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For anybody running a Computer Repairs & Maintenance business, conditions could emerge that might risk your business's financial safety. Accidents, damage and injuries are all par for the course when running a business, but taking care and alleviating risk by having a secure insurance policy can ensure your business lives another day. Rhino Trade Insurance set up shop to offer the best insurance for self-employed professionals and the trades. Our policies are all bespoke to your industry and hold various benefits that ensure your company's livelihood. 

Risks and hazards are just around the corner when running your own business, and it's because of this that having the right level of insurance is critical to your operation. If you make an error of judgement or cause costly damage, your insurance will act as a safety buffer for your finances. Insurance ensures you can carry on business as usual without needing to shut up shop.


Computer Repairs & Maintenance may not be the most dangerous of jobs. Still, as you are dealing with expensive items that belong to customers daily, the best thing you can do is protect against the worst happening. Before opening the doors to your new business venture, ensuring you have the proper protection in place is paramount and ensures you are covered if anything untoward happens. Not only does it help protect you, business insurance adds a level of trust and reliability for your customers. If anything goes wrong, you have the means to put it right. 

When deciding which insurance policies you want to take out, Public Liability Insurance is the first and most crucial piece of the jigsaw. At Rhino Trade Insurance, every area of protection stems from this. If you were ever to damage a customer's property (home or contents), you would be covered under this policy. It also protects your business from injuries you cause and even accidental death. It's for these reasons and more that having insurance is vital for your work.



Computer Repairs & Maintenance Insurance



Public Liability Insurance for COMPUTER REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE

Every business worth its salt will have an adequate Public Liability Insurance policy. It's the absolute bare minimum when setting up your business and gets to work for anybody who comes into contact with your business: customers, third parties, suppliers and public members. Should any of these parties suffer damage or injury due to your work, you may be held responsible and need to make a claim. 

At Rhino Trade Insurance, we offer businesses across the UK custom policies that fit the needs of your firm. You can choose to insure yourself for £1 million, £2 million and £5 million. Now that's a lot of liability to leave unprotected! Ask yourself one quick question, is it worth all the hard work, time and effort you have put into building your business not to take out a sufficient level of insurance?

By joining Rhino Trade Insurance, you would be getting a service that is unmatched in the industry. Not only do we focus on the trades industry, but we offer excellent cover that is cheap, effective and easy to take out. Check out what thousands of self-employed individuals think of us here.


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Your customers, work and workload may differ, but the risks and hazards associated with your business are constant. That's why we offer a tailored approach to your insurance policy because you provide your clients with an individual service, and your protection should be the same. Rhino has the tools and experts to create a complete suite of protection for you, whatever the size, scope and shape of your Computer Repairs and Maintenance company. 

On top of this, we make your insurance simple. Gone are the days when you have to read boring insurance jargon and long-winded policy documents. We offer a service that delivers precisely what you need in minutes. Our helpful team can guide you through the process, or you can easily take out insurance via our website. We created a straightforward insurance shop that has been fine-tuned to give you a price in seconds. Continuing this transparent trend, let's see what you can add to your policy at Rhino:

  • Employers Liability Insurance: Assuming your business has staff on the books, you commit to keeping them free and safe from any potential harm. This protection does precisely that. What's more, it's a prerequisite in the UK that you legally must hold this insurance if you have employees. 
  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance: A highly-popular policy for business owners. The assurance that your income won't fall off a cliff should you be unable to work due to accidents, or illness is a real lifesaver. These policies can provide a lump-sum payment or individual monthly payments up to your cover level. 
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance: Managing financial issues is key for each business. Ease the pressure by taking out Tax Enquiry Insurance which provides expert help in the event you have tax trouble. Our policies assist you with accounting and legal defence should you ever need it. 
  • Gadget Insurance: Almost every business owner will carry work-critical devices like mobile phones, laptops and more. You need these devices to get your work done and manage the business. If anything happens to these devices, they could be expensive to replace. Having Gadget Insurance can put your mind at ease in this situation. 

All of the above policies are vital to ensuring the safety and longevity of your Computer Repairs and Maintenance business. On top of this, we also offer various other business insurance options that you may find helpful.


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Buying business protection shouldn't be a strain. Rhino Trade Insurance has a group of dedicated insurance experts whose priority is to ensure your business gets the proper protection in place. A bonus? They also work extremely hard to keep your costs low. That doesn't mean we hold back on quality; we are proud of our insurance and have plenty of awards to show its class.

For more of an understanding of how we come up with a price for your business. We first need to understand a few basic facts from you. This information would include the level of turnover your company has, how many employees are on the books, the level of protection you seek if you have any claims history and a few other minor details. After this, our insurance experts or online quote engine will give you a brilliant price specifically for your business.




Rhino invests wholeheartedly in supporting tradespeople and businesses around the UK. We don't want to be just another insurance company. We aim to provide excellent protection at a reasonable price that is transparent and full of character. That character comes out via our social media channels which you can follow here. To cap this off, our insurance is up to 40% cheaper than some of our industry competitors. 

So why not join the Rhino army? We have thousands of happy trade businesses who come back year after year to renew. Ring our team today on 0116 243 7904. They are available six days a week and can sort your policy in minutes. If you prefer, you can head to our website to get a super-fast quote now.


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