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From Public Liability Insurance to Personal Accident Insurance, the Rhino team has been hard at work behind the scenes to ensure that we have the perfect set of insurance options for your cleaning business. If you're wondering what protection you need, the chances are you'll find the answers on this page.

The Importance of Cleaning Insurance

Having cleaning insurance is essential to anyone cleaning or running a cleaning business in the UK. There are always risks attached, but as long as you're aware of the level of cover your cleaning business needs, you take care of the work, and we'll take care of your insurance.

Rhino offers the following cleaning insurance add-ons:

Some of the more popular additions listed above for cleaners include our Employers Liability Insurance, a legal requirement when employing staff. What's more, our Professional Indemnity insurance covers you from serious repercussions resulting from the loss of essential documents or data, for example, cleaning an office and losing their accounts or letters for the manager. 


Cleaners Insurance


Cleaning Public Liability Insurance

Whilst we offer several different tradesman insurance policies for cleaners, Public Liability Insurance is the most valuable. It protects your business from claims and legal challenges that could be the difference between financial success and ruin - we seriously don't want to see you living the high life like Del and Rodney, only to come crashing back down to earth with a bang. This cost-effective policy is possibly the most significant insurance you may buy!

If, for example, after an evening of cleaning, you forget to secure the property in question, our Public Liability Insurance will cover you for any compensation sought (up to your chosen level of cover). Likewise, if somebody trips over a wire from your hoover, your business is covered.

Public Liability Insurance provides all-important protection in a trade full of hazards and risks to cleaners and customers. Although not legally needed, a cleaner's best bet is to get covered, as Public Liability Insurance shields you from any claims originating from injury or accidental death caused by your work to members of the public. Let's take a look at what you can expect from Rhino:

  • Cover starts at just £72.80 for £1million cover.
  • A standard excess of just £500 on all claims.
  • Easy to set up, Interest-free monthly payment plans
  • Purchase online or over the phone in less than a minute
  • Cleaning Insurance add-on available.

Rhino's public liability insurance also provides cover in both commercial and domestic environments, meaning that unless you are scrubbing and washing in a dangerous location, chances are you're covered. Having the right level of protection in place is vital to ensure that you would still be protected should the worst happen.


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Why Do I Need Cleaning Insurance?

Running a cleaning business can be stressful at the best of times, so take advantage of our cleaning insurance policies to take that added stress off your shoulders. You could find yourself having Public Liability cover to Accident and Sickness Insurance or Employers Liability cover. Adding these policies together can make you an insurance superstar. 

Every day, you and any employees are trusted with working in customers' properties, and even the most diligent cleaner in the world can make mistakes. We have heard countless stories of claims occurring through slips and trips, damage caused on-site and working with substances that carry hazards. No, this isn't a horror movie like it sounds!  

Claims of the nature described above can cost an arm and a leg. Still, taking out Rhino's Public Liability Insurance means that you wouldn't be responsible for paying any expenses or legal fees. You can buy this level of cover within 60 seconds, and it also covers you for financial loss, legal costs and more. 

If you are a cleaner wanting to take out insurance from Rhino, you can do so simply online. You will be able to get a quote in under 60 seconds, or the amount of time Usain Bolt needs to run 600m.



How Much Does Cleaning Insurance Cost?

The lads and lasses here at Rhino think that your insurance shouldn't cost you a pot of gold - our lowest level of cover starts from a mere £6.07 a month! So to better understand what makes up your quote price, we have some info for you. It's not all smoke and mirrors; all you have to consider when calculating the indemnity level you will need is your annual turnover (the value of your contracts determines how much risk is on offer). The number of people you want to insure (the more people you employ will increase your policy price). It all depends on how much coverage you want/need.


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Why Choose Rhino for your Cleaning Insurance?

We get that there's a lot of insurance jargon bopping around, so we frankly are here to help. If you're confused or wondering what level of cover is right for you, then imagine Public Liability as to the foundation to your house, and everything else is built on top. We are sure you'll have lots of questions, so our cleaning insurance experts are ready and raring to answer those burning thoughts you have. We have over 20 years of experience in the trade insurance game and have designed all our policies with you at the forefront. Don't work another day taking risks. Get yourself covered now.

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