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We at Rhino Trade Insurance speak with construction workers every day and understand the many dangers and pitfalls of working in the construction industry. Hard work and skill can only go so far if something were to go wrong at work, and that's where we come in. We offer construction insurance covering almost any eventuality. Whether you smash a paving slab or accidentally break the apprentice's leg (it's often tempting, we know!), chances are we can get you covered!


Now I know what you're thinking, what on earth is Public Liability Insurance, and how will it benefit my construction business? Well, you don't need us to tell you that construction workers are on a daily basis working in high-risk situations on building sites. That's why we want to ensure you have yourself and your business safeguarded against any possible claims! If you're on-site and end up damaging a customer's property or cause some form of injury, this tradesman insurance policy will cover you or your business for any incoming claims. Claims for things like injury or accidental damage can end up costing you a small fortune, but having Public Liability Insurance for construction workers means you won't be responsible for paying out any of the end expenses. 

Here are some of the reasons to pick Rhino Trade Insurance:

  • Our Liability Premiums start for as little as £6.07 per month!
  • We can cover businesses easily for £1m, £2m & £5m cover.
  • Our standard excess is £500 for any liability claim that isn't a direct result of the use of heat.
  • We charge no policy admin fees, so if you need to get in touch to increase your policy cover or change your business details, we'll handle it free of charge!
  • Fancy paying monthly? We offer interest-free monthly Direct Debit payments on all policies.
  • Want to speak to a human? Our public liability cover can be purchased via our website or over the phone.
  • Have any employees? Add on £5m Employers Liability Insurance easily.
  • You get your certificates and documentation instantly via email and accessible via your online account.

So there you have it, Public Liability Insurance is a crucial element of insurance for anyone working in construction and provides valuable cover in the event that a liability claim threatens your business.

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Construction insurance makes sound business sense. However, it's not one single policy. You will find various covers underneath the term' construction insurance', and here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we want to help you understand it all. Insurance for construction workers ranges from the all-important Public Liability cover to Tools In Transit Insurance, Contractors All-Risks Cover and Accident and Sickness Insurance. When you add these different covers together, construction workers are protected from various things such as accidents or injuries on the job, your team, any members of the public and property damage. What's more, the other relevant insurance covers available to construction businesses include our Employees' Liability Insurance is a legal necessity for any company that employs staff, and our Professional Indemnity Insurance. 



Despite construction being an industry with so many seasoned professionals, you will always find a mistake will happen on site. Any of the aforementioned risks and hazards can have a disastrous effect financially on you or your business. Why take the risk? Construction insurance offers that peace of mind you have been craving!

While these policies are not legal requirements, Rhino Trade Insurance offers all the levels of cover for construction workers at very reasonable prices. Don't get caught short on your next big job if something goes south! 

Rhino offers the following insurance policies that are relevant to construction workers.

All our construction insurance policies can be purchased easily online, and tradespeople can get quotes quickly within 30 seconds. If you'd like to speak to a member of the Rhino team, then our telephone lines are open six days a week to our UK based team of insurance experts.

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With all of the insurance terminology bouncing around, you may feel confused and wonder which level of cover is correct for you. Think of Public Liability Insurance as a foundation for your insurance policy. It covers your business for any injury to third parties, property damage and protects you from claims against your business. Like all building sites, after the foundations, you can add many things: that's where Employers Liability Insurance, Contractors All Risks Insurance, Tools Cover, and many others begin to come into play. 

Why would you risk your business and go about your daily work life, filled hazards, without insurance? The most important aspect is your business will stay financially covered if the worst comes to the worst. The team at Rhino Trade Insurance have formed super relationships with tradesmen all over the UK and have designed the best insurance policies for construction on the market. Not only are our partners and underwriters excellent at making a brew, they also are dab-hands at designing comprehensive cover at competitive rates. Get in touch now by calling us or filling out online quote form now.

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