pump. As a result, Gas Safe licensing is still crucial since it guarantees that an installer has the knowledge and experience needed to handle gas safely.

Refrigeration qualifications

Refrigerants are used by heat pumps to move heat from the earth or from the air throughout the home or property. This means that in order to install heat pumps safely and successfully, installers must possess the proper refrigeration credentials.

F-Gas certifications are the most pertinent refrigeration credentials for heat pump installers. These qualifications show that an installer possesses the abilities and expertise required to handle refrigerants securely and avoid leaks. Additionally, they show that an installer is aware of the effects refrigerants have on the environment and knows how to properly dispose of them.

Find out the rules about F-Gas here

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