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Ductwork installation is heavy labour, as any skilled tradesperson will tell you. You work hard to earn your money! As a professional in this trade, you should consider your insurance policy because lifting heavy objects, following blueprints, working at heights, and using dangerous tools can all pose potential risks.

Every business faces a certain level of risk, and it's important to know what you can protect yourself against. Having a good level of protection could see your business through a difficult and stressful episode. Trade insurance is not only business-critical, but it can also mean the difference between a profitable and a financially unstable business.


As a professional who builds ventilation systems, you will use expensive materials and work in conditions that could cause harm to you, your business, or the general public.

Because of this, having a healthy policy in place for your Ductwork Installers company is of the utmost importance. Suppose you make a mistake when positioning heavy metal parts or moving parts up high. In that case, you could damage a customer's commercial property, injure a passerby, or end up being laid up for a few weeks after injuring yourself.

The incidents mentioned above could prove costly and necessitate legal action. In that case, you will be protected by a comprehensive Ductwork Installers Insurance policy from Rhino.



Ductwork Installers Insurance



Public Liability Insurance FOR DUCTWORK INSTALLERS

It's imperative that you have Public Liability Insurance for your business. At Rhino Trade Insurance, our trade experts have composed outstanding cover options fitted to your industry's requirements. Although Public Liability Insurance is not required under UK law, it is often a contractual requirement (especially for commercial work). Failing to have this coverage would be a notable risk to your company - potentially losing out on expensive contracts.

For your ease, we provide quotes within sixty seconds. Don't wait any longer. Get a quote for this fundamental trade policy now and ensure your business is covered.

The policy is designed to guard you if you cause an accidental death, injury to a customer, public member, or damage to property whilst undertaking your work. When it comes to your trade, even the most diligent business can have a bad day. However, having insurance is a financial fallback that is crucial for staying compliant while also providing additional safety protection in the event that something bad occurs on the job.

With Rhino, you can get a quote for coverage ranging from one million pounds to ten million, depending on the needs of your Ductwork company.


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You should consider investing in insurance to protect yourself from various risks that could affect your business. These include the potential loss of income due to injuries, accidents, and theft, as well as costly legal fees and compensation caused by an error. Having the right coverage can help keep you focused on the job, and it will also cover you for any damages that happen.

Rhino Trade Insurance offers various types of insurance to cater to the needs of ductwork installers. To name a few, we offer:

  • Employers Liability Insurance - Your business can be covered if one of your employees gets injured or causes damage on a job that you gave them.
  • Personal Accident Insurance - This insurance will cover you financially if you are injured while working and need to take more time off, so your wallet won't suffer while your body does!
  • Tool Insurance - This one is easy to understand. It safeguards the essential tools and equipment you use on the job. You are covered even if they are stolen or damaged - you are even covered overnight (subject to contract terms)!
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - This covers any ductwork contractor who provides professional design or advice while working on a project. If that advice or design results in a financial loss for your end client, they may claim your design was the fault of the project.

In addition to these beneficial types of insurance, we also offer extra applicable coverage for ductwork installers, such as: income protection, contractors' all-risks insurance, and many more customised policies for your industry.


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Purchasing insurance shouldn't cost the earth no matter what kind of trade you work in. We always try to keep our prices as low as possible.

We'll consider a few things to get a better idea of your policy premium so we can give you an exact price. The turnover of your company, any claims history, the number of employees you have, and the amount of coverage you require are all things to anticipate.

To receive a quick quote in just 60 seconds (yes, really!) You can see how much Rhino can save you by simply going to our online quote engine.




Rhino Trade Insurance provides straightforward protection for tradespeople without any complications. We are proud of our award-winning cover, revolutionary quote process, and quick and painless service. As a ductwork installer, you run the risk of something going wrong, and a solid insurance policy will cover that. At Rhino, we know what tradespeople need and the risks they face on an almost daily basis. It's a fact that having the appropriate insurance safeguards our clients, their customers and their wallets!

Want to speak with a genuine Rhino team member based here in the UK? Ring them at 0116 243 7904 or get a quick and pain-free quote right now in less than 60 seconds.


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