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Do you spend your time installing aerial satellite dishes? Have you thought about your options for insurance? Rhino has the ideal cover for you if you are a hardworking individual who enjoys getting their hands dirty and putting together, installing and repairing various aerial satellite dishes.

We support and collaborate with thousands of self-employed tradespeople and trade businesses of all kinds. We have an insurance policy for you, whether you want to safeguard against tool theft or protect yourself from harm or damage.


We have needed aerial satellite dishes to send signals across the country since the technological revolution, whether via radio, television, or any other means. Thank God for the dependable army of aerial satellite dish erectors who can accommodate our requirements.

In a job where you will be expected to work in various conditions, you'll be at risk in many settings, including at height, in confined spaces, and varying weather conditions. Considering a quality business insurance policy is vital for these very reasons. If you don't have it, it might be your business that has to foot the bill.

Without insurance, you could lose out on potential customers and contracts. The team at Rhino Trade Insurance have trade experts ready to assist you. We create all our policies from scratch and tailor them to your business needs. But what protection should you consider?





Public Liability Insurance for AERIAL SATELLITE DISH ERECTORS

A high-quality Public Liability Insurance policy for your business is your best bet. This kind of policy from Rhino is by far our most popular type of protection. Public Liability is your foundation policy which serves to hold other types of insurance policies.

Your business should have Public Liability Insurance; it just makes sense. Avoiding it could be detrimental to your trade. The size and scope of your business will determine the level at which you should take out. If a customer's property is damaged, a customer or a member of the public is hurt, or someone dies by accident, Public Liability Insurance will protect you. 

Even though UK law does not require Public Liability Insurance, it is a valuable commodity for your business. It makes you look good to potential customers and establishes your credibility with local governments and councils if they want to contract you for work. It is also needed if you aim to join relevant professional bodies connected to your trade. 

Rhino Trade Insurance has developed fantastic Public Liability Insurance coverage designed explicitly for Aerial Satellite Dish Installers. We can provide affordable protection for you if anything goes wrong, with cover levels ranging from £1 million to £5 million.


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If you don't have insurance, you're setting yourself up for trouble! Working with power tools, at height and with members of the public all bring about risk. As things quickly escalate, having a level of protection in place helps when you are backed into a corner. If you show up at a job and the customer discovers that you don't have insurance, they have every right to look for another tradesperson who does.

Simply put, risking your business and not having insurance can make or break your business. The world is your oyster when you have it. Without it, the hazard of financial ruin and reputational damage always lingers. Let's look at some ways you can protect yourself to ensure the safety and viability of your business in the event of the worst:

  • Public Liability Insurance and Employers' Liability Insurance - Insurance in case you or an employee cause property damage, harm a client or member of the public or cause accidental death. Employers’ Liability Insurance is a legal requirement should your business employ others. It also protects you should they become ill or injured whilst carrying out work for you.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance - You will be responsible for resolving legal disputes when running your own trade business. Even if you are self-employed, this cover is there for you if you require legal protection, defence or assistance!
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - You may provide design suggestions or advice when installing aerial satellite dishes as part of your service. You could be held liable if something goes wrong due to this advice. The insurance covers that.
  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance - This insurance covers you if you get hurt in an accident or get sick to the point where you can't work. As a self-employed individual, you must maintain income even if you are unable to work, and our insurance covers a one-time payment or monthly instalments in the event of a compensation claim.
  • Tools in Transit Insurance - You can only install satellite dishes with the right tools. Don't let your business operations grind to a halt. Tool cover protects you in case of theft or damage. 
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance - Taxes are one of those things in life that are certain. This insurance helps you out if you are having trouble and need help dealing with the taxman.
  • Gadget Insurance - You can't work without your phone or laptop, just like your tools. Our Gadget Insurance policy covers you in the event that these items are broken or stolen.


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As previously stated, insurance is essential to your company;Rhino has made it as simple as possible to get a price on your insurance and an idea of your premiums. We will only ask a few questions to evaluate your trade. This includes your turnover, trade, staff, and claims history. As a result, we will provide you with the highest level of coverage at the lowest possible price.

Is this true? We hear you ask. Get a quote online and see your price in just 60 seconds.




Rhino Trade Insurance has years of experience dealing with insurance for tradespeople. We take exceptional pride in our service and are constantly looking for ways to make taking out our trade insurance easier. We try hard to keep our prices as cost-effective as possible and have thousands of tradespeople vouch for us on

Due to our exclusive focus on the trade industry, we have created superb policies that can be custom-built to meet your exact specifications. Use our online quote engine or call us at 0116 243 7904.


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