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Whether you spend your working days installing the latest fireplaces that work off your smartphone or fitting the good old-fashioned wood burners, having trade insurance is no laughing matter when it comes to being a Fireplace Installer. Spending your time around customers, heat, tools, gas, and all sorts of other risks and hazards could end in disaster. 

We at Rhino Trade Insurance don't want that! That's why we've developed fantastic insurance policies specifically for Fireplace Installers. What's included in this type of insurance? Let's crank the heat up to the maximum and let you know!

The importance of FIREPLACE INSTALLERS insurance

Since the stone age, humankind has been trying to find ways to heat themselves in the most effective way. Whether through layers of clothing, burning wood or the latest wall-mounted electric heater. Whatever it is, you as a professional will be called in to help install it.

With all that said, you need to consider what type of insurance you hold. The worst thing to happen to any tradesperson on a job is something going wrong and a claim being made. If you don't have insurance, you could face a huge bill heading your way. 

Rhino has a suite of insurance policies just for Fireplace Installers. With the talk of newer heating methods and the price of gas going through the roof, we expect you to be extremely busy fitting alternatives, so it's best to get the right level of cover before you do anything else.



Fireplace Installers Insurance



Public Liability Insurance FOR FIREPLACE INSTALLERS

Trade Insurance specifically for Fireplace Installers is a real commodity for your business. Not only will it protect you if the **** hits the fan, but it will also positively impact your bottom line. Customers, suppliers, and third parties (mainly local councils, businesses, and trade associations) expect their tradesperson to have insurance these days. 

With that said, our most popular type of insurance is undoubtedly Public Liability Insurance. Without this, you might as well not step foot on a site. Although it isn't a legal requirement (which seriously makes no sense), you'd be taking a massive risk if you did any work without this type of protection. 

Public Liability Insurance for Fireplace Installers makes sound business sense. It's there to provide a safety net in case you cause any damage to a customer, client or third parties property. It also protects you if you cause injury with your work or accidental death. 

To get a better picture of what it's like having Public Liability with Rhino, take a look at these points:

  • Our prices are the best around and start at just £72.80 a year. We can't hear you shouting 'I can't believe it' from here!
  • Whether you are fitting truckloads of fireplaces at Buckingham Palace or doing the odd job around your local area, we have the right level for everyone. Our cover starts from £1 million, £2 million and £5 million if needed.
  • We only ask for a standard excess of £500 on all claims. This, however, isn't the case if the claim is a result of the use of heat.
  • Feel free to make changes to your policy or information for free. We won't charge any daft fees. 
  • Take out a policy and pay monthly with our interest-free option. 
  • Want to put your insurance certificate up straight away? Our account section gives you access to all your documentation. We'll post them to you as well if you like.

Please find your quote by visiting our online shop or ring us on 0116 243 7904. 


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Although Public Liability Insurance is our most popular policy option for Fireplace Installers, our trade insurance experts were hard at it coming up with tailored options that you can add to your insurance if needed. To get an idea of what else you can take out, take a look here:

  • Public Liability Insurance: Whether you spend your time installing stoves, electric heaters, chimney breasts or whatever else. Be sure to take out Public Liability Insurance to protect yourself in case you cause any damage, injury or accidental death. Have staff working for you and want to protect them too? Consider our Employers' Liability Insurance as an add on. 
  • Contractors' All Risks Insurance: If you are working on construction sites and need to remove structures or gain access to properties using plant or machinery, then this insurance is for you. It also protects the contract value you have signed up to, so you have nothing to worry about. 
  • Tools in Transit Insurance: Fitting fireplaces can be done by hand, but it would take a hell of a lot longer. That's why protecting your tools is vital. Our Tool Insurance covers your prized possessions if they are lost, stolen or damaged. 
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: A popular policy for anybody like yourself who may off expertise as part of your service. If a contractor comes to you looking for designs, advice or knowledge and the info you pass on ends up causing the contractor to be out of pocket because of your advice, you could be liable to pay compensation. 
  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance: A real common policy that sometimes flies under the radar for self-employed tradies. If you need extended time off work due to being injured or sick, you will still need to be paid. This insurance guarantees a monthly or lump-sum payout in that event. 
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance: As a self-employed business person, you will be juggling various tasks. You don't want to have a headache because the taxman is knocking at your door. If you need assistance with any tax problems, this insurance will help save the day.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance: Last but by no means least, if you get into a spot of bother and need legal representation. This insurance will offer protection and defence in court. We'll take care of everything to leave you stress-free.

You can find out about all of our popular cover options by checking out this page. Have you got any questions? Give us a bell on 0116 243 7904.


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How Much Does FIREPLACE INSTALLERS Insurance Cost?

A common question by our friends in the trades and a simple answer is your Fireplace Installers insurance should not be costing you an arm and a leg. 

When you get a quote on our online shop or via a quick call, you will see that we give you a price in less than 60 seconds. We ask a few basic questions that we need to weigh up the amount of risk your trade carries.

For example, we will ask you what your actual trade/ job is. What your turnover is, and how many people work for you/ you will need to insure.

After this, you will get an excellent price at 40% cheaper than most competitors! Save yourself some time and come direct, don't bother with those meerkat comparison sites!



Why Choose Rhino for your FIREPLACE INSTALLERS Insurance?

So that's that. If you have made it this far, kudos to you! If you want to speak to us further, we would love to chat with you. Our team are based in beautiful Leicester and is waiting to help you with any trade insurance needs you have. Call us on 0116 243 7904.

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