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For anyone running a cleaning business, unfortunately circumstances might arise that may lead to your business being on the hook in the case of a mistake being made. Accidents, injury, professional negligence of any kind runs the risk of your business and your finances being at risk. That’s where having the right insurance in place comes to the rescue. Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we offer you lots of ways to shield your business from these potential risks. Each policy we have designed gives a variety of benefits to the policyholder, and we want to show off the policies we have tailored to your service. 

Regardless of what your business does, accidents can happen, often when you least expect it. It's for this reason that you must have a reliable insurance policy to protect your business when it needs it most. If you or your company has made an error and you need to pay for damages, insurance acts as a handy safety net for your finances. Relieving that pressure by safeguarding your business with an insurance policy means that you can go on trading (and in this case cleaning) without having to close your doors.


Cleaning may not seem like a high-risk profession, but when you deal with customer property on a daily basis, risks do exist. Choosing the proper protection for a cleaner is a fundamental part of running a successful cleaning business. As well as protecting your finances, it helps others put trust in the work you do. If something were to go wrong, you would be covered to put it right. No matter what job you do, the right insurance is paramount to protecting you and your client's interests.

Generally, Public Liability Insurance is a cleaning business's first port in a storm should you cause damage to third party property, or in the sad event that you injure or kill a member of the public. It would be running a serious risk to begin any work until this policy is in place. If you were to have public liability cover in place, you would be covered in a multitude of scenarios. Say you managed to inflict damage or harm to a customer for example, which resulted in you having to make a claim, your business would be protected.



Cleaners Liability Insurance



Public Liability Insurance for CLEANERS

A large proportion of our customers take out Public Liability Insurance for their business as a bare minimum. This kind of cover is effective for organisations that work with customers, suppliers and members of the public. It offers individuals a safety net from damage being caused to property, injury being imposed on a client or even accidental death. 

Rhino's policies offer up to £5 million cover and will ensure your business is shielded when the worst happens - that's why liability insurance is often referred to as a business-critical insurance policy. Not having the cover in place runs a serious risk. Think to yourself, is it really worth gambling all your hard work on insufficient insurance?

By taking a policy out with Rhino, we ensure that you get exceptional coverage at an affordable rate. Thousands of professionals have chosen us to protect their businesses because our policies are simple, cheap and effective.


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Although your customers may differ, and the work you do isn’t the same day in day out, our protection is precisely the same regardless. Liability Insurance for cleaners has been designed to fit your business's scope and size regardless of whether you are a sole trade, or a larger SME.

From the outset, we aimed to make insurance for tradesmen and women more accessible. We feel that cleaners or bricklayers alike should not have to listen to complicated industry jargon, and should understand what policies are relevant to your business. Through transparency and a helpful process, we can provide you with a whole suite of policies relevant to cleaners:

  • Employers Liability Insurance: If your business employs any staff, you have an obligation to keep them safe and sound. This insurance does exactly that. What's more, it's a legal requirement in the UK that if you are a Limited Company and have employees on your payroll to hold employers liability insurance. 
  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance: This is an important policy for any business owner or sole trade operating as a cleaner. Having a guarantee that your funds won't fall off a cliff in the event that you can't work due to an injury or illness gives you the peace of mind required to run a successful business. This insurance safeguards your finances should you personally be unable to work due to an accident (inside or outside work) or illness.
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance: Dealing with any tax issues is fundamental for every business. Relieve any stress you have if your affairs take a turn for the worse, and take out our Tax Enquiry Insurance to assist you with any problems. Accounting costs and legal representation can be claimed when taking out tax enquiry cover.
  • Gadget Insurance: Running your own cleaning business will likely mean using your own phone and laptop on the job. Taking calls, booking new jobs and creating invoices are all important, but protecting your gadgets is another. Make sure your devices are covered with this protection. 

The above policies are all common for cleaners, but we offer further cover for those that like to ensure that their businesses are fully protected.


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Purchasing business insurance shouldn't cause you any financial pressure or strain. It also shouldn’t be something that you ever overlook. Rhino Trade Insurance has a team of hardworking underwriters and insurance experts working hard with our capacity providers in keeping our prices as low as can be. That doesn't mean we skimp on quality, though, we are proud of the cover we offer, and our insurance is rated highly among fellow professionals and tradespeople. 

To get an idea of how our service works. We will ask for a few details either online or via telephone to give a solid price. This won't take any longer than a minute. We would need to know about your company turnover, employees in your business, claims history, what level of protection you want, as well as other small pieces of info. From this, you will have a price and be able to choose whether it's right for your business.




Rhino takes immense pride in supporting tradespeople and businesses across the UK. Insurance can be a grey area, and we want to make it easy for you. As a cleaner looking for quality liability cover, you can get that and more with prices up to 40% cheaper than other industry competitors.

Join the thousands of happy, self-employed professionals today and instantly get your insurance sorted. Our team can assist with your every need and are available on 0116 243 7904, or a quote can easily be configured via our handy online webshop. We look forward to hearing from you.


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