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Tips for Builders Staying Safe On-site

Rhino Trade Insurance 13 July 2023

Plying your trade on a construction site can be dangerous, so it's crucial to take the appropriate safety precautions to stay safe. Building sites can be full of hazards, such as falling objects, working at height, and potentially harmful tools, machinery and chemicals. Let’s look at some ways to help you stay protected while working on a construction site.

How tradespeople can stay safe on-site

According to the most recent official Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics, there were 16.7% fewer construction worker deaths on the job last year than there were on average over the previous five years. Although this improvement is positive, nearly one-quarter of fatalities in the workplace still occur in construction, so how can employers and employees safeguard themselves?

Don the necessary PPE (personal protective equipment)

Workers can be better protected from potential hazards on construction sites by always wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). It's crucial to put on the proper PPE for the task you're doing, such as steel-toed boots, safety glasses, gloves, and hard hats. Many common yet serious injuries, including head, eye, and foot damage, can be avoided by using PPE.

Observe your surroundings

Building sites may be crowded, with plenty of people and machinery moving around. It's crucial to pay close attention to warning signs, alerts and hazard marks, as well as to your surroundings at all times. Record all incidents of safety breaches, however minor, even if nobody gets hurt, to allow you to investigate how to avoid them happening again.

Additionally, you should be mindful of nearby coworkers, vehicles, machinery and third parties. A best practice is also to refrain from being distracted while on the job site by things like using your phone.

Keep focused and attentive

Building sites can be hectic, noisy and busy places, which makes it challenging to maintain concentration. But it's crucial to maintain awareness and concentration at all times, especially while using power tools or working at heights. 

Accidents can be caused by distractions and fatigue. Therefore, it's critical to take regular breaks, drink plenty of water and top up your sugar levels with healthy snacks to maintain peak concentration.

We recently wrote an article all about working safely in hot weather, so with the summer and the heat waves fastly approaching, why not take a look at the best practices now?

Observe safety guidelines and procedures

On a construction site, safety regulations and procedures must be legally implemented to avoid accidents and injuries. It is essential to always abide by these guidelines and processes. 

This involves taking breaks when necessary, disclosing dangers or near-misses in an accident book, conducting proper risk assessments, training all staff in the art of health and safety and correctly and safely operating machinery and equipment.

Keep your workspace organised, neat and tidy

Accidents and injuries are easily reduced with a neat and tidy work site. When not in use, tools, equipment, machines and materials should be kept out of the way, and any waste or debris should be frequently cleared away from the work area. This can lessen the risk of mishaps such as trips, falls, and slips.

Attend training programmes on-site safety

Tradespeople and business owners can benefit significantly from safety training sessions that keep them aware of the risks that may be present on a construction site and how to avoid mishaps and injuries. 

Regular safety training courses should be attended by employees, which should also be relayed to a trade business owner to ensure a safe and compliant working site.

To get a finer insight into risks and how you can best prepare for them, why not give our article on crisis management a read on your next tea break? 

Check for tool safety

Before beginning a new job, it is important to prepare ahead of time. To do so, double-check the list of necessary tools, and make sure they are intact and up to scratch. This can help protect hands and joints from vibration-related ailments and reduce the risk of accidents and strains like carpal tunnel syndrome if you replace outdated or worn out work devices. These measures will also limit the danger of accidents while saving important time and job interruptions.

Have the right protections in place

As a professional in the building game, customers and the public put their trust in you to complete the job safely. There are countless moments where your work could inflict injury or harm to a third party or their property. If somebody gets hurt or their property is damaged, they may bring a legal claim against your trade business, which is where a quality Public Liability Insurance policy becomes highly advantageous.

Public Liability Insurance is your foundational insurance policy in the trades; everything else builds from this. It is a very useful type of insurance that covers almost all costs associated with damage, injury, or death, including compensation and any legal fees inflicted on your business. You have the option of purchasing cover ranging from £1 million to £5 million as a tradesperson shopping with Rhino. Do not assume that you won't require it; mistakes can turn into £500k claims at the drop of a hat!

On top of this critical cover, you can explore various other beneficial policy types to protect yourself on a building site, such as:

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Working on a construction site can be hazardous, but employees and employers can stay safe and prevent accidents and injuries by adopting certain recommended practices. Tradespeople themselves may contribute to reducing accidents and injuries on the construction site by using the proper PPE, being aware of their surroundings, adhering to safety procedures and protocols, remaining alert, focused and vigilant at all times, checking tools regularly and by keeping their workspace clean and organised. Lastly, following best practices learned from health and safety training and holding the correct insurance will see you right. 

If you are searching for simple and effective cover, why not consider getting your next trade insurance policy from Rhino Trade Insurance? We offer tailored trade insurance policies and packages for practically every trade imaginable. Take advantage of our five-star service and affordable protection today!

Unlike other insurance companies, we can provide you with a price in a matter of seconds without demanding your entire life story. For a quick chat, call our trade experts in the UK at 0116 243 7904, or go to our online, industry-leading quote engine here.

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