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Female Electricians Not Growing As Fast As Anticipated

Rhino Trade Insurance 14 June 2023

Despite a slight rise, the advancement of women in electrician roles is among the slowest of all skilled occupations, according to a recent analysis of work data.

After carefully analysing data from the past 15 years, the electrical training company Electrician Courses 4U found that the percentage of females employed in the electrical industry has only marginally increased since 2006 by 1.38 percent.

As a trade insurance provider for a whole manner of professionals, we wanted to share information about women in the trades, suggest possible routes to entry and show some successful women in the trades whilst we are at it. 

What is the state of affairs in the trade industry?

Due to the inability of several professions to replace their workforce which is retiring, they have been unable to keep up with the rising demand for their services during the past ten years. While the UK government has started a variety of programmes to attempt to address the issue, time is running out to find fresh talent to handle this additional labour in many trades. 

On the other hand, other trades have experienced a decline in demand for labour as a result of technological and sociological developments, forcing their workforce to upskill or change employment responsibilities entirely. 

As recently as March 2023, a handful of skilled trades were added to a list of skills shortages in the UK. This means that the UK government has sought to make it more straightforward for foreign nationals to apply for work in the demanding construction market that is slowly finding its workforce declining. Bricklayers, Carpenters, Joiners, Builders and Plasterers are all on the list, with many others awaiting a decision on whether to be added. 

What does the research show?

According to the study, In 2006, there were 7,800 women employed in the electrical professions, making up just 1.8% of the entire workforce. The report attempts to shed light on how the trades have changed over the past three decades; however, the results don't paint a great picture. 

By 2021, there were 4,900 more women working in the electrical trades than there were in 2011, but they still make up only 3.18% of the overall workforce.

When 29 skilled careers are taken into consideration, the electrical trade comes in a woeful 22nd place when measuring the increase in women taking up that specific line of work. 

Of all the measured trades, chefs have had the most trouble attracting and keeping female employees. There have been 55,000 fewer females working as chefs since 2006 from 56,900.

Another industry that has experienced a decline in the number of women employed there is tailors and dressmakers. This industry has lost 4.2% of its female workers over the previous 15 years. Women still outnumber men in these occupations, with 66.37% of the workforce. 

Why should women consider the trade industry?

More skilled people are required in the trade sector - it's just a fact. Whether they are male or female, we found that after lockdown, there has been a significant demand for tradespeople. The shortage of women in the profession is clear, but since the world is changing, so too must the way that people view women's trade talents. 

Women make great money

Women considering a new career path should think about a trade like electrician. The need for skilled professionals like electricians is increasing, and working in a specialised job can be both financially fulfilling and meaningful.

In fact, women who start their own skilled trades businesses are more likely to enjoy higher earnings and greater freedom inside the male-dominated trade sector; even those who choose to remain workers may make 20% to 30% more in the skilled trades.

Women make other women feel more comfortable.

We find that various tradeswomen online offer their services specifically for other women. This is due to the fact that female customers sometimes prefer to have someone of the same gender working in their home - remember, it's nothing personal; it's just business (and the customer is always right). 

When a man comes to their house to perform a service call, some female clients experience unease. In the electrical industry, female electricians have a distinct advantage because they may assist some clients in feeling more comfortable.

It's physical 

Although the electrical industry does require a hands-on approach, the physical demands aren't too great for the average female to handle. Anyone can perform the daily tasks necessary for this particular trade, regardless of gender. And as you work more, you'll become fitter and more skilled at what you do as an electrician.

Another myth that discourages would-be female electricians is the notion that this line of employment is solely physical and offers no mental challenge. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The trade is complex and necessitates a mind with an analytical element as well as being able to fit into nooks and crannies to fix electrical components. 

Which female electricians are leading the way?

We recently wrote an article about a host of tradeswomen we think you should be following online. However, when it comes to the electrical industry, you should definitely be checking out these ladies for inspiration if you are considering a new career:

Why choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Rhino is dedicated to providing top-notch trade insurance to contractors in the UK. Whether you are male or female, electrician or plumber, we have premium protection at a reasonable cost that can be flexible to your needs and taken out at the touch of a button. 

If you need assistance, call us at 0116 243 7904 to speak with a helpful staff member. If you'd like to handle things yourself, you can also use our convenient online quotation builder here

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