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Accidents happen. Our Tradesman Public Liability Insurance keeps you covered if your client or a member of the public suffers an injury or damage to their property which was your fault. It will pay out for the legal expenses and compensation owed by your business (up to your chosen level of cover).

By holding this policy, self employed tradesmen are protecting both their business and clients. It is usually required as part of a contract, however is not a legal requirement.

Our employer and public liability insurance quotes are some of the most competitive on the market for the self employed tradesman.


If you have any employees or subcontractors who are working for you under your direction, you may also need Employer’s Liability Insurance. This policy will cover for injury/death of an employee whilst performing duties for your business, and may be a legal requirement depending on your circumstances.

Public Liability Insurance for Tradesman

  • £1M, £2M, and £5M levels of cover available
  • Option to add Employers' Liability cover
  • Optional cover for multiple trades/business activities
  • Instant cover with documents immediately
  • Monthly or annual payment options
  • UK telephone support

tradesman public liability insurance

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Nuts & Bolts

What Is Public Liability Insurance? 

Public liability insurance will cover your business against the cost of a third party (individual or corporate) bringing legal action against you for injury or property damage caused by you during the course of your business. The policy will cover the legal costs and compensation where required, up to the limit of indemnity chosen.

Potential claims

Below are some examples of scenarios that could be covered under a tradesman public liability insurance policy:

  • In the course of your work, or as a result of work you have carried out, you cause damage to the property (buildings or other belongings) of your customer, or of a third party who is not your customer.
  • In the course of your work, or as a result of work you have carried out, you cause injury to your customer or to a third party who is not your customer.

What Does Employers’ Liability Insurance Cover?

Employers’ Liability Insurance will cover you in the event that an employee makes a claim against you for the personal injury or accidental death caused by their employment. The policy will cover the costs and compensation you are found liable for, up to the limit of indemnity chosen.

Please note that Rhino Employers’ Liability policies can only be purchased alongside a Public Liability policy.

Do I Need Employers’ Liability Insurance?

If you have an employee, whether they are permanent, part time, or temporary, it is likely you will be legally required to hold an Employers’ Liability policy. It is not legally required if you are the sole employee of your limited company, and own at least 50% of the shares. It may also not be required if you are not an incorporated business and employ only close family members. If you are unsure of your legal obligations to carry Employers Liability insurance, HSE provide some guidance here.  Alternatively, please feel free to contact Rhino to discuss.

Refer to policy wording for full details of all terms and conditions of cover.

Policy Limitations and Exclusions

All insurance policies are subject to terms and conditions, and we strongly recommend that you take time to read the policy document to familiarise yourself with those terms, particularly any limitations that may be relevant to you and your business activities.

Claims Process

If you receive notification of a claim against you, or become aware of a circumstance that may result in a claim against you, the matter must be notified to insurers by following the claims procedure detailed in your liability insurance policy documents.

The insurer will ask you to confirm the circumstances of the matter, and may request that you submit certain documents to them for consideration.

If appropriate, the insurer will appoint a solicitor to represent you through to the conclusion of the matter.  The insurer will pay the legal costs incurred in your defence, and will pay any agreed settlement or compensation (if appropriate) to the third party.  You will be expected to co-operate with the insurer and their representatives throughout the claim process, and depending on the circumstances, may be required to attend court.



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Tradesman Insurance

Rhino provide Tradesmen insurance, a type of business insurance that provides tailored cover for hazards and risks often experienced when working within a trade. Our Business Insurance offers varying levels of indemnity cover and keeps you protected if your client or a member of the public suffers an injury or damage to their property which was your fault. It will pay out for the legal expenses and compensation owed by your business (up to your chosen level of cover).

Who is Public Liability Insurance for?

You can find cover for hundreds of trades with Rhino Trade Insurance. Popular trades include:

​Builders Insurance

Builders Insurance

  • Bricklayers Insurance
  • Builders Insurance
  • Carpenters and Joiners Insurance
  • Ceiling, Partitioning & Dry Lining Contractors
  • Conservatory & Porch Erectors
  • Dry Stone Wallers Insurance
  • Fencing Contractor Insurance
  • Floor Tiling Contractor Insurance
  • Flooring Contractor Insurance
  • Painters & Decorator Insurance
  • Path, Patio & Drive Laying Contractors
  • Plasterers and Artexer Insurance
  • Roughcasters and Pebble Dashers
​Plumber Insurance

Plumber Insurance

  • Plumber Insurance
  • Plumbing and Heating
  • ​Gas Fitters
  • ​Drain Cleaners
  • ​Bathroom Installers
  • ​Kitchen Installers & Fitters
  • ​Fireplace Installation
  • ​Air Conditioning Engineers
  • ​Heating & Ventilation Engineers
  • Refrigeration Engineers
Electrician Insurance

Electric​ian Insurance

  • Electrical Appliances Servicers (Domestic)
  • Electricians Insurance
  • Telecommunication Engineers


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