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As a Fitted Furniture Installer, the realm of daily tasks is wide-reaching. From one day to another, you could be fitting bathrooms, office spaces or living areas. With the variety of work you undertake, having trade insurance is a dead cert to making sure you are fully covered should something happen to go wrong. 

Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we have been putting our time and effort into designing some of the best policies for Fitted Furniture Installers on the market. All at the best prices around, we have a bundle of top insurance that will keep you protected. But what can we offer you?

The importance of FITTED FURNITURE INSTALLERS insurance

Whether you run a national Fitted Furniture business or spend your days as a lone ranger, we have the correct type of cover for you. In this line of work, managing your day to day business operations can be stressful enough. You may be dealing with clients, handling suppliers or sorting out an issue on the current job. That's why it's best to take any potential risk of a claim out of your mind and let us take care of your trade insurance. 

On a daily basis, you are trusted with visiting people's homes and properties and expected to perform to a high level. On an off day, you may fall foul of a claim, which is why Rhino has come up with several top-quality coverage options for you. 

No matter how big or small you think your policy needs to be, we help businesses of all shapes and sizes. The icing on the cake? We are up to 40% cheaper than other insurance providers. Don't wait another minute longer. Take advantage of our tailored Fitted Furniture Insurance.



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At Rhino Trade Insurance, we have come up with a multitude of insurance products for our Fitted Furniture friends. Our most popular type of trade insurance is Public Liability Insurance

This is a specific insurance that all tradespeople should have. It makes proper business sense! If you happen to cause an injury to your customer or inflict damage to their property, and it's down to your work, this type of insurance will be right there to back you up should you need to make a claim. It also protects you if you cause accidental death (but we hope it doesn't get that far)! 

Here's what you will get from Rhino with your Public Liability Insurance:

  • A top quality piece of cover that starts from £72.80 a year - an absolute bargain. 
  • Whether you are going solo or working as a team, we can offer you cover from £1 million, £2 million and £5 million. 
  • If something does go wrong, we have a £500 standard excess on all claims. 
  • Feel free to make any changes to your policy throughout the year, and don't pay any admin fees. We aren't greedy! 
  • Make it easy for you to manage your cash flow by opting for our interest-free monthly payment plan. 
  • Get all your documents and certificates immediately. Your customers and staff can't wait to see them!

Please find your quote by visiting our online shop or ring us on 0116 243 7904. 


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For anybody plying their trade as a Fitted Furniture Installer, having the right level of cover is vital to making sure you are financially covered when something goes wrong. You could be installing a new home office and damage the property's electrics, you may be installing a bathroom, clipping a pipe and causing a flood, or you could be unloading the new furniture and injure a passerby. 

All these scenarios can and do happen. But what else can you get covered for? Take a look at the specific insurance policies we have created just for you:

  • Public Liability Insurance and/ or Employers' Liability Insurance - For any Fitted Furniture professionals who manage to cause injury, damage or accidental death on site. It also covers any employees you have should they do the same. 
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - As an industry professional who offers design advice as part of their service, you can get yourself covered in case those designs go wrong and leave the builder/ contractor etc., out of pocket. We all make mistakes from time to time, and having insurance is a great way to alleviate any financial stress.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance - Should you be facing any legal challenges or claims and need help with your defence, this type of insurance is there to take control and take the weight off your shoulders. 
  • Tools in Transit Insurance - Installing a variety of fitted furniture will require many tools. Tool theft is rife in the industry so consider getting your stuff insured. Our insurance protects against theft, damage and if they are misplaced. 
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance - If something goes wrong with your tax returns and you have the tax office chasing after you, this insurance will protect you and offer help/ guidance on how to solve the problem. 
  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance - This cover offers to protect you financially if you are injured or sick and cannot work for an extended period of time by paying out a lump-sum, up to your chosen level of cover, should you be unable to work. 

Trade insurance can get a little boring and sometimes a bit confusing, so if you would like some help, just give one of our friendly team a call. We are based right here in the UK, Leicester, to be precise and we’lll answer any questions you have and put you on the straight and narrow. 

You can find out about all of our popular cover options by checking out this page. Have you got any questions? Give us a bell on 0116 243 7904.


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We start by weighing up the risks, hazards and factors that go into your insurance quote. That's what gives you a precise quote in less than 60 seconds. 

We don't want insurance to burn a hole in your finances. It shouldn't be costing you heaven and earth, and it should be fairly straightforward to take out a policy. Our online technology does just that. We simply ask for your turnover, your trade, how many people work for you and a few other minor details, and that's it. Piece of cake, right?!



Why Choose Rhino for your FITTED FURNITURE INSTALLERS Insurance?

If all of the above hasn't swayed your decision, maybe this will. Rhino has been rated five stars by thousands of UK based tradesmen and women. Not only that, filling out insurance forms can be boring, tedious and time-consuming. Our state-of-the-art technology allows you to get a quote in less than a minute, ensuring that you can carry on with the most essential thing: your work. 

Don't bother with all those comparison websites and meerkat adverts. We are, on average, up to 40% cheaper than our closest industry competitor and people in the trades love the human touch to our brand. Get a quote online or call 0116 243 7904 now.

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