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The Best Large Sized Vans For Your Trade Business

Rhino Trade Insurance 10 March 2024

If you're navigating the bustling streets of London or cruising the scenic roads of Newcastle, you know that having the right motor can make or break your trade business. Working as a heating engineer, carpenter, sparky, builder, or any other trade means the right van is your trusty sidekick, carrying the tools of your trade and ensuring you roll up to every job site in style.

As we are well into 2024 now, the world of commercial vehicles is evolving faster than ever. From electric power to innovative storage solutions, there's a lot to consider when choosing the perfect van for your trade business. Fear not, fellow tradesmen and women, Rhino Trade Insurance is here to break down the top contenders for the best large-sized vans this year.

Ford Transit

Kicking off our list with a true heavyweight in the game - the Ford Transit. If reliability is your top priority, this iconic van has your back. With various models catering to different needs, from the nimble Transit Connect to the mighty Transit Custom, there's a Transit for everyone.

The 2024 models boast enhanced safety features, making those early morning drives to the job site a breeze. The Transit's spacious cargo area is a tradesperson's dream, accommodating all your tools and equipment without a hitch. Plus, Ford has been making strides in the electric vehicle department, hinting at a greener future for the Transit lineup.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a top-tier choice for those who like to combine work with a touch of luxury. Known for its sleek design and premium features, the Sprinter is more than just a van; it's a statement.

The 2024 Sprinter models continue to raise the bar with innovative tech and safety upgrades. The spacious cabin provides comfort during long journeys, while the customisable cargo area ensures your tools are neatly organised. With a range of engine options, including an electric variant, Mercedes-Benz is keeping up with the times, offering tradespeople an eco-friendly alternative if that's what you are after!

Volkswagen Crafter

If you're looking for a van that marries German engineering with practicality, the Volkswagen Crafter is worth a look. With a reputation for durability and a range of configurations, this van is ready to tackle any job you throw its way.

The 2024 Crafter models feature an updated in-van entertainment system, making those hours on the road more enjoyable. The load space is fully personalised to suit your needs, and with the latest safety features, Volkswagen ensures you arrive at every job site safely. For those considering the environment, the Crafter is also available in an electric version.

Renault Master

For the tradesperson who values efficiency and affordability, the Renault Master is a strong contender. With a practical design and a focus on functionality, the Master is all about getting the job done without breaking the bank.

The 2024 models come with improved fuel efficiency, saving you money in the long run. The Master's well-thought-out interior design allows for easy access to your tools, and the ergonomic driving position ensures a comfortable ride. Renault has also introduced an electric version, providing an eco-conscious option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint - lovely!

Peugeot Boxer

If you're in the market for a van that offers versatility without sacrificing style, the Peugeot Boxer is a fantastic choice. With its distinctive looks and practical features, the Boxer is ready to take your trade business to the next level.

The 2024 Boxer models focus on improved connectivity, ensuring you stay in touch with clients and suppliers while on the go. The spacious cargo area accommodates your tools with ease, and Peugeot's commitment to sustainability is reflected in the available electric variant. A reliable workhorse that doesn't compromise on style - what more could you ask for?


When it comes to sheer power and capability, the IVECO Daily stands tall among the competition. If your trade requires heavy lifting and towing, this van is the muscle you need.

The 2024 models continue to impress with their towing capacity, making the Daily a favourite among construction crews and tradespeople dealing with large equipment. The robust build ensures durability, and with an updated interior, the Daily offers a comfortable driving experience. While not currently available in an electric version, IVECO has hinted at future developments in this direction.

Nissan NV400

For the tradesperson who values a reliable and budget-friendly van, the Nissan NV400 is a solid choice. With its no-nonsense approach to design and functionality, this van is all about getting the job done without breaking the bank.

The 2024 NV400 models focus on enhanced safety features, giving you peace of mind on the road. The spacious cargo area is easily customisable, and Nissan's reputation for reliability shines through in the NV400's performance. While an electric variant is not currently available, Nissan is keeping an eye on the evolving market, so keep your own eyes peeled if you are interested in this van!

Fiat Ducato

Last but certainly not least, the Fiat Ducato is a workhorse that's been a staple in the tradesman's toolkit for years. With its practical design and efficient performance, the Ducato continues to be a reliable choice for tradesmen and women in the UK.

The 2024 models introduce a refreshed exterior and improved tech features. The Ducato's cargo space is among the best in its class, and with various body styles available, you can tailor it to your specific needs (just like our insurance). While Fiat hasn't ventured into the electric realm with the Ducato just yet, the ongoing developments in the van industry suggest that it might not be far off.

Let Rhino Handle Your Trade Insurance Needs

Whether you are on the lookout for a new large van for your business or just browsing, this comprehensive list will help you make an informed decision on what best fits your work in 2024. As your business grows, so do the needs of your equipment, team and transport. Whether you prefer style, load size, performance or anything else, there's certainly a van on our list to fit your tastes. 

And one final point: don't forget to explore what trade insurance your business needs. From public liability, employers liability, tool cover, personal injury protection and more, Rhino Trade Insurance can offer a fully comprehensive plan for your trade business. Our team is rated five stars and can tailor a policy to your precise trade requirements - all at a low cost, ensuring your budget doesn't bust! Give us a ring today on 0116 243 7904 for more info. 

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