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For anybody looking to preserve, save or freshen up a piece of furniture, you are the one they come to call on. As someone who spends their days repairing furniture, you'll most likely be presented with a whole manner of different pieces (for those who watch The Repair Shop, we understand what challenges are thrown up the daily).  

At Rhino Trade Insurance, we spend our days coming up with the best possible insurance cover for your furniture repair business. After spending plenty of time with various trades, we grasp what makes great cover and what doesn't.

The importance of FURNITURE REPAIR insurance

As a specialist in mending people's furniture, you understand the importance of getting the job done right and to a high standard. Customers will expect you to offer upholstery repairs, refinishing of units, spring and structure repairs, fixing tears, scuffs, scratches and more. 

With all of these examples, it makes absolute business sense to get yourself insured. Without it, you could run the risk of having a compensation claim land at your doorstep that you have to pay out of your own pocket. 

It might seem like a long shot, but everybody has a bad day from time to time. And as someone who deals with customers, suppliers, members of the public and third parties, you'd be taking a big gamble not considering one of our trade policies. But which policies do you need as a furniture repairer?


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Public Liability Insurance for FURNITURE REPAIRERS

Kicking things off, we have our ever-popular and most common form of trade insurance; Public Liability Insurance. This little number is your ticket out of schtuck. If you are repairing a sofa on-site and manage to cause damage at the customer's home, you'll be covered. What if you carry an expensive chandelier out of their home, dropping it and injuring the customer? You are also covered. 

Having Public Liability as a furniture repairer isn't a legal requirement, but it makes business sense to have it. If a claim was brought against you or your business, you might have to pay for compensation out of your own pocket if you're not insured. Here are the reasons why you should choose Rhino Trade Insurance for your Public Liability Insurance. 

  • It doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Prices start at just £6.07 a month!
  • Just starting out or an experienced pro? Depending on your needs we can offer cover from £1 million up to a whopping £5 million.
  • Need to make a claim? Don't fret. All standard liability claims have an excess of £500. That's as long as the claim isn't the result of the use of heat. 
  • Moving home or business premises? Changed your phone number? Don't fear. You can change your details free of charge here. Admin fees are so early 2000's.
  • We also offer monthly payments if you'd rather pay via direct debit. All interest-free as well! 
  • Need to speak with us? We have a wonderful team in Leicester waiting to hear your lovely voice. Alternatively, grab a quick and easy quote online. 
  • All your policy documents are delivered to your email inbox and your online account (just in case you ever need to reprint them).


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Why Do I Need FURNITURE REPAIR Insurance?

As somebody who works as a self-employed furniture repairer, your work needs to be tip-top. If you don't meet the customer's quality control, you may be in for a shock. Rhino's popular tradesman insurance policies act as a buffer between a compensation claim and your business's bank account. If anything bad happens, we'd be there to step in and help you out. 

We offer a variety of insurance coverage for furniture repairers, all with their own added perks and benefits: 

  • Public Liability Insurance and/ or Employers' Liability Insurance - If you or a team member causes damage to a property, injures the customers or causes accidental death, this one is for you. 
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - Offering advice, designs or general know-how as part of your services? This protects you in case something goes wrong from that advice. 
  • Legal Expenses Insurance - Managed to get into a spot of bother over your last job? Need help with legalities or defence? This one has your back. 
  • Tools in Transit Insurance - Most trades have valuable tools. Don't be left without them if they are damaged, stolen or lost. Get the right coverage now. 
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance - Three things in life are certain, and tax is one of them. Had a problem with your last bill? This one's for you.
  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance - Did you manage to injure yourself whilst restoring an old cabinet? Can't work and need to still get paid? We have the right cover for you here.


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How Much Does FURNITURE REPAIR Insurance Cost?

Our prices will differ depending on a variety of factors. That's not us trying to make it difficult. We simply need to work out the amount of risk your trade is exposed to. After that, we can give you a price depending on the amount of cover you want. 

The factors that go into us making a tailored quote for furniture repairers include your business turnover, the number of staff members to be insured, what type of tools you use, and a few other smaller details. 

As we say, this isn't to be difficult or nosey. We simply need to know these minor details to give you a relevant piece of cover. Without this information, you could take our trade insurance that leaves you underinsured and at risk of financial catastrophe.



Why Choose Rhino for your FURNITURE REPAIR Insurance?

At Rhino, we pride ourselves on serving tradespeople. We offer tailored cover for almost all trades. For example, a quick look on our website and you will see specific cover for builders, plumbers, sparky's all the way to caterers, car detailers and so on. 

We have spent years in this game and understand what you are looking for. Adding to our humorous branding and cheeky social media, we make the perfect recipe for a trade insurance business. 

If you ever need anybody, you can reach us easily and be welcomed on the telephone by our soft Leicestershire accents (this is where we are based). If you need a quote, you can also visit our website for a lightning-fast price. So what are you waiting for?

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