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5 Ways to Tackle Underinsurance in Your Trade Insurance Policy

Rhino Trade Insurance 26 October 2023

For tradesmen and women, having the right insurance coverage is crucial. Whether you're a plumber, electrician, builder, or any other tradesperson, insurance provides a safety net in case of accidents, damage, or unforeseen events. But what happens when your insurance policy falls short? Underinsurance is a common issue that can have dire consequences. 

In this blog post, the Rhino team will explore five effective ways to tackle underinsurance in your trade insurance policy. We'll delve into the reasons behind underinsurance, what the risks are, and the steps you can take to ensure you're adequately covered.

Understand the Consequences of Underinsurance

Before we talk about the solutions, it's essential to understand the consequences of underinsurance. Many tradespeople might underestimate the value of their tools, equipment, or the potential cost of a liability claim. When you underinsure your assets, you expose yourself to several risks:

  • Financial burden: Underinsurance means you might have to pay for damages, injuries, or losses out of your own pocket.
  • Legal issues: If you're found liable for an incident, and your insurance doesn't cover the full amount, you may face legal troubles that could jeopardise your business and personal finances.
  • Reputation damage: Underinsurance can lead to delays in fulfilling contracts or repairing damages, tarnishing your reputation within the industry and among clients.
  • Business sustainability: In extreme cases, underinsurance can lead to business closure if you're unable to handle the financial burden of a major incident.

Understanding these risks is the first step in addressing underinsurance effectively.

Regularly Review Your Trade Insurance Policy

One of the common reasons for underinsurance is a lack of periodic review of your insurance policy. Your trade and the associated risks may change over time, but your policy might remain the same. To tackle this issue, make it a habit to review your policy every year or whenever significant changes occur. Here's what you should consider during your policy review:

  • Updated equipment and tools: As your trade evolves, you may acquire new and more expensive equipment. Ensure that the current value of your assets is adequately covered - with Rhino, you can insure your tools up to £50,000. 
  • New business operations: If you expand your services or take on new projects that involve different risks, your policy should be adjusted accordingly.
  • Regulatory changes: Keep an eye on industry regulations and changes in liability requirements that may affect your coverage needs.

Regularly reviewing your policy helps you stay up-to-date and prevent underinsurance. Simply call the Rhino Trade Insurance team on 0116 243 7904 to speak about your current policy, when you need to renew or when a significant business change occurs, and we will assist you along the way. 

Accurately Assess Your Coverage Needs

To tackle underinsurance, you need to assess your coverage needs accurately. This involves considering the specific risks associated with your trade and tailoring your insurance policy to address them effectively. Here are some key coverage areas to assess:

If your trade involves working in clients' homes or on commercial premises, ensure you have adequate public liability coverage to protect against claims related to injury or property damage caused by your work. With Rhino Trade Insurance, you can choose a policy that ranges from £1 million in cover-up to £5 million.

Your tools and equipment are the lifeblood of your trade. Evaluate the cost of replacing them and ensure your policy provides sufficient coverage in the event of theft, damage, or loss.

If you have employees, this coverage is a legal requirement in the UK. Make sure you have the appropriate amount of coverage to protect both your workers and your business. Rhino Trade Insurance can offer your trade business protection up to £10 million, which will safely see you covered. 

Trades that involve providing advice or consultancy services, such as builders or electricians, should have professional indemnity insurance. Assess your risks and choose coverage accordingly with Rhino; limits up to £2 million are available with us. 

A thorough assessment of your coverage needs ensures you have the right insurance in place to protect your business and personal assets from the threat of underinsurance.

Work with an Experienced Broker Like Rhino Trade Insurance

Choosing the right insurance policy and avoiding underinsurance can be a daunting task, especially if you're not well-versed in insurance jargon and complexities. That's where an experienced insurance broker like us at Rhino Trade Insurance will help you out of a tight spot and make it easy to understand. 

Our experienced brokers have been rated five stars by thousands of tradesmen and women in the UK. We can offer in-depth knowledge of the trade insurance market and can help you find the most suitable coverage for your trade. Here's how we will help you:

  • Customised Solutions
  • Easy-to-understand policies
  • Wide range of policies and pricing options.
  • Simple to purchase
  • Expert Advice
  • Fantastic Claims Support

Working with an experienced trade-specific insurance broker like Rhino can be a game-changer when addressing underinsurance.

Consider Bundling Your Insurance Policies

To further enhance your insurance strategy and reduce the risk of underinsurance, consider bundling policies. Combining various coverage types, such as public liability, tool insurance, and employers' liability insurance. This will see you receive an excellent level of coverage at a super price and allow you to protect your business on various fronts. By bundling your policies, you can often save on premiums and ensure a comprehensive level of coverage. Speak to one of our experts about bundling options when looking for your cover. 

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance For Your Cover?

Tackling underinsurance in your trade insurance policy is a critical step in protecting your business and assets. Understanding the consequences of underinsurance, regularly reviewing your policy, accurately assessing your coverage needs, and working with an experienced broker like Rhino are all effective ways to ensure you have the right coverage in place.

Remember that insurance is not just an expense; it's an investment in the future of your trade. By taking these steps, you can mitigate the risks of underinsurance and have peace of mind knowing that you're adequately protected. Don't leave your trade's future to chance; take proactive measures to secure your livelihood today by calling us on 0116 243 7904. 

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