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As somebody who works hard, spending their time adhering to safety protocols and reading blueprints, Gas Fitters need to make sure they have adequate trade insurance cover in case something goes wrong. 

On a recurring basis, you will find yourself laying pipes, reading charts, working to specifications, working with heat, and maintaining and repairing a whole manner of parts. That's why Rhino Trade Insurance, one of the UK's leading trade insurers, has developed a specific cover type for Gas Fitters. We support thousands of different tradesmen and women across the UK. So how can we help you?

The importance of GAS FITTERS insurance

Trade Insurance is a tangible commodity these days. It really adds value to your business if you have it. Anyone working as a Gas Fitter will know that it's vital to work safely. And on that odd day where everything doesn't go to plan, it makes absolute sense to have that safety net in place. 

Whether you are working in harsh conditions, tight spaces, or uncomfortable locations, all of these can influence how you do your job. And when it comes to gas, one wrong move and it could be curtains. 

That's why Rhino is here to offer you a variety of quality Gas Fitters policy options. All with cracking benefits and advantages.


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Public Liability Insurance FOR GAS FITTERS

As a Gas Fitter, you will be battling the elements, providing gas to various residential and commercial buildings. One day you may be fitting fuse sockets, pipes and other parts. Next, you could be replacing an outdated traditional meter with a new and up to date smart meter. All your jobs are of the utmost importance as a gas issue could be monumental. 

With that said, you will most likely be dealing with members of the public, customers, clients and third parties. This is where Public Liability Insurance for Gas Fitters enters. This cover is designed to protect you if you cause some type of damage, inflict an injury on the customer or cause accidental death. All of this is unintentional, but as it's down to a result of your work, you may be held liable. 

Public Liability Insurance, therefore, is your fire extinguisher to put out the 'claim' fire. You may accidentally weld a pipe together and damage a customer's property in the process. You could injure a customer with a tool or cause death because of a gas leak. 

It's a part of life that things go wrong, but that's why having the proper protection in place will help you sleep easy at night (forget the Horlicks). Rhino's Public Liability Insurance starts at just £6.07 a month, and you can choose a premium level from £1 million to £5 million in cover. Find out more by getting in touch with our experts now. 


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Why Do I Need GAS FITTERS Insurance?

Plying your trade as a Gas Fitter is no easy job. You must do your due diligence when on-site, and it's critical to follow the correct procedures when undertaking a task. Without insurance, you'd be taking a monumental risk to yourself and others. 

With that in mind, Rhino created a handful of specific, tailored and quality pieces of insurance for you. Having done our research around the UK and speaking to experts, these are the most popular forms of cover for Gas Fitters:

  • Public Liability Insurance: Out repairing pipes and causing damage to the client's property? Didn't have the suitable fixing and cause a leak? Get yourself covered with Public Liability Insurance before it's too late. 
  • Contractors' All Risks Insurance: Working on a prominent site and need to dig down to fit pipes? Hiring or owning plant or machinery with a significant contract value and want to insure it? This one is for you.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: Offering advice and designs as part of your work? Provided this information to local planners and housebuilders? Something goes wrong because of your professional expertise, and you lose them money? This insurance will cover your back in that scenario. 
  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance: A popular one for self-employed Gas Fitters. If you can't work due to being sick or injured, don't worry! With this cover, you will be paid monthly or in a lump sum, so you don't need to fret about your cash flow.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance: A real saviour. Anyone with legal issues and troubles in need of help? This policy will provide you with all the legal help you need!
  • Tools in Transit Insurance: Gas Fitting tools don't come cheap! So don't take the risk and leave them uninsured. Tool theft is on the rise, and this will help protect them whether they are stolen, lost or damaged. 
  • Gadget & Mobile Phone Insurance: Gas Fitters are constantly talking to people and need their modern technology to get by. Why take the risk and leave it uninsured? It's easy to steal a phone or laptop these days. With all that essential data and info at your fingertips, get it covered now.
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance: Tax is the bane of everyone's life. Especially if there's a discrepancy and the taxman comes looking for you. This will offer you all the protection you need in that situation.

You can find out about all of our popular cover options by checking out this page. Have you got any questions? Give us a bell on 0116 243 7904.


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How Much Does GAS FITTERS Insurance Cost?

It's the 21st century. Taking out insurance shouldn't be a ballache! It also shouldn't cost you every penny you have. That's why we have made it super quick and straightforward to take out our Gas Fitters Insurance. 

Simply go online and fill in a few short details, and you will have a quote in less than 60 a minute. Alternatively, you can call us, and you will be met with a few minor questions such as your turnover, how many people work for you, and what level of cover you want, among a few others. 

This is all to calculate what level of risk your trade poses, as premiums will differ depending on exposure to danger.



Why Choose Rhino for your GAS FITTERS Insurance?

Not only does Rhino offer cover for 40% cheaper than some of our closest competitors, but we are also tailored to tradespeople. Our primary focus is you and your trade, ensuring you have the right protection in place should something unexpected happen. 

We are based right here in the UK, making us easy to reach. We also have some of the best online technology, giving you a Gas Fitter quote in less than 60 seconds! Get in touch today and see what we can do for you. Give us a call on 0116 243 7904.

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