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What Types of Tools Are Covered by Tool Insurance

Rhino Trade Insurance 27 February 2024

Having your tools stolen is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a tradesperson. Whatever your trade, your tools are vital in your work and if they’re nicked, lost or damaged, you’re left empty-handed and completely unable to make a living until they’re replaced.  

The only way to truly protect your tools is with tools insurance. Safeguarding your valuable assets is so simple with Rhino – and our prices are lower than our competitors to make things even sweeter. 

Our Tools in Transit insurance policy is one of our bestsellers – and for good reason. Let’s go over some tool insurance coverage specifics.

An Overview of Tools Insurance

Tools insurance is there to protect your trusty tools from theft, loss or damage. 

Unfortunately, tool theft is so common that it’s almost certainly happened to a tradesperson you know. Tools are stolen every 23 minutes in the UK, whether that’s from your garage, the back of your van, a building site or even just the pavement while your back is turned. And if they’re not insured, you’ll need to dig deep into your pockets to replace them.

This policy helps tradespeople like you to rapidly replace stolen tools and equipment that have been stolen, lost or damaged. If something happens to your tools and you’re covered by this policy, you can make a claim for the full amount for replacements or repair. This cover is a total saviour for anyone who relies on tools to make a living, as without them, you simply don’t have the ability to make money. 

Rhino’s popular Tools in Transit Insurance policy is probably the best tool cover that money can buy. It covers your tools for up to £7,500 if they’re lost, damaged or stolen, and the claims process is quick and easy, too.

The Range of Tools Typically Covered

So, what counts as a tool? With Rhino’s policy there are no sneaky exemptions to common items. If it’s equipment belonging to you, or for which you are responsible for, which is used to carry out your business activities then it’s covered.

This includes:

  • General tools

This would be anything you handle on a daily basis to get that work done, including hammers, screwdrivers, drills, pliers, vices, flashlights, paintbrushes, axes, trowels, mallets, spanners, wrenches, wrecking bars, tackers, rivet guns, mortar guns, chisels, bolsters, knives, and plumbing snakes. 

Most tradespeople have an extensive collection of general and hand tools that they rely on every day. It takes some time to build a collection of high-quality tools that you like working with and which never let you down. Perhaps you’ve had some of your items for years, or maybe you went all-out and treated yourself to a full new set recently. Either way, losing them will hit any tradesperson hard.

  • Electronic tools

For intricate work, small electronic tools are vital. This includes multimeters, soldering irons, blow torches, voltage detector pens, socket testers, circuit breaker finders and laser spirit levels. 

Tools like these can cost a few bob, but are all covered under any good tradesmen tool protection. 

  • Cleaning and prep

This is your flexi-tubs, tarpaulins, brooms, buckets, pencils, and cleaning supplies. No good tradesperson travels without the means to prepare their work site and leave it spick and span afterwards. If these things are lost, stolen or damaged, then you can claim for them under tool insurance.

  • Power tools

Depending on your trade, you might own some big-ticket items such as electric drills, sanders, angle grinders, electric saws, polishers, jigsaws, ratchets, nail guns, sanders, vacuum cleaners, impact drivers, routers and planers. These things also come with batteries and chargers which can be very pricey, too.

  • Heavy machinery

If you’re in a trade such as construction, you may take a portable air compressor everywhere you go. Similarly, things like dust extractors, generators and welders may be bulky, but they’re popular targets for thieves due to their high value. Items like these can run from £500 to £1,000 or more, so when they’re stolen, lost or damaged it can be a real headache to find the cash to cover them in a hurry.

Limitations and Exclusions to be Aware of

Rhino’s Tools in Transit Insurance policy is transparent and comprehensive. Unlike many policies, it lets you keep your tools in your van overnight. Keeping your tools in your van overnight makes practical sense for tradespeople, but it’s also a situation where many tool thefts unfortunately occur, making this extra layer of protection a huge plus.

But like with any policy, there are a few exclusions and limitations you should be aware of. For example, your tools should be physically located in the UK at the time of theft, loss or damage – they won’t be covered if you take them abroad. Also, you won’t be able to claim for any loss or damage to ropes, chains, toggles, packaging or packing material or sheets. For full details of limitations and exclusions, read the Policy Wording document (found on our website).

Tips for Ensuring Comprehensive Tool Coverage

Taking out a tools insurance policy, like our Tools in Transit cover, is the best thing you can do to protect the tools you rely on. To make the most out of your policy, here are a few tips from Rhino to ensure your tools have 360-degree protection. 

  • Regular tool inventories

How can you make a claim for your tools and equipment if you don’t know what’s missing? Check your tools regularly, making a list of everything including make, model and spec. Even better, take photographs of your items which will help following tool loss, especially if you’re feeling a little stressed and your memory needs a little help.

Rhino’s Tools in Transit customers get access to a full UK network of approved suppliers with tens of thousands of product lines, meaning you can get like-for-like or similar top-quality new tools.

  • Keeping receipts

That being said, you won’t get anywhere claiming on a tools insurance policy without the receipts for the lost, damaged or stolen items. Whenever you purchase a new tool, retain the receipt (whether a physical copy or e-receipt) and file them in a safe place. You should be doing this as part of your business accounting record keeping anyway, so it shouldn’t cause you any extra hassle.

  • Provide your crime number

You won’t be able to claim for stolen tools unless you act fast after the theft. Report it to the police right away and obtain a crime reference number. You’ll need it when making your claim.

So, what are you waiting for?

Having your tools stolen, lost or damaged is more than just a spanner in the works for a busy tradesperson. Not only do you have to find the money to replace them sharpish, but you can’t work until you’ve done so. Luckily, Rhino can help you with that.

We are used to insuring professional tools and equipment for tradespeople on a daily basis. 

Tools in Transit Insurance can be purchased as a low-cost add-on policy alongside our bestselling Public Liability Insurance, which every single self-employed tradesman and woman needs in their arsenal before they go on the tools. Call us today and speak to our experienced team, who know trade insurance inside out and can help you get sorted.

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