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Why Business Insurance Matters for Ceiling and Wall Installers

Rhino Trade Insurance 10 April 2024

Are you a ceiling and wall installer in the UK looking to protect your business from the financial fallout of some of the most common risks you face? Look no further – Rhino the trade insurance experts are here to lay it all out for you. 

Business Insurance for Ceiling and Wall Installers 

Ceiling and wall installation is a demanding job. You need to be in good shape physically, the work can be relentless and juggling your job schedule can be tough, especially during peak times. But you can make a nice living for yourself in this line of work – doing a job not everybody can do has its perks.

But while you may be tough, you’re not invincible. And this is where insurance comes in. Whether you call it Ceiling and Wall Installers Insurance, Ceiling Partitioning Installers Insurance or just plain old business insurance for tradesmen, you need to get covered ASAP if you’re not already. A generic one-size-fits-all policy isn’t going to cut it because the risks you face are specific to your job as a ceiling and wall installer.

Why Ceiling and Wall Installers Need Specialised Insurance

If this is your profession, you need insurance to protect you from things that can go wrong while working. You need specific insurance because you face specific risks associated with your trade. We get this here at Rhino, which is why we’ve designed a policy bundle specifically for anyone who installs, ceilings, walls or partitions for a living. 

What Risks Do You Need to Consider?

As a self-employed ceiling and wall installer, you are at high risk of the following:

  • Causing injuries to members of the public and customers
  • Causing injuries to your own employees
  • Personal accidents and lost income
  • Causing property damage to customers
  • Tool damage, theft or loss

Picture a typical day on the job as a ceiling and wall installer. No doubt you’ll be working with tools and equipment that can cause harm, carrying heavy plasterboard and metal panels, sawing, drilling and cutting, dealing with electrical wiring, plumbing and ventilation systems, not to mention working at height. 

How Do These Risks Impact Your Life and Work?

If you’re self-employed as a tradesperson, then you are just one bad day away from financial disaster if you don’t have the correct insurance in place. Let’s take a closer look at these risks and what they might mean for you.

  • Injury to third parties

Picture this: a customer is harmed when a tile from a partially-completed suspended ceiling falls on them. Or maybe they trip over your tool box, or slip on your plastic sheets. Causing an injury to a third party is one of the biggest risks ceiling and wall installers face, and it can leave you with a big bill for legal costs and damages that you’re legally liable to pay, whether you’re insured or not. If it’s one of your employees who has been harmed, you’re also legally liable to pay to put things right, no matter how large that sum may be.

  • Injury to yourself

You can’t do a job like yours from home. Personal accidents – whether at work or during your free time – can spell disaster for those of us who work with our hands. Something easily done like a broken wrist, ankle or whiplash from a rear-ending incident in a vehicle would mean you couldn’t work for a while. And when you’re self-employed, no work means no income.

  • Causing property damage

Similarly, you could easily cause property damage while you’re working in both private and commercial spaces. A broken window, a hole in the carpet or a damaged fitting will all bring costs your way – again, you must pay out of your own pocket if you don’t have insurance. 

  • Having your tools stolen

Losing any of your tools or equipment, whether that’s through theft, damage or loss, is a major blow for any tradesperson. Ceiling and wall installers are no exception. The cost of replacing your tools can be more than you have lying around. And even, if you can come up with the cash to replace those pricey tools in a flash, it’s coming out of your profits.

The Importance of Business Insurance

The right insurance policies will provide essential protection to cover your business wherever it is vulnerable. Here are some of the key policies every self-employed ceiling and wall installer needs in their toolkit:

Public Liability Insurance

The godfather of trade insurance policies. We’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times, every single self-employed tradesperson needs Public Liability Insurance. Whether you are running a one-person enterprise as a sole trader, or you’re ordering a team of employees and apprentices round all day, this cover will pay up if you accidentally cause someone or something harm while you’re doing your job. 

Employer’s Liability Insurance

This one’s another must-have policy. It’s non-negotiable if you have employees and non-compliance is punishable by a £2,500 daily fine. It’s not all doom and gloom, though. This policy will protect your business finances when one of your employee makes a claim for injury, illness or personal property damage against your business.

Personal Accident / Income Protection Insurance

Your job may not be as dangerous as an ice road truckers’, but it still comes with plenty of hazards that could get you hurt despite your best health and safety protocols. This insurance will keep your rent, mortgage and bills paid and your costs of living covered should you find yourself laid up unable to work. And you don’t need to have been hurt at work as Rhino’s Personal Accident policy covers your free time activities, too. For a small outlay each month, with Personal Accident Insurance and Income Protection Insurance, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that if you have to down tools for health reasons, you won’t take a financial hit.

How to Choose the Right Insurance Policy

With Rhino, we’ve made it easy. Our Ceiling and Wall Installers Insurance contains everything you need to keep your business protected in your trade, all tied up in one handy bundle.

Our Ceiling and Wall Installers Insurance is perfect for any ceiling and partition wall fitters, and includes our bestselling Public Liability Insurance as standard, with the option to add extra policies at a low cost to build truly bespoke protection.

Our policy is 100% tailored to you and your business, so you only add the policies you need. Choose from Employer’s Liability Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Income Protection Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Tools in Transit Insurance, Tax Enquiry Insurance, Legal Expenses Insurance and more.

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