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For those among us who work in the drainage industry, you'll know that it's an innovative trade that prides itself on quality solutions. As a Drainage Contractor, you'll find yourself handling various tasks on an almost 24/7 basis. From drain unblocking, surveys, installation, repairs and many other jobs, you are always just one turn away from disaster. 

It's not worth the risk, and taking the plunge into Rhino's dedicated Drainage insurance makes complete sense. We are trusted by thousands of trades up and down the country and have spent more time developing top quality insurance policies than you could shake a stick at. But why should you consider Rhino Trade Insurance's speciality Drainage Contractors Insurance? Let's find out.

The importance of DRAINAGE CONTRACTORS insurance

Many different twists and turns can happen in your daily work life. Depending on the type of work you are carrying out, you could be digging holes, repairing pipes or installing a septic tank. All of these carry various levels of risk, and having trade insurance in place is the only way to guarantee you are covered in an emergency. 

Having Insurance is vital to your business, and at Rhino Trade Insurance, we have insured many Drainage Contractors. For anybody working with customers, members of the public or third party businesses, having protection shows professionalism and that you mean business. We have various policies explicitly designed to suit your drainage company at Rhino, but what can we offer you?


Drainage Contractors Insurance




Public Liability Insurance for DRAINAGE CONTRACTORS

As a highly skilled drainage engineer, you most likely possess immense skill and dedication to your trade. You're the one who's called to resolve various issues, whether that be in people's homes, on the street or at a local business's headquarters. You get down and dirty and sort their stuff out. 

As a Drainage Contractor, you should consider covering yourself with Public Liability Insurance. As somebody who deals with drainage systems, people's properties and third parties, having this type of cover should be mandatory. Public Liability Insurance is the most basic form of trade insurance for you. Any other cover will be built on top of this. 

Should something go wrong with your work and cause damage, you'll be covered from any claims. What if you injure the customer whilst doing your job? Again, you are covered. What if you accidentally kill someone? In the unlikely event that this happens, our Public Liability Insurance will cover you for all of the above. 

To get a better understanding of what we offer, here is a succinct list of the pros to taking out this cover:

  • Rhino's Insurance starts at just £72.80 a year! 
  • Depending on the cover you need, we can offer protection from £1 million up to £5 million - beefy cover!
  • Only pay a £500 excess for any liability claim that wasn't down to the use of heat. 
  • Need to change any details or add more coverage to your current policy? Do so with ease, and don't worry about admin fees! 
  • Just like Netflix, Amazon and the others, pay monthly for your policy with no interest! 
  • Take out cover online or chat to an actual human in the UK by giving us a call. 
  • Get instant access to your credentials through your online account. Or you can save them from the email we'll send you.


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As a Drainage Contractor, going out to work without Insurance is like the start of a Quentin Tarantino movie. You know something is bound to go wrong. As a respected and reputable business, having some type of trade insurance is a given. If a customer finds that you are uninsured, they may ask you to stop work or cancel your booking before you even arrive. 

Also, suppose you hope to grow your trade and explore opportunities with other local businesses, local councils or even join a trade body. In that case, you will need Drainage Contractors Insurance to do so. 

Putting it simply, having Insurance for your trade can make or break you in many ways. You could lose a fortune if you risk it and receive a claim, or you could lose out on potential contracts by not having cover. 

Let's take a look at what else we offer at Rhino Trade Insurance so that your business has enough cover to fend off any claim:

  • Public Liability Insurance and Employers' Liability Insurance - For that moment when you or a member of your staff causes damage or injures a client.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - If you offer advice or designs as part of your job, you will be covered in case something goes wrong after said advice. 
  • Contractors' All Risks Insurance - As someone working on a construction site, you can insure yourself for the contract value and any plant/ machinery you own or hire. 
  • Legal Expenses Insurance - In trouble and need a Saul Goodman (Breaking Bad throwback, anyone?). Get legal help if the claim goes further. 
  • Tools in Transit Insurance - Your tools are your most prized possessions; that's why you can insure them in case they are damaged, lost or stolen. 
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance - If you have trouble with your tax, this Insurance will cover your back if you get a dodgy knock on the door.
  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance - Pulled your back, can't work and don't want to lose out on pay? This safeguards you financially in the event you can't work. 


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How Much Does DRAINAGE CONTRACTORS Insurance Cost?

We offer different types of Insurance to many trades, all ranging in size. So, as you can imagine, there's no set price for trade insurance. The best way to gauge how much liability you need as a Drainage Contractor will be to let us know a few details about yourself. 

Don't worry. We don't need a biography. We'd typically ask for your business turnover, your trade and the work you undertake, how many staff members you have, and a few other minor details. 

This is mainly to get a gist of what risk you are exposed to through your work. The higher the risk, the more premium your cover. We also do it to make sure you are getting the proper protection and that (god forbid), should you get into a spot of bother, you have enough trade insurance to deal with a claim. 

We have formed so many good relationships with tradespeople up and down the UK. We have thousands of happy, insured customers that have left us five-star reviews. Check them out here.



Why Choose Rhino for your DRAINAGE CONTRACTORS Insurance?

Not only do we offer the best possible prices on the market (up to 40% cheaper than most competitors), but we also have a dedicated team of experienced trade insurance experts based right here in the UK. Need to chat with one of them; give them a call. They are based in Leicester and are usually talking about Jamie Vardy when they aren't creating tailored policies for Drainage Contractors. 

What's more, Insurance doesn't have to be boring. Follow us on our Instagram and see. We have personality and love banter with all the trades out there - Join our crew now!

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