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Whether you are cooking up a storm for a wedding, supplying food for a networking event or prepping nibbles for a private family party. Catering Insurance for your business is an absolute must when providing food to an external party, and that's where the team at Rhino kick into gear. Not only do we love a quality caterer, but we also believe in helping businesses stay safe and insured should you find yourself in an unfortunate situation. 

Whether it's keeping the public, your staff or yourself safe, we offer a full spread of coverage options for your business. Let's dive deeper and explain why it's worth playing it safe and taking out the right insurance.

The Importance of CATERING Insurance

As much as we'd like to think it, nothing in our lives is a sure thing. That's why here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we have designed all our insurance policies to prepare for any outcome. Even the smoothest of services can take a turn for the worst should an accident happen, and that's why Catering Insurance is of vital business importance to you. It is a commodity, and should it be needed. It pays back ten-fold.

We have one thing in mind when it comes to the fantastic caterers of the United Kingdom, and that's to offer the best possible insurance on the market. Just like you aim to deliver the best scones, soups, nibbles or sandwiches, the team here have you at the forefront of our minds. With tailored policies ready and waiting for you, we wonder why take the risk? Let's find out about the nitty-gritty below.


Caterers Insurance


CATERING Public Liability Insurance

With over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, we have helped create some of the best policies for various business types. We understand that every business is different, and needs can change depending on your work. The most frequent questions we have from caterers are regarding our Public Liability Insurance. This essential tradesman insurance policy offers you worthwhile cover whether you work on-site or at a customer's property. 

Public Liability Insurance offers protection if you happen to cause any damage through your business operations. It also grants you cover if a customer or member of the public happens to sustain an injury or, worst - dies due to the nature of your work. Even the most astute caterers can have a bad day, and that's what this insurance is there for - to offer a safety blanket in case something terrible happens. 

In situations like this, Rhino gets to work. We have spent countless hours constructing cover for all manner of businesses. Take a look at the essential details for our Public Liability Insurance:

  • We offer Insurance protection starting from £35 a year! 
  • Get covered from £1 million, £2 million or £5 million.
  • Get a standard excess of £500 for any liability claim that isn't a direct result of the use of heat.
  • Should you ever need to increase your current policy or change any details, get in touch. We won't charge you any admin fees. 
  • Monthly payments are the way forward for some. Please take advantage of our interest-free monthly Direct Debit offer on all policies.
  • Buy online or over the phone in seconds (our team is UK based).
  • Have staff? Get our Employers Liability Insurance


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Why Do I Need CATERING Insurance?

Supplying food, prepping fresh salad, ordering ingredients, taking future bookings - we understand that running a catering business can be a tough job! That's another reason to consider joining Rhino. Take advantage of our Catering Insurance policies so that it's one less job for you to worry about. We offer all manners of cover, whether you need Public Liability cover, Accident and Sickness Insurance or Employers Liability cover. Whatever it is, you can rest easy knowing your back is covered should your phone get nicked, your staff fall ill, or you couldn't work due to injury. 

You and your staff are trusted with supplying delicious food to local businesses or private customers' homes. However, no matter how good you are at your job, accidents can happen, and we have lost count of the claim stories we've heard due to slips and trips at a customer home due to spilt food or working with substances that carry hazards. 

Sadly, for the uninsured, a claim from one of the above could spell disaster for your catering business - think six numbers on the lottery! However, taking out one of Rhino's Catering Insurance policies could be the difference between financial ruin and business as usual! You can explore your cover options via our online form, or alternately you could call one of our team based in Leicestershire. And don't worry, it shouldn't take longer than a few minutes to get set up. 



How Much Does CATERING Insurance Cost?

Rhino's Catering Insurance prices start at just £35 per year, which is an absolute bargain compared to some of our competitors. What's more, you get a lovely, UK-based team that will welcome you with open arms!

It's worth remembering, however, that there are no simple, one-size-fits when it comes to insurance for your catering business. Quotes can significantly differ, and that's why we created one of the easiest and quickest online quote engines around.

Your quote will be based on the size of your business, the number of staff you employ and, of course, the level of indemnity that you choose for your business.


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Why Choose Rhino for your CATERING Insurance?

Rhino Trade Insurance has provided helpful insurance cover to businesses of all sizes up and down the UK for years. We have built a first-class customer service journey and boast thousands of 5* reviews online. Not only that, we are *probably* the only insurance provider who comes with a smile and a personality. Again, don't believe us? Just check our Instagram channel. 

With all that said and done, we mainly want you to be happy and content with the Catering Insurance you take out. For more information, get in touch with our team now or head over to our website for a quick and easy quote.

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