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The 2024 Spring Budget For Small Businesses

Rhino Trade Insurance 16 February 2024

The days are getting longer, the garden flowers will soon begin to bloom and you know what that means - it's almost time for the 2024 Spring Budget. Now, we know what you're thinking: "Budgets are boring, full of numbers and jargon." But fear not, fellow tradesmen and women, because Rhino Trade Insurance is here to break down for you what you may find in next month's announcement.

The Countdown Begins

As we approach the much-anticipated Spring Budget (the last one before there's a general election), there's a palpable sense of anticipation and, let's be honest, a hint of nervousness in the air. With an election on the horizon, the government is expected to announce quick-fire 'vote swinging' policies that could help boost their poll numbers. Let's see what they could focus on:

The Economy

First things first, let's talk about the economy. Picture it like a bit of a dance - sometimes slow, sometimes fast, but always moving. In recent years, the UK economy has been doing the cha-cha with the global market. As tradespeople, our livelihoods are intricately connected to the economic rhythm of the market, and the Spring Budget could be the kickstart our industry needs. 

Tax, Tax and More Tax

Now, we won't sugarcoat it - taxes are the less glamorous side of the budget. But they're crucial for funding public services, large-scale projects and whatever else the government of the day wants to spend our money on. Where there are taxes, there's potential for change. Rumour has it that the Chancellor might be shaking up the tax system, potentially affecting small businesses like ours - so it's best to keep an eye out for what's shared early next month. 

Income Tax 

One thing on everyone's mind is income tax - this can change at any budget (just like in the last budget, we saw a change in national insurance that left a tiny bit more money in our pockets). 

Will the rates stay the same, or are we in for a surprise? For tradespeople, a tweak in income tax could mean more money in our pockets or a bit less. Fingers crossed for the former, right?


Ah, VAT - the silent player in the budget. Will there be adjustments to VAT rates? This can directly impact the cost of goods and services, affecting both our trade businesses and our clients' wallets. Keep your eyes peeled for any changes and if you want to find out more on VAT and your trade business, read our blog here

Funding for Apprenticeships 

As tradespeople, you know the value of skilled labour. The government has been keen on promoting apprenticeships, and the Spring Budget might unveil new funding initiatives. More apprenticeships mean more skilled workers, potentially benefiting the industry in the long run. This is something we have talked about a lot in our blog posts, which you can read here

Green Initiatives 

There's been a growing emphasis on sustainability and green initiatives in recent years. The government could allocate funds for eco-friendly projects, giving tradespeople new opportunities in the renewable energy and eco-construction sectors. It remains to be seen, but with the current track record of rolling back on green policies, this may be a non-starter. However, in the longer term, your business will need to gear up for a greener future!

Infrastructure Investments – Opportunities

Tradespeople thrive when there's construction happening - from building the city of London to updating the local council offices, there's plenty of projects in the pipeline. If the Spring Budget allocates funds for more infrastructure projects, it could mean more opportunities for us. Whether it's building new roads, bridges, or houses, a boost in infrastructure spending is like music to tradespeople's ears.

Digital Transformation 

In a world where technology is advancing faster than ever, the government might throw its weight behind certain digital transformation initiatives. This could mean grants or incentives for trades businesses embracing new technologies like EV's or Heat Pumps. Don't get left behind - it's time to ride the tech wave!

Small Business Support 

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and it's crucial that they receive the support they need. The Spring Budget might unveil measures to ease the burden on small businesses, from reduced red tape to financial incentives and help with your energy bills. Let's hope for some good news on this front!

Brexit - The Elephant in the Room

Brexit - the word that launched a thousand debates. While it might not be the hot topic it once was, the Spring Budget could shed light on how the government plans to navigate the post-Brexit landscape. After 8 years, policy changes and the effect of the vote are starting to take shape, so changes in trade policies and regulations might have a ripple effect on our businesses.

Preparing for Potential Challenges

Of course, not all budget news is sunshine and rainbows. There might be challenges ahead, and it's essential for us to be prepared. Keep an eye out for any hints of increased regulations, compliance requirements, or potential economic downturns. Knowledge is power, after all.

Stay Informed, Stay Ahead

As the 2024 Spring Budget unfolds, stay informed and be ready to adapt. The budget is like a roadmap for the upcoming fiscal year, and being ahead of the curve can give you a competitive edge. Attend industry events, read up on budget analyses, subscribe to Martin Lewis' newsletter (he is on the ball with everything budget-related) and engage with fellow tradespeople to share insights.

Rhino Can Help Your Budget With Cost-Effective Trade Insurance

So there you have it, tradespeople - our musings into what the 2024 Spring Budget might have in store for us. Whether it's a change in tax, a push for sustainability, help with our bills, or new opportunities to hire apprentices, one thing is for sure - change is on the horizon.

As we eagerly await the Chancellor's announcements, let's stay positive, stay informed, and get ready to make the most of whatever comes our way. The budget might be a financial roadmap, but how we navigate the twists and turns is entirely up to us. 

If you're on the hunt for insurance that's as tough as your tools, look no further than Rhino Trade Insurance. Our team has your back, offering comprehensive coverage designed specifically for your work. With Rhino, you're not just getting insurance; you're getting a working partner who understands the daily grind of the trade. Our policies offer peace of mind that's top quality and low-cost! Call our team in Leicester today for a quick and easy price - 0116 243 7904. 

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