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In the UK, millions of homeowners have gas supplied to their property. That’s where our friendly, neighbourhood Gas Safe Installer comes alive—giving your customers the peace of mind that their home is safe and sound, free from any potential gas leaks or accidents goes a long way. But have you considered your tradesman insurance options for your trade?

That’s why we are here. Rhino Trade Insurance is the insurer of choice for almost all tradesmen and women across the UK. We are experts in the trade field and know only too well what is and isn’t good cover. The icing on the cake? We specifically design all of our insurance policies to fit whatever trade you have in mind!

The importance of GAS SAFE INSTALLERS insurance

Anyone working as a Gas Safe Installer will know it’s a vital trade to keep us mere mortals in the public safe. Boiling it down, your primary role is ensuring there are no major or minor accidents from faulty gas systems! 

This is one of the fundamental reasons for having Gas Safe Installers Insurance. Not only will it keep you safe in an emergency, but it will also protect your clients, suppliers, and public members should something go wrong whilst you work. At Rhino, we have a whole host of top-draw cover options for you!



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Public Liability Insurance FOR GAS SAFE INSTALLERS

A clear favourite among tradesmen and women is Public Liability Insurance. Without this, you might as well not turn up to work. Especially when checking people’s gas supply! But how will it benefit you as a Gas Safe Installer? 

Public Liability Insurance does exactly what it says on the tin. Like Batman, it offers protection to members of the public, suppliers, customers or anybody who comes to your business premises. And, as somebody constantly coming into contact with a variety of people, it’s better to be protected than wish you’d taken out that cover when you saw it advertised! 

Public Liability Insurance is very straightforward. Let’s imagine you have an off day and somehow cause damage or injury to one of the people listed above. You could be held liable. Public Liability Insurance will protect you up to your chosen level of cover so that you won’t have to have sleepless nights!  

As a Gas Safe Installer, you will be duty-bound to hold this type of cover before even stepping onto the job. Your customers, awarding bodies, trade associations and local councils will require you to have a certain level of insurance before you can pick up any tools. With that in mind, here is what you can expect from Rhino’s popular Public Liability Insurance:

  • Excellent insurance protection that starts from £72.80 a year! 
  • Rhino can offer you a variety of business cover from £1 million all the way up to £5 million.
  • We only ask for a standard excess of £500 for all liability claims that aren’t a direct result of the use of heat. 
  • Take it easy and pay monthly if you want. We also offer this option interest-free! 
  • All documents will be with you as soon as you click ‘done’. They will be stored in your online account and emailed over to you.

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Why Do I Need GAS SAFE INSTALLERS Insurance?

On top of our super popular Public Liability insurance options, we also have a handful of additional policies that will cover your back. This isn’t some sales tactic or trying to scare you. Our goal is to be upfront with what you can take out on top of your Public Liability Insurance. 

As a Gas Safe Installer, there are various benefits to having different cover types. They can help to safeguard your business interests, aid the growth of your business and encourage trust among your customers, suppliers and members of the public. The ultimate point is that should anything ever go wrong through your work, people are safe in the knowledge that you are protected from any outcome, and you can take a breather because you will be financially secure.

That’s why we didn’t just stop at tailored Public Liability Insurance. Our trade insurance superstars have sat long and hard to come up with the best range of cover options to protect the many thousands of Gas Safe Installers in the UK. 

To list just a few of our added cover options for your trade:

  • Public Liability Insurance: For anyone who causes injury or damage to a public member through their work, this one will keep you covered. 
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: You never know what line of work you may find yourself in, but if you manage to offer advice, guidance and designs for gas work and something goes wrong, you could be liable. This trade insurance makes sure your back is covered.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance: Need a hand with your legal defence after a claim has been taken to court? Add this cover to your policy and protect yourself from any unsuspecting costs. 
  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance: For anybody who works for themselves, they won’t have a way to earn if they are sick or injured for an extended period of time. Both types of insurance protect you if you need an income after being unable to work. 
  • Tools in Transit Insurance: Gas professionals will work with various tools, so it’s best to ensure they are covered. If they go walkabout, are lost or damaged, you will be insured. 
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance: For any self-employed tradesperson, handling your taxes can be a nightmare. So if you have any issues, get this cover and protect yourself in case any heart-racing letters from the taxman come through your door. 


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How Much Does GAS SAFE INSTALLERS Insurance Cost?

For anybody who works in the gas industry, you will like to know every fine and intricate detail. That’s why we are transparent about how we come up with our insurance prices. 

The info needed to go into calculating your quote is easy and straightforward. We don’t ask you to supply us with all the information under the sun. All we will ask for is your business turnover, how many people you have working for you, what type or level of cover you need, and that’s about it. 

All we need to gauge is the level of risk your trade poses.



Why Choose Rhino for your GAS SAFE INSTALLERS Insurance?

Just like you keeping customers safe from gas issues, we have been protecting tradespeople around the UK for years! We have experience with a variety of people on the tools, whether that’s protecting a bricklayer out doing extensions, gardeners fertilizing the latest crop or a gas fitter inspecting a potential leak. 

It’s easy to get hold of us. We are all based in the UK and are speaking to tradesmen and women on a daily basis. Need help with your insurance? Not a problem. Just call our lovely team, and we’ll get you sorted in no time! 

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