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Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we understand that working as a window glazier is one tough job that has many hurdles and hazards on every job you attend. On a daily basis, working at height, in people's homes or on a site can see something go wrong (we are thinking Arkwright falling off his ladder in Open All Hours wrong). As accidents are bound to happen, it pays to have your glaziers insurance in place. Having Public Liability Insurance for glaziers is a valuable asset to have in your arsenal. Our policy could help keep your business afloat should the worst come to fruition.  


Rhino Trade Insurance has many insurance options for glaziers, and Public Liability Insurance is undoubtedly the most vital. You may be wondering why you need this form of tradesman insurance? Well, to put it simply, it forms a shield around you and your business so that if your work ends up damaging a customer's property or you injure a client or member of the public, you are covered. 

If you're on-site and find yourself in a sticky situation, resulting in the need to pay compensation, maybe a customer has tripped over your tools and injured themselves, or you could have accidentally damaged the customer's window frame. There’s a good chance that you may have to make a claim. It’s here that Public Liability Insurance kicks in to protect you and your business. Let's take a look at what Rhino can offer you for your glazier's insurance:

  • It starts at a low-cost £6.07 per month for £1million coverage 
  • £1million, £2million and £5million cover levels available.
  • Standard Excess of £500 on every claim.
  • Simple and easy interest-free monthly payment options
  • Effortlessly purchase online or over the phone in less than a minute
  • Valuable glaziers add-ons are available.

Covering the cost of a claim yourself can potentially put you out of business. Having the correct cover ensures that your business is safe should anything untoward happen. In essence, Rhino's Public Liability Insurance protects you like Batman protects Gotham City!

Even for the most astute and careful glazier, accidents can happen anywhere, and at any time, so it makes sense to have the right insurance in place to make sure your business is secure. 


Rhino loves a good offering, especially at a buffet! With that in mind, we also offer several other insurance policies that would benefit your business. 

A popular choice for glaziers is Professional Indemnity Insurance, which helps cover you and your business in case of a mistake made, such as any loss of a client's necessary documentation or data, lousy advice, or delivering poor delivery designs or service. 

There’s Employer's Liability Insurance too, which is a legal requirement should you employ any members of staff. Imagine being on the job fitting some french doors, and whilst your employee is on a set of steps making sure the doors are hanging right, the steps break, causing them to injure themselves badly. This is a nightmare if you don't have Employer's Liability Insurance. In the event of a claim, your insurance would cover you for the costs so that you can focus on carrying on your trade (a wonderful creation if we do say so ourselves).

Imagine working at a customers house and having your tools stolen from your van as well. Talk about a rough day! That's thousands of pounds of worth of gear gone. This is where it pays to have tools insurance cover set up for your glaziers business. With the cover in place, Rhino Trade Insurance would pay to replace your tools because we're lovely like that.

Still with us? We've concocted a handy list of relevant insurance additions for glaziers. After that, let's concoct a cocktail. I'm parched!

All our glazier's insurance policies are available to buy online with a quick click of a button. We bet you that you can purchase our cover quicker than it takes your kettle to boil. Did someone say brew? If you're a technophobe and prefer human contact, the Rhino UK team is on hand six days a week waiting to answer your questions!




At Rhino Trade Insurance, we are skilled and experienced in tradesman insurance, just like Cristiano is skilled in stepovers. We have dedicated ourselves to creating the best possible cover for glaziers. The team here has over 20 years of trade expertise and are all too familiar with how accidents can affect your business. 

So, with all this insurance terminology battering your eyelids, you might be thinking, can you boil it down for me. Okay, simply put. Think of your Public Liability Insurance as the window frame. It's the central part of the window. It holds everything else together and is your primary protection. Everything else, the handle, the lock, the glass are extras - these could be seen as employers liability insurance, tools insurance or indemnity insurance. 

Don't be like Evil Kinevil and take the risk. Take a minute and get yourself some cost-effective glaziers cover in place so that your business is protected. Our insurance specialists are ready and waiting to assist you, give them a call now or fill out our online quote form now. 

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