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A variety of circumstances could significantly impact any company's finances. Rhino Trade Insurance offers many ways to protect yourself as an Exhibition Stand Erector. A policyholder can expect a host of benefits depending on the cover they choose for their business. We are one of only a handful of insurers who focus specifically on tradespeople, and as such, you can get tailored insurance options from Rhino Trade Insurance

Regardless of the size or structure of your business, every day, you will face risks. Having the proper protection in place for yourself and your business if a problem occurs is paramount in keeping your company afloat.


A business cannot function properly without insurance. Not only will it help safeguard your financial well-being, but it will also let prospective customers know that they will be in good hands should anything go wrong. One of the beauties of having trade insurance is that it can help grow your business and open new opportunities. Ask yourself, would a large event contractor even consider partnering with you should you have insufficient insurance?

Depending on your customer and contract situation, having Public Liability Insurance may or may not be required. Don't think this will let you off the hook. Not having insurance could be the difference between keeping the doors to your business open and shutting down due to insufficient finances. Not only does it put you in danger physically and financially, but it also risks anybody you come into contact with, namely, your customers and any people working for you.


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Public Liability Insurance for EXHIBITION STAND ERECTORS

Any company, no matter how big or small, can profit significantly from purchasing Public Liability Insurance. Before you even begin to work on any projects, having the very minimum cover in place should be the first thing you do. If you started contracting work for your business and caused property damage or an accidental injury or death to a member of the public while working. A thorough trade insurance policy with Rhino Trade Insurance can cover your trade up to £5 million. 

Not taking the proper precautions would be a significant risk to your business and those around you. To operate without the appropriate level of protection would be a monumental risk and gambles with your finances and the safety of others. Rhino has designed quality Public Liability cover with low-cost premiums, which can be taken out easily through our intuitive online insurance page. If you prefer to speak to real humans, our lovely UK team are in Leicester and ready to answer any questions you have six days a week. 

It's worth remembering the expert Rhino underwriting team writes every insurance policy specifically for the trade in question. Some things that a plumber will be exposed to may never come into contact with an Exhibition Stand business, so why have the same policy? We make building a well-rounded insurance document for your business easy and simple. Let us create a customised policy for you today and take the weight off your shoulders. Our insurance ensures that you are covered if something goes wrong up to a maximum of £5 million.


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Taking out insurance shouldn't cause a headache or stress. That's why Rhino Trade Insurance strives to simplify the process of buying protection for your trade. Customers will expect a tailored fix if you provide custom-built show stands and offer exhibition units and solutions for events. That's how we build our insurance for Exhibition Stand Erectors. Your business needs and wants are all considered when we create a bespoke policy for you. 

Because we make every policy unique to the trade and the business in question, we offer various options you can include in your coverage. Should you be ill and need assistance, we are there for you. Should your tools get nicked, we have you covered. Should your employee damage a customer's unit, we are there for you. Take a look a what Rhino can offer you here:

  • Employers' Liability Insurance: As an Exhibition installer, you will undoubtedly have a team working for you. Should they injure themselves or become ill whilst working for your business, this policy covers you.  
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: Building show stands will require thought and planning. If your business offers other contractors advice or guidance on how to do this and takes a fee, you could be held liable for any lost revenues due to something going wrong from the advice you supplied. 
  • Tools in Transit Insurance: Installing show stands requires tools. These tools are vital for getting the job done. You will be covered with this policy if they get lost, stolen or broken. 
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance: Handling tax is something that needs to be done right. If something goes wrong with your tax returns, you could land yourself in trouble. This cover protects you should HMRC come knocking.  
  • Legal Expenses Insurance: Should your business be sued by a customer, supplier or member of the public, then this will ensure you have cover for your defence, legal costs and more. 
  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance: Accidents can always happen, especially in your line of work. Taking care of your finances is critical due to the fact that if you can't work, you won't earn. This insurance makes sure that isn't the case.


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The price of your insurance shouldn't make you feel like you were cheated! We work hard at Rhino to keep our prices as low as possible for you so that no one has to spend what feels like a mortgage on your insurance. Due to the inherent dangers of your job, you will require insurance, which we can quickly provide.

We will start by providing you with a price based on your specific trade's risks and a few other small details. We need to know about any employees you have working for you, what your company's turnover is, and a few other questions. This is to make sure we cover all bases and that you have the right protection.




Rhino strives to provide you with the best cover possible. Our prices are among the best available. In addition, thousands of tradespeople from all over the UK have purchased or renewed their tailored insurance policy from Rhino, showing that we take care of everyone we insure. Got a minute? Take a look at all the customer reviews from happy tradesmen and women.

On top of this, our office is based in the lovely city of Leicester. Our helpful staff are on-hand, ready to serve your every need, and our online social media channels are thriving with content made just for you. 

Need a quote fast? Head straight to our online shop, where our super technology will provide you with a speedy price. Prefer to speak to a Rhino team member? Just give them a call today at 0116 243 7904, and they will be happy to help.


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