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There are multiple ways by which you can safeguard your business as an Artexer. Each policy type we offer can benefit the policyholder in various situations that could affect their business's finances. The trade industry is our focal point; as such, the team at Rhino focus 100% on providing tailored insurance solutions for your business.

Each business is unique, and whether you own and operate a major firm or work by yourself, working on domestic and commercial premises holds varied levels of risk. Therefore trade insurance is imperative to avoiding those unfortunate moments that could result in a monumental bill. It is a gamble to avoid taking out insurance and could be the difference between a successful business and financial fragility.

The importance of ARTEXERS INSURANCE

Insurance is a key aspect of any business. It builds confidence in those who are considering hiring your services, as well as protecting you financially if anything goes wrong on-site. If a local council wanted to utilise your business to refurbish one of its buildings, a prerequisite would be that you need to hold a certain level of insurance. Some customers will never entertain a tradesman or woman who doesn't have adequate insurance, and they are in their right to ask for proof of your policy.

It simply poses too much of a risk for you and the customer to have you work on their property with no financial backbone to cover any accidents occurring. There are risks and hazards attached to any line of work, but accidents and damage occur at a far higher rate in the trades due to the dangers posed in the industry. Whether an accident or injury happens to you, your business or a customer, having a comprehensive insurance policy will ensure any compensation sought is covered up to your chosen level of coverage.



Artexers Insurance



Public Liability Insurance for ARTEXERS

Public Liability Insurance is a priceless commodity for any trade business, big or small. A policy of this nature will provide up to £5 million in cover should damage be caused to a third party's property or accidental injury or death happen to a member of the public during your work. You may consider the risk of a liability claim slim, but when working in the trades, accidents and risks are always prevalent, so leaving your business unprotected would be a major gamble. Choosing an insurer like Rhino will ensure your business is sufficiently covered at a reasonable price. Our specialist team will tailor a policy to the needs of your Artexing Installers business.

As the trade industry is the cornerstone of our cover, we speak to thousands of tradespeople throughout the year. This means that we receive expert insurance feedback, helping keep our prices low and the cover compliant with your trade. Why not explore our Public Liability Insurance for Artexers today? We can get your business insurance set up from £1 million to £5 million, which is a lot of risk to leave exposed!


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Unfortunately, businesses don't have access to a bottomless pot of cash. Being underinsured, or having no insurance at all, could see your business footing the bill should you be deemed liable for an accident that happened on-site.  No matter if you install Artex or fit kitchens, accidents can occur, and it's these risks you insure yourself against. 

As somebody who works with building materials on clients' homes, you know that your business will provide a specialist approach to a customer's jobs. We approach our trade insurance in the same way. Our Artexers Insurance has been tailor-made to fit your speciality and can be fine-tuned to suit your business. 

Our service prides itself on providing straightforward and efficient processes so that choosing and buying your business protection is a walk in the park. Need to insure against illness or injury? We can sort that out. Want to protect your tools from theft? We have you covered. Hired a new staff member and need employers' protection? Rhino has your back in all these ways and more. 

  • Employers' Liability Insurance: Cover your business from £1 million to £10 million with our valuable Employers' Liability Insurance. This protects any business that employs staff who injure themselves or fall ill due to the work you set them. Companies in the UK are legally required to have this insurance if they hire any staff members. 
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: When working on home improvement, if your business offers design services, advice, planning and more, then it could be liable for a claim if that information is wrong and costs the contractor money. Protect yourself from any wrongdoing by exploring Professional Indemnity today. 
  • Tools Insurance: Working as an Artexer will require special tools that could be valuable. Without these, you may be unable to work. Insure your tools up to £7,500 in cover from theft or damage. 
  • Gadget Insurance: Businesses are becoming increasingly digital, so if you rely on laptops and mobile phones for work, be sure to protect them with Gadget Insurance. 
  • Personal Accident Insurance: If you ever worry about what would happen to your business if you were sick or injured, then this policy puts your mind at ease. Personal Accident Insurance will pay out a lump sum of up to £50,000 should you suffer an accident or illness and be deemed unfit to work. 
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance: Tax can be confusing, and even the best of us make mistakes. Having protection against any problems arising from a tax enquiry makes business sense, so take advantage of this expert advice and guidance now. 
  • Legal Expenses Insurance: If a claim ends up in court, you will need to pay for court costs, legal representation and defence. With our Legal Expenses cover, you can take advantage of this and more.


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Purchasing trade insurance should feel like you have been taken to the cleaners. We dedicate time and effort to keeping prices as low as possible at Rhino Trade Insurance. Our service can easily provide a quote for you and will take into account all the risks entailed with your type of trade. 

Taking into account the risk posed by the industry you work in, along with some other minor details, will allow us to quickly price your policy. To get an idea, your business turnover, the number of people you employ, as well as a basic set of questions will be included in your quote. From here, we will calculate your price in just 60 seconds. Amazing service, right?



Why Choose Rhino for your ARTEXERS INSURANCE?

If you want to be insured by the best, then Rhino aims to provide the best possible insurance to the tradesmen and women of the UK. Our leading industry prices, along with fantastic products and services, have thousands of tradespeople coming back to us year after year. We have received various industry awards and are rated five stars on 

Our team is based in the lovely city of Leicester and is ready to answer any questions you have six days a week. Our outstanding technology allows quotes to be calculated in a minute without needing your life story. 

What more could you ask for? Call our team on 0116 243 7904 or get an instant quote here.


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