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Life at Rhino Trade Insurance as a New Starter

Rhino Trade Insurance 03 March 2024

Hi! I’m Ed, the newest member of the Rhino team. I’ve only been with Rhino for little over a month, but already it feels like I’ve learnt more than in my entire time at school. I’m not going to lie; I was pretty nervous when I started out at the beginning of the year. This is my first office job, and insurance was an industry I knew absolutely nothing about (the only run in I’d had with the world of insurance was getting my car covered). 


Ed Dixon holding up Rhino Trade Insurance t-shirt


Whatever initial concerns I had however were quickly put as ease after being welcomed to the Rhino team. My time at Rhino started with training, and although this is normally one of the more dreaded parts of starting a new job, I was actually really looking forward to it. I had been told prior to starting at Rhino that insurance was incredibly complex and a challenging subject to get your head around, so I knew I had a challenge on my hands straight off the mark.  

Thankfully I was taken through a crash course in the ins and outs of the many policies that are sold at Rhino, what they do and why they’re needed. Initially it all seemed a little overwhelming, but as time went on, I began understanding the different requirements and getting my head around the importance of compliance. 

I was also taken through the history of Rhino. It was interesting to understand why Rhino Trade Insurance was created, their stance in the industry and the aims and goals it holds as a company. As a relatively young company, it seems like Rhino has managed to have a massive impact on the trade insurance industry. It was immediately obvious to me that the unique point of Rhino is the customer service and the speed at which complex insurance quotes can be dealt with. Unlike buying other insurance, which can feel like it takes days to get through all the questions and the usual jargon, it felt as though getting a quote at Rhino is incredibly easy. 


Ed Dixon smiling staring at computer screen


During my schooling on the inner workings of the company, I was also introduced to the community that Rhino has been able to develop during its short time in the market. The foundation of this community has been forged via various partnerships, such as the relationship popular Youtuber Nick Bundy, their partnership with Gas App, Book a Builder, and even a Community Partnership with Leicester City Football Club. 

I’ve not only been swatting up on my Rhino lore however! I’ve been on the phones speaking to customers, and in that time, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of tradespeople. I’ve got to say, speaking to everyone has been an absolute pleasure. Sometimes the number of calls we get can feel a little overwhelming, but the interactions I have with tradesmen and women over the phone has relieved any stresses or anxieties I could have felt, so thank you all for that! 

I have to say, though, the best thing about this job has been the people I share the office with. The group of individuals who make up Rhino Trade Insurance have made the first few weeks of my time here incredibly enjoyable, and actually, very easy. I work alongside a fantastic Customer Service department and work closely with the underwriting and new business teams. All have been welcoming and kind, imparting knowledge and giving advice as I’ve gone through the learning process and as I was initially getting set up on the phones. 

It’s not all been hard work though! We’ve had darts tournaments, all trying our hardest to become the next Luke Littler (although we’re all a little too old) and I’ve also had the pleasure to experience the traditional Friday afternoon quiz. Not the sort of atmosphere I expected when I interviewed for an insurance company… 

It really feels like everyone is on the same team here at Rhino. It’s a great atmosphere, and a pleasure to come into work every day. 

So, that’s all from me… if you’ve read this far, thank you! Hopefully I get the chance to have a chat with you if you ever need a quote for your public liability insurance, or if your policies with us come up for renewal! 


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About The Author Ed Dixon

Meet Ed - Customer service extraordinaire! (At least our customers think so..). Ed really is a cool character and a valuable asset to the Rhino Trade Insurance team. Ed works hard for our customers (almost as hard as you do!) and makes it his mission to give the best possible service. We think you'll love him!

Trade most identified with: Groundworker – Ed's primary responsibility is renewing insurance for our loyal Rhino customers and making sure they have all questions answered. Every good groundworker makes sure that the earth is secure, and Ed's not much different, except Ed makes sure that people's businesses are secure, from an insurance standpoint (the analogy does makes sense if you really think about it!).

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