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How Tradespeople Can Ensure On-Time Payments

Rhino Trade Insurance 10 June 2024

In the dynamic world of tradesmanship, where every job is unique and timelines are crucial, ensuring on-time payments from customers and suppliers is vital for sustaining a healthy cash flow. Yet, the reality often paints a different picture, with delayed payments causing frustration and financial strain. In this guide, we'll delve into actionable strategies for tradespeople in the UK to navigate the intricacies of payment management and secure timely transactions, empowering them to thrive in their businesses.

The Importance of Getting Paid On Time

Think of timely payments as the wind in your sails, propelling your trade business forward with ease. Beyond the obvious perks of keeping the lights on and the van fuelled, prompt payments ensure smooth sailing in the choppy waters. 

It shouldn’t be a novelty to get paid on time. You’ve done the work, you deserve the cash. But we all know that it’s not always as simple as that, and tradespeople often find themselves waiting for payments far longer than they should. 

With the importance as clear as day, we wanted to explore some ways to improve how you get paid on time; let’s dive right in. 

Establish Clear Payment Terms:

Setting clear payment terms is not just about establishing boundaries; it's a strategic move that can significantly benefit your trade business in a few different ways. 

By clearly outlining your payment expectations upfront, you make sure your customer knows what you expect. This clarity helps to prevent misunderstandings and disputes regarding payment deadlines and methods. 

Moreover, clear payment terms create a sense of accountability for both parties, fostering a smoother transaction process. Additionally, when clients understand the terms from the outset, they are more likely to prioritise these timely payments, reducing the risk of delays or non-payments. 

Ultimately, clear payment terms contribute to a more efficient and professional trade business operation, ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve for your hard work and expertise and laying the foundation for long-term financial success.

Make Use of Digital Invoicing Systems:

So, you are a fully-fledged trade business out there fixing leaking taps and rewiring homes. You have all the kit, but you are having trouble with payments? This is where fancy new invoicing systems can come into play. 

In the trade industry - time is money, and embracing digital invoicing systems is like having a stress alleviation tool in your pocket ready to help you conquer the financial front of late payments. 

These modern tools not only streamline your invoicing process but also pave the way for smoother transactions and, most importantly, timely payments. Picture this: with just a few clicks, you can create sleek, professional invoices that impress clients and get you paid faster. No more scribbling on scraps of paper or chasing down lost invoices! 

What's more, digital invoicing systems offer features like automated reminders and payment tracking, ensuring that no payment slips through the cracks. With your invoicing game on point, you can spend less time juggling paperwork and more time honing your craft or sealing the deal on your next big job.

Wondering how else you can improve your trade business? Read our 15 tips for better marketing here. 

Keep Things Simple and Take a Deposit!

Bear with us. Think of deposits as your safety net when taking orders. By securing a deposit upfront, you not only demonstrate a client's commitment to the project but also safeguard yourself against the dreaded beast of late payments. 

Deposits lock the two of you into an agreement before setting off on the project. With a deposit in hand, you can embark on your work with confidence, knowing that it’s much more likely your customer is serious about paying you the full amount.

So, next time you're gearing up for new work, don't hesitate to request a deposit - it might just help your bottom line in the process. 

Look Into a Credit Control Checking Tool

We live in a credit society now, and there are tools out there for you to check the financial health of potential clients. Just as you meticulously inspect your tools before a job, conducting credit control checks allows you to assess your clients before diving into a project. 

By understanding their payment history and creditworthiness, you can spot potential red flags early on and make informed decisions about whether to proceed with caution or negotiate more secure payment terms (like deposits). These checks not only protect your cash flow but also safeguard your time and resources from being wasted on risky ventures.

Build Strong Relationships with Suppliers:

Just as your craftsmanship is built on precision and reliability, nurturing strong relationships with trade suppliers establishes a foundation of trust and mutual respect. 

When you build these connections, you gain access to valuable resources and support that can streamline your workflow and enhance your efficiency. Moreover, suppliers are more likely to prioritise your orders and provide flexible payment terms when they value your two-way partnership. 

Offer Flexible Payment Options:

In the ever-evolving landscape of your trade business, flexibility is the name of the game. By providing a choice of payment options tailored to your client's preferences and financial situations, you empower them to engage with your services more comfortably and confidently. 

Whether it's instalment plans, credit/debit card payments, or online platforms, offering flexibility demonstrates your commitment to accommodating their needs and providing a positive client experience. Moreover, flexible payment options can expedite the payment process, reducing the probability of delays and ensuring a steady cash flow for your trade business. 

We at Rhino Trade Insurance do the exact same thing for your trade insurance. By offering tradespeople flexible, interest-free monthly payments, we can help all you hard-working craftspeople better manage your cash flow! 

By adapting to the diverse requirements of your customers, you not only boost customer satisfaction but also strengthen your financial stability and resilience in the face of uncertainty. So go forth and explore flexible payment options today!

Try, Test and Get Paid On Time More Often! 

When it comes to your trade business and putting money in your pocket, things don’t always go smoothly. The trick is to offer plenty of incentives and help your customers along the way. Through various methods, including the ones we have listed above, you can ensure that your trade business stays afloat and that you don’t get bogged down by late payments. 

It’s worth mentioning that regular financial reviews of your business are extremely useful as a guide for how things are generally going and where there are areas for improvement. Having a professional/ accountant handle your books and give advice can be key to achieving this and getting your payments more on a timescale you are happy with. 

And with that, all that is left to say is please ensure you have the right trade insurance before stepping foot onsite. We at Rhino have spent a lot of time and energy designing individual policies to fit various trades in the UK. With us, you can take out cost-effective policies that include Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Tools Protection and more. Give our team a call today at 0116 243 7904 or visit our Rhino website for more information here

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