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As a double glazing installer, you will have various tricks up your sleeve. One day you could be managing the installation of a brand new shop front or replacing the double glazed windows on a corporate building in the middle of the central business district.  

As a highly trained and technical tradesperson, you will understand the areas of concern in your profession. What risks and dangers can installing heavy double glazed windows possess, and what could go wrong on any job? 

That's why Rhino Trade Insurance is here to help. We set up shop to assist trades across the UK in unlocking the best possible trade insurance for their profession. All of our policies have been created by industry experts and tradespeople alike that are individually tailored to match your business operation needs.

The importance of DOUBLE GLAZING INSTALLERS insurance

For someone who prides themselves on entering a customer's property, carrying out work to the highest specification and leaving the place in the manner you found it, having tradesman insurance is the buffer between you and anything potentially going wrong on a bad day. 

Having Double Glazing Installers Insurance simply makes so much sense in a trade filled with risks, hazards, and missteps! We could give you a list as long as your arm showing the benefits of getting yourself covered, but generally, let's just say that for any trade business, your insurance is a vital asset to have in your back pocket should something go wrong.

Rhino Trade Insurance has spent a long time developing the perfect (and tailored) policy for Double Glazing Installers. Why go somewhere that offers generic insurance when you can choose us and have your policy custom fit!



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If you are a Double Glazing Installer and have been shopping around for the best trade insurance, look no further. Here is what you can expect when taking out a policy with Rhino Trade Insurance: 

  • Our baseline price is just £6.07 a month, and setting up is super simple!
  • With various levels of cover, you can choose whether you need £1 million of cover all the way to £5 million if needed.
  • You have the ability to pay via an interest-free plan and can also make various changes to your policy without incurring any daft fees!
  • You'll find every last certificate and document you need immediately in your online account and in your email inbox provided.

The most standard but valuable piece of insurance we offer is Public Liability Insurance. Without it, you might as well not leave your house to do any job! It's relatively straightforward insurance that covers you for any accidental damage caused by your work, injury to customers or clients or unintentional death. 

The importance of this type of policy for a Double Glazing Installer cannot be understated. It could literally be the difference between saving your business should a claim be made. 

Take a second and imagine that you are working on a detached home, refitting all of the front windows. You stretch yourself and try to place a large pane of glass into the frame you just fit but, unfortunately, drop it, smashing into many pieces. The customer comes out after hearing the commotion and cuts themselves on the smashed glass in the process. You could be facing a claim due to the injury being your fault. With Rhino Trade Insurance's popular Public Liability cover, you'd be protected in this instance and not have to pay a penny out of your pocket.

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Getting to grips with how Public Liability Insurance can benefit you and your business is one thing, but understanding how other trade insurance policies can protect you in a moment of need is another. At Rhino Trade Insurance, we have designed policies for a host of different trades in the UK. 

Having come up with tailored, specific and laser-focused cover for every aspect of your business, we are best placed to offer you many different policies should you need them:

  • Public Liability Insurance: The bread and butter for any Double Glazing Installer. If you have a rubbish day and everything goes wrong, this will help you. Managing to damage a client's property, injure the customer or cause death due to an accident? Public Liability Insurance is there to offer you a helping hand.
  • Tools in Transit Insurance: As a Double Glazing Installer, you would be lost without your tools. How else would you get those whacking great windows to hold in place? Rhino's popular and sensible Tool Insurance policy is among the favourites with tradespeople. If your tools are damaged, lost or stolen, you will be covered! 
  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance: We all get ill from time to time and need extended periods off work. But what if you also injure yourself and can't work? This type of insurance is perfect for those self-employed tradies looking to cover their expenses and salary should they be unable to work. 
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: If you are a Double Glazing Installer and offer your expertise as part of your business. For example, giving designs and advice to a new build complex on the best windows to fit. You could be in the firing line if something goes wrong with this advice and leave the developer out of pocket. This insurance will help in that situation. 
  • Legal Expenses Insurance: If you have managed to end up in a legal dispute or find yourself heading to court through your work, this insurance policy will protect you. Don't worry. We'll have your back!
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance: All self-employed tradies are that busy they usually leave their taxes till the last minute. But what if you made a mistake, and now the tax office is on your back? This type of insurance will help protect you from any unnecessary stress as we'll take care of everything.


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We know that some insurance quotes will seem like daylight robbery! That isn't the case with Rhino. We pride ourselves on giving you a simple process without an extortionate price at the end! 

You will get a quote in under 60 seconds, and all that we will ask you is what your actual trade is, the turnover of your business, the number of people you employ and a few other small details.

And that's it! Bob's your Uncle. You will have a Rhino Trade Insurance quote.



Why Choose Rhino for your DOUBLE GLAZING INSTALLERS Insurance?

With Rhino's trailblazing technology and 5-star rated service, we offer you an unparalleled journey to trade insurance bliss. No longer should you be wasting time on comparison websites. Come direct and get a quote that is, on average, 40% cheaper than most industry competitors.

What's more, our website doesn't need a replica of 'this is your life'. We need a few details, and within 60 seconds, you will have your quote! 

Get in touch with one of our outstanding team members today. They are based in Leicester, so they are probably still talking about their famous Premier League win. Call them on 0116 243 7904 to distract them!

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