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Operating as a Dry Liner can be tricky, as any experienced tradesman or woman will tell you. Risky situations can appear at any moment in your line of work, meaning you need to consider your insurance before something goes wrong. Insurance acts as protection when should you come into a spot of bother. There are better courses of action than risking your business's finances; avoid this by taking out a quality insurance policy with Rhino Trade Insurance.

Every trade business will channel a specific degree of risk and hazard. Your business needs to understand the best ways to keep itself safe. Trade insurance is fundamental, considering what can go wrong on-site. Having a legitimate form of protection will help your business through a rocky period if something goes wrong.


When erecting Dry Lining, working in this trade could bring certain dangers to you and the individuals around you. It might even cause harm to staff members, injury to passersby or even damage to property.

Subsequently, your business should have adequate insurance for the necessities of your trade business. It's conceivable that one day you could cause injury or damage due to a mishap. In these circumstances, your business would value having the right cover in place.

Setbacks of this nature can cause staggering cost implications. Depending on the claim, you may find yourself in court defending yourself. Having a fully comprehensive Dry Lining Contractors Insurance package from Rhino will offer protection in these situations and more. Giving both you and your clients the peace of mind needed when doing a job.



Dry Lining Contractors Insurance



Public Liability Insurance for DRY LINING CONTRACTORS

Your business must have the right Public Liability Insurance policy. Rhino Trade Insurance's insurance experts specialise in working with tradespeople and have crafted unique cover options that are tailored to your business needs. Though this coverage is not required by law in the United Kingdom, Public Liability Insurance is frequently included in contracts for commercial work. As long as you have the correct level of Public Liability Insurance, more people will trust that you will work safely and legally and be covered should something go wrong.

Having insurance helps your business grow. For tradesmen and women, our insurance operators have designed customisable policies that you can take out in minutes. Rhino's process is as simple as 1, 2, 3. We believe that trade insurance should be simple and transparent, so, depending on your company's requirements, Rhino can provide a quote for coverage ranging from £1 million to £5 million.

Public Liability Insurance is there for you when you need it most. In the event that your work causes property damage, accidental injury, or death to customers or members of the public, it has been designed to provide a safety net. Due to the generally higher risk levels in the trade industry, even the most knowledgeable tradesperson could find themselves in a difficult situation. If you ever need to file a claim, quality insurance safeguards you financially, which is yet another reason to have it.


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If you are a contractor installing Dry Lining, consider getting insurance to safeguard yourself from the various risks that could impact your business. Injuries, accidents, and theft can all result in income loss, as can expensive legal costs and compensation. You'll be able to focus on your work and relieve some of your stress by having the right amount of insurance to cover any losses.

Rhino Trade Insurance gives you a choice of insurance plans to suit your requirements. Some of the most popular additions to your Public Liability policy include:

  • Employers' Liability Insurance: Without it, no business policy is worth its salt. It is required by law and protects your business in the event that an employee becomes ill or is injured while working for you.
  • Tools in Transit Insurance: The tools you use are essential to building stud walls and dry Lining. This insurance will cover your equipment in the event of damage or theft.
  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance: If you own a business or work as a sole trader, you might need protection if you get sick or hurt and can't work. In the event that you are laid off for some time, get insurance to cover your income.
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance: All trade businesses will be liable for their taxes and finances. We all have an error in us, but having protection in place will assist you with getting through the challenges.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance: If you require assistance with court costs, legal representation, or both? You will need the appropriate coverage in place. Find out how our Legal Expense Insurance can help.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: While fitting out a property, preparation is key. If you give plans, designs, advice or expert insight for a cost, then your business could be liable if something goes wrong with this information. Our Professional Indemnity Insurance protects against that.
  • Gadget Insurance: You can cover any gadgets you use for work or safeguard explicit bits of gear. Insurance for your devices might cover camera gear, PCs, and mobile phones.


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Rhino wants to succeed in keeping our costs low. Purchasing particular insurance shouldn't cost you an outrageous amount, regardless of what trade or level of protection you want! At Rhino, you can expect quotes on average up to 40% cheaper than other UK-based insurers. 

To get a sound price, we need to understand some details about your line of work. We will need to know your trade, your claims history, the turnover of your business, the number of staff members you have and what premium level you expect to take out. 

Your quote will be calculated and priced up within minutes. As we said, we don't want to waste your time; our insurance aims to be quick and effective. Our rapid online quote engine is top-rated, and our UK-based team is on hand six days a week to offer help and guidance on your next policy.




Rhino Trade Insurance is on a mission to give the best protection to tradespeople in the UK. For such a hardworking industry, you deserve quality coverage at affordable prices. We offer this and more at Rhino. You can protect every part of your business, get Rhino goodies delivered to your door and follow us online for up-to-date insights into the trade and building sector. 

On top of all this, we have thousands of five-star reviews from everyday tradespeople who have insured their business with us. Why not get a quote today? We can provide a tailored price for whatever you want to protect. Just give us a call on 0116 243 7904 or head to our online web shop here.


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