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Working in the Curtain & Blind Fitters industry is a detailed profession. As a specialist in your field, consider your choices for insurance since dealing with customers, property and members of the public without the adequate cover is putting your businesses finance at significant risk. 

Every business in the UK has a certain element of risk. Your company isn't alone, as the trade industry is one of the most hazardous industries in the world. Making sure you and those around you are safe and sound is crucial. Rhino Trade Insurance has various levels of insurance for you and can create a tailored approach that fulfils all your needs.


As someone who completes a home or office with curtains and blinds, your job will take you from managing expensive, custom-made drapes to installing large-scale workplace shutters. These one-off supplies could easily get damaged during work, whilst you also utilise hazardous tools during installation. 

That's why you'd be best placed to take out comprehensive insurance coverage. Ensuring your business needs are met via a complete policy is vital and helps to instil confidence in you and your client's minds. Trade insurance can cover various areas of your work, such as damage, injury, bad information and more. Just like your tailored curtains and blinds, the Rhino team can offer your company a bespoke policy. 

Accidents can and will happen no matter how much care and detail you put into your work. Whether working at height, with tools or with public members around, a mistake might only be around the corner. Let Rhino protect you from these risks to your business.



Curtain And Blind Fitters Insurance



Public Liability Insurance for CURTAIN & BLIND FITTERS

Rhino Trade Insurance aims to clear up the confusion around trade insurance. For too long, insurance companies have lacked transparency in their pricing and what their cover even includes. As a Curtain and Blinds professional, you will be in excellent hands with the experts at Rhino. Our protection has been designed by industry professionals with years of experience. You can get tailored cover options to fit precisely what you need, from £1 million in premiums to £5 million. 

Your business should, at the very minimum, hold Public Liability Insurance. From opening the doors, Public Liability Insurance will keep your business safe in case of damage or injury from your work. It even covers accidental death. Every extra piece of protection you decide to take out will build on top of it. Ultimately, your business's finances and safety could be at risk if you choose not to take out this insurance. 

As different businesses are exposed to various levels of risk, even the most astute tradesperson can get into bother. When things go wrong on-site, your best action is to have a solid trade insurance policy in your pocket. Without it, you’re exposing your business to a potential heavy payout to cover the damage caused.


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Protection is a must while considering ways of fortifying your business interests. It can be hard enough to manage a business at the best of times  without dealing with an insurance issue arising. Being sufficiently covered will remove any uncertainty surrounding your work and put everyone's mind at ease. Having the proper protection for times when your business could be vulnerable makes sense, and that's why insurance is business-critical. No matter how cash rich you are, damages can result in millions of pounds owed, so having the correct level of insurance is vital. 

Rhino Trade Insurance provides Curtain & Blind contractors with Public Liability Insurance and many other valuable cover types. These include:

  • Employers Liability Insurance - If you employ a team of staff, you are bound by law in the UK to hold this insurance. It's a great extension of your current policy and protects workers in case they have an accident, get injured or become ill on the job.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - Being in the line of work that you are in, providing curtain designs and expertise to contractors for blinds can be a part of your service. Any solutions like this will need protection as your advice could lose the client money should it be deemed 'faulty advice'.  
  • Personal Accident Insurance - Any self-employed tradesperson can take advantage of protection for when they’re ill or injured. Personal Accident cover does just that. If you are laid up and unable to earn your keep, our insurance will provide an income and cover any expenses you have up to your indemnity level. 
  • Tool Insurance - As someone who instals curtains and blinds, you no doubt carry specific tools and equipment. These are necessary for you to be able to work. Ensure they are covered with a comprehensive insurance policy covering theft and damage. 

To round off your cover, you can decide whether or not to take out protection for things like your Legal Defence, Tax Affairs and more.


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Whether you install blinds for an office or curtains for a hotel, your business shouldn't be paying through the nose for overpriced protection. At Rhino, we endeavour to provide hardworking tradespeople with affordable cover that protects you from almost every scenario. We also make sure that our prices stay as low as possible and are found to be, on average, up to 40% less than major competitors in the trade insurance market. 

With transparency being key, all that we ask from you is you provide us with your business turnover, whether you have had any claims in the past, how many staff members you employ, what level of cover you want and a few other minor pieces of information. 

It's easy and straightforward; you can get a quote in the time it takes to boil a kettle for a brew. Find out more by visiting our website or reading about our insurance on the Rhino blog today.




As a committed Curtain and Blind Installer, Rhino Trade Insurance is the best place for your cover needs. By exploring a policy with us, you can assure your staff, customers and suppliers that you have the right level of cover that protects for almost every eventuality. 

What are you waiting for? Head to our website and find award-winning insurance protection that can be custom-made for your business. Alternatively, give our lovely team a call; they are rated five stars on and can be reached six days a week - 0116 243 7904


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