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For professionals working in the Acoustic Engineering industry, you will know that the work is complex and thought-provoking. As a master of your art, you must consider your insurance options and the best ways to protect yourself when things get tense. Every business has to factor in risks and hazards; it's all part of the job you undertake. Having cover for your line of work makes sound business sense and will ensure you won't feel the pressure should something go wrong. 

It's normal for businesses to experience risk; you put yourself and your business at risk as soon as you leave your house in the morning. Knowing how and what to safeguard yourself against is fundamental for your business. Therefore, having suitable cover in place is paramount, and we have the protection needed under one roof.


As a steadfast sound designer who equips forward-thinking acoustic treatments to buildings that need them, you will deal with premium materials, as well as pricey artefacts and buildings. One wrong move and it could be a curtain call for your company. Hazards in this line of work are tenfold and could lead to damage or harm, resulting in a claim. 

Being the well-respected trade you are, having an acceptable level of protection is a clear objective for staying safe. On the off chance that your firm caused damage to a building or injured a member of the public, despite the initial panic, you'd breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you had a considerable insurance policy to protect your assets. 

Working on location can be a strain, and the slightest mistake could end in disaster. Even the most careful among us can drop a clanger from time to time. That's why the smart money will take out a complete policy from Rhino Trade Insurance. We offer fully operational and professionally tailored acoustic insurance oven-ready for your business.



Acoustic Engineers Insurance



Public Liability Insurance for ACOUSTIC ENGINEERS

Our qualified team ensures that your insurance policy is as painless as possible. The policies we have tailored with your work in mind have been concocted with engineers in your field alongside our policy experts. Preparing your business for any eventuality can easily be purchased through the Rhino Trade Insurance website. In just a few moments, We can provide you with whatever level of cover you require up to £5 million, alleviating any risk your company holds. 

Our foundational product is Public Liability Insurance. This core piece of cover will allow for damages to be caused, injury to be inflicted and even accidental death. Of course, we hope that none of these scenarios ever happen, but it makes good business sense to be protected against these possibilities. 

You are free to operate without this type of cover (it isn't legally binding in the UK); however, gambling your business's future in this way is taking a major financial risk. What's more, the type of work your profession undertakes will undoubtedly require you to hold a specific level of cover should something go wrong. For high-value venues needing acoustic treatment, their contract stipulations will be the difference between landing the gig and not.


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Protection is vitally important when assessing ways to support your business's livelihood. Maintaining a business can be precarious, and there might be times when it seems like the whole world is against you. Try not to let this snowball with the added concerns of something going wrong on-site. Being unprotected isn't smart, and it isn't 'business-savvy'. Without insurance, your finances could quickly turn into a fiasco. From getting injured on a job to having your tools stolen, our policies cover these instances and more.

Rhino Trade Insurance offers different protections to meet the everyday lives of Acoustic Designers. The most popular add-ons to our Public Liability Insurance are:

  • Employers Liability Insurance - Anyone with staff is legally required to hold this insurance as it covers their business should the employee get sick or injured whilst doing the job. 
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - Acoustic Engineers will work on various installation projects. Some will be physically demanding, and others will require advice, guidance and design work whilst charging a fee. If something goes wrong and results in loss to a client from your work, you will be protected with this policy. 
  • Tool Insurance - You will use various high-value tools in this industry, and you should consider protecting them. Without your weapons, you won't get very far on the job. This insurance covers them for theft or damage. 
  • Personal Accident Insurance - This insurance covers anyone who injures themselves and can't work. Say you fall off a ladder and need a week off; your costs will be taken care of. It even protects against accidents that happen outside of work! 

​​In addition, we offer many other useful insurance options for your business.


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Purchasing a custom insurance document shouldn't deplete your funds, regardless of your profession. Rhino's team are always finding ways to keep our prices low. Compared to others in the trade insurance space, you can get policies up to 40% cheaper than other providers. Imagine what you could spend those savings on! 

We will need to understand some things to give you an exact quote. The required information will include what the turnover of your business is, what representative level of cover you want, if you have a history of claims and if you have any staff members. This will take only a few minutes of your day.

You can get a price for your cover in only 60 seconds (honestly!). Simply enter your details into our online shop (built by our experts) or give our customer service a whirl and call our team today. They are rated five stars if you didn't know. 




We may sound biassed, but Rhino Trade Insurance gives the best protection in the UK for dedicated tradespeople and professionals. You can get insurance for essentially every part of your business at a sensible price. There are no smoke screens with our service, we offer reliable protection, which can be taken out effortlessly, and you can be back on the job in no time. It's for these reasons and more that our processes have won countless industry awards. 

Having dealt exclusively with Acoustics Engineers, we have created outstanding policies that will be honed in to suit your specific business needs. Get in touch today on 0116 243 7904 or check out our online quote engine here.


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