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As a professional who owns or operates a Conservatory Installers business, the conditions you work in could cause serious risk to you and those around you. Hazards around your type of work could impact your company's finances and cause untold damage to your reputation. 

Working in the trades will always bring a level of risk. This is down to the number of accidents, damage and injuries that occur in the industry every year. Smart tradespeople will diminish this risk with a safe and effective insurance policy. Rhino Trade Insurance does just that; if your business is ever in a sticky situation, we help to ensure your company lives to fight another day. 

Having a complete insurance package is good business practice, and the best among us have cover set up for the worst-case scenario. Let's explore what you can protect yourself against as a Conservatory Installer.


Conservatory Installation might not seem like the most dangerous job in the world, but working at height, with large structures and glass, all carry various risk levels. Your best course of action is to take out a comprehensive piece of cover that protects you from a variety of angles. 

When setting up shop as a window, door and conservatory business, one of the smartest things you can do is purchase insurance so that you can focus on more pressing matters like gaining clients and getting some cash through the till. 

The likelihood of damage or injury occurring on-site can't be reduced by having insurance, though you'd be thanking your lucky stars should something bad happen and you have sufficient cover. That's the beauty of business protection; it's an invisible safety net for when things hit the fan. Not only does trade insurance offer valuable protection for you, but it also protects others around you and keeps your customers content with the fact you are financially covered in case anything goes wrong.



Conservatory Installers Insurance




When exploring your options for trade insurance, your first landing spot should be Public Liability Insurance. All insurance plans stem from this product, so when you are choosing different layers of cover, you will build everything on top of your liability protection. In the UK, a business doesn't legally need to hold this type of insurance. However, you risk gambling your business's livelihood without it. 

Public Liability Insurance works by protecting a business if they ever cause damage, injury or accidental death from their work to a client, their property or a member of the public. In any of these instances, your policy will safeguard your company up to its chosen level of indemnity. Should you need to make a claim, all finances will be taken care of, meaning your business can keep its doors open. 

At Rhino, our policy experts offer varying levels of cover depending on your business size and scope. You can choose premiums ranging from £1 million to £5 million - which could be a significant amount of risk to avoid protecting against. We cover thousands of tradesmen and women around the UK. See what they have to say about our offerings here.


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Your clients, your work and your responsibilities might contrast; however, the dangers and risks related to your business are always prevalent. That is the reason we offer a bespoke approach to your insurance. You supply your clients with a fitted conservatory specially made for their homes, and in the same way, we build a policy to suit your business's needs. Rhino has the tools and specialists on hand to make your insurance setup pain-free. Whatever your need, we have you sorted. 

On top of this, we simplify your protection. Gone are the days when you need to sift through exhausting insurance language and indulgent contracts. Our insurance is built with you in mind. Easily cycle through your documents and find what your details are. To understand how straightforward our insurance is, take a look at our one-stop policy shop, where you can take out cover in a matter of minutes. 

Building upon your core cover of Public Liability is easy with us. Simply add any of the following to your current policy: 

  • Employers Liability Insurance: If your business hires staff members of any kind, you must take out liability cover to protect yourself and your employees. This is legally binding in the UK, and without it, you will face strict fines. This insurance protects your business should  an employee injure themselves or get ill on the job. 
  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance: If you ever get injured from an accident or fall ill and can't work, your income may dry up. This cover offers a lump-sum payout to help soften the financial blow of being unable to work. - up to the level of indemnity you choose. 
  • Tool Insurance: As a company that constructs large-framed PVCu extensions to homes, you will rely on tools to get the job done. Don't risk your trade by leaving your equipment uninsured. Tool Insurance can offer cover for scenarios where theft or damage occurs and can cover you from point a to point b.  
  • Legal Expenses Insurance: Any business can face a legal challenge, so having Legal Expenses Insurance makes absolute sense. Working in the trade industry can throw up various risks and disputes, so having the right level of cover can grant you defence, advice and protections against any legal apparatus used against your business. 

We can provide all of the above policies on top of your Public Liability Insurance. Not just that, you can explore various other valuable policy add-ons like Tax cover, Gadget protection and more.


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As insurance is an integral part of your trade, Rhino Trade Insurance aims to provide superior cover that is inexpensive, clear and easy to understand. Don't think that means we skimp on quality, though! We have a team of brokers that have years of experience in the trade industry who came up with excellent coverage options that can be moulded to your company's needs. 

When purchasing insurance with Rhino, we aim to take as few details as possible and have you back doing the thing you love as soon as possible. When calling our team or getting a quote online, all you will need to share with us is your company's annual turnover, what employees you have working for you, if you have any claims history and a few small details. After a minute, we will produce a price that takes into account all of your details as well as the risk posed by your trade. More often than not, it's been found that we are, on average, up to 40% cheaper than most other industry competitors.




Why not get in touch with us today? The Rhino team is ready and waiting to hear from you. Your trade business deserves the best possible cover, and we believe we can provide it. As well as covering all your insurance needs, Rhino has a thriving social media presence where you can interact with us, meet the team and win prizes on occasion. On top, we love to share Rhino swag with our customers, so once on board, you can expect t-shirts, air fresheners and much more to use whilst on a job. 

To contact us, feel free to get an instant quote yourself on our website here or give our customer service team a ring and have all your insurance sorted right away on 0116 243 7904.


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