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Hey, we cover all types of trades here at Rhino, not just those commonly described as 'construction'. Car valeting is a precise and skilled profession and is something that carries with it its own risks and potential pitfalls. The gentle washing of the bonnet, the intricate detailing of the rims, and the dashboard's polishing are tasks that should still be done under the protection of business insurance. Because of this, we offer various options that would benefit you when searching for car valeting insurance. From Legal Expenses Insurance to your all-important public liability cover, Rhino has the right insurance for you. With just a few clicks, you can ensure that you and your car valeting business are covered. 

We are often asked, 'why do I need car valeting insurance?' and we feel that the answer is simple. Business insurance is designed for you and your business to undertake your work without fear of financial loss in the event of a wide range of unfortunate scenarios... It protects you and your business from claims and legal challenges, covering you for the cost of finding yourself in a difficult situation. Whether you have accidentally caused damage to a client's possession, injured a member of the public whilst on the job, or have had those all-important tools nicked, our insurance policies will provide the proper levels of cover you need... Especially if you're cleaning Ferarri's and Lambo's! 


Here at Rhino, we work hard to understand the needs of almost all types of UK tradesmen. Whether you are cleaning windows or car bonnets, you still need the right insurance in place to protect you and your business, and that's what we at Rhino can offer.

Public Liability Insurance is a fundamental insurance policy to consider, as it offers core protection in various scenarios or accidents common amongst car valets. As a business owner, the last thing you will want to face is a hefty bill to pay for damages or fees for accidents or death caused to members of the public and their property due to the work you carry out. Public liability insurance acts as a safety net, so you don't have to stick your hand in your wallet if the worst happens and you ever need to make a claim.

An example of an accident that would lead to a claim being made on a car valet's public liability cover would be if a member of the public tripped over your tools and equipment whilst on a job and injured themselves. Another example of a car valet insurance claim would be if you smashed a garage window when performing your work duties.


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Claims like this can get so expensive (our liability starts at £1 million cover) that without the right insurance in place, your business could severely suffer. With this in mind, having the right insurance in place, in this case, public liability cover for car valeting, will provide essential security in a trade rife with risks and hazards. Although not legally needed, a car valeting business's best bet of financially surviving an accident is to get the right level of cover. Remember, Public Liability protects against claims originating from injury or accidental death caused by your work to members of the public.

Let's take a look at what our public liability insurance offers:

  • Rhino's liability cover starts for as low as £6.07 per month (that's cheaper than about a 1000th of a Porsche!)
  • There are three levels of Public Liability Insurance available for car valets; £1 million, £2 million and £5 million cover (although if you're valeting a £5m car, then we want to see it!).
  • There is a flat £500 excess as standard on all claims (that's the rules!).
  • All policyholders have the option for an Interest-free monthly payment plan (handy!).
  • You can purchase insurance simply online in under 60 seconds (go on, we'll time you!)

Rhino's public liability insurance for car valeting also grants cover in both commercial and domestic environments, meaning that unless you are polishing that Ferrari on the side of a live volcano, chances are you'll be covered. Therefore, having the correct level of cover in place is vital to ensure that you would still be protected should the worst happen.

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Short, sweet answer: Yes! Although it's not a legal requirement, having tradesman insurance in place of any kind gives you the best possible chance of getting back to work and not suffering financially should accidents occur. Car valeting is by no means the most high-risk profession a professional can work in, but the need for insurance is just as great. Whatever the risks, having sufficient cover in place acts as a financial backstop in the unfortunate event of a claim and shows to any prospective clients or customers that you have taken the initiative and done your due diligence.

Every day, you and your employees (if you have them) are trusted with driving, cleaning and servicing a customer's prized possession, and even with the most careful car valet in the world, errors can still happen. Various claims can arise through slips and trips, damage caused on-site and working with substances that carry hazards, and for that reason, you must consider business insurance.

The cost of paying out small fortunes in the event of an accident can cripple a business, but with Rhino's Public Liability Insurance, your business is covered.




Day in, day out working as a car valet, you will find accidents can happen, and all it takes is a minor error to leave your business in financial ruin. That's why having car valeting insurance is crucial to anyone cleaning or valeting a vehicle in the UK. There will always be a component of jeopardy attached. Still, as long as you're aware of the level of cover your car valeting business needs, you'll sleep easy at night knowing your business is safe and sound and not liable to pay anything. Should the worst happen!

For anyone looking to add more to their car valeting insurance, see what we offer below:

Don't just assume you need general business insurance. As a car valet, you want to find a policy that is tailored to your business needs. Some of the more popular additions to our car valeting insurance are shown above. These include our employees' liability insurance which is a legal requirement should you employ any staff.

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You still with us? Yeah? Well done you, here's a virtual high five! If you find all this insurance mumbo jumbo confusing, we want to give a final simple version of it. Just think of public liability insurance as your car chassis, it's the main starting point, and from there, anything can be added to it. After the primary coverage for injury and damage, you can count on employers liability, tools insurance, gadget insurance and more.

We are here for you six days a week, ready to take your call and answer all of your burning questions. As big or as little as your query may be, our insurance superstars have bags of talent and wisdom and are waiting to get you sorted.

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