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Whether you offer top-quality solutions for guttering problems or install the lasting drainage systems, you'd be best served to have some trade insurance as a Guttering Installer. 

Working in the guttering industry is no easy task, and finding the right insurance is just the same. What is a simple yet vital piece of paper for your business could be the difference between business as usual and financial ruin. 

At Rhino, we pride ourselves on offering you the best in class guttering insurance. From experts in the field and our insurance specialists in the office, we have created some fantastic policies tailored to your trade. 

The importance of GUTTERING INSTALLERS insurance

For any self-employed tradesperson or business owner, getting yourself some form of cover is pivotal in ensuring you can carry on should a claim be made. Anyone working in the Guttering Installers industry will know that it's peppered with risks and danger, especially when working at height. 

You may spend one day cleaning out a client's gutters on a three-story townhouse; next, you may be installing a new set of gutters on an outhouse or garage. Your days will be different, and you never know what's around the corner, so it's better to be safe than sorry.

Rhino Trade Insurance has a full range of insurance policies that would benefit your guttering business. Having spent years working with a variety of trades, we have our fingers on the pulse when it comes to the right cover. What's more, we have focused solely on tradespeople and have spent time and effort designing specific, tailored and individual policies for each trade - all with you in mind.



Guttering Contractors Insurance



Public Liability Insurance FOR GUTTERING INSTALLERS

Getting right down to business, what do Rhino offer as part of its Public Liability Insurance? 

  • We have a super starting price! At Rhino, our Public Liability starts at just £6.07 a month! 
  • Depending on what level of cover you need, we can accommodate business cover from £1 million to £5 million (on request). Get in touch to find out more.
  • We ask for a simple £500 standard excess on every liability claim.
  • Having a stable cash flow is fantastic, so to help, we offer interest-free monthly payments if you'd prefer to pay that way. 
  • Once the cover is taken out, you'll have instant access to your certificates and docs (they will also be emailed to you).

But what is Public Liability Insurance? As somebody who spends their days installing gutters, cleaning out run-down systems, and fixing broken roofing parts, it will most likely be at a customer's property or on a third-party business unit. 

With all this in mind, you will be coming into contact with customers, members of the public and third-party individuals, which is why you'd benefit from Public Liability Insurance for your Guttering Installing business. It serves to protect you if you manage to injure a member of the public, a customer or a third party or cause damage to property or worse, cause accidental death. 

Claims of this nature can grow into the six-figure territory, so having Public Liability Insurance will protect you from paying any excessive compensation. This type of insurance is not legally required in the UK, but every tradesperson worth their weight in gold has it. It simply is the most practical and common piece of cover.

You could manage to drop a tool on a customer's foot. You could accidentally smash a window with a tool whilst at height. You could injure a supplier visiting your business premises. All are covered under one policy. Please find your quote by visiting our online shop or ring us on 0116 243 7904. 


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As stated above, Rhino has designed individual policies and products for each trade. Here are just some of the most popular insurance options Gutterin Installers take out with us:

  • Public Liability Insurance: If you manage to cause injury, damage or accidentally kill someone due to your work - then you should have this cover. 
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: Working as a Guttering Installer may find you offering design advice and information on a plan for a home. If your work happened to be wrong and causes a loss of damage to the client, then this will cover your back.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance: There's an old belief that everyone goes to court once in their life. If you are in a spot of bother and need legal assistance, this insurance will be there for you.  
  • Tools in Transit Insurance: Whether your tools are stolen or damaged. Protecting them is vital to making sure you hit no snags and continue working as usual.
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance: If you need tax help, this cover helps you out should HMRC come knocking.
  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance: A popular policy for Guttering Installers and self-employed trades workers. If you are injured or sick and can't work, this insurance will pay a lump sum up to the chosen level of cover. 

As a Guttering Installer, having trade insurance is your safest bet when the tables turn and you are in a sticky situation. Dealing with customers and clients means you have a duty of care to provide as well as the high-quality service you promise. If your work isn't up to scratch on an off day, trade insurance acts as your safety barrier should your business make a claim. 

A final reason to consider your insurance options is that trade bodies, associations and local businesses/ councils will require you to hold a certain level of cover if you want to work with them. As these avenues can and should open up new opportunities for you, it would best serve you to check out their requirements and get yourself some insurance. It's totally worth it

You can find out about all of our popular cover options by checking out this page. Have you got any questions? Give us a bell on 0116 243 7904.


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How Much Does GUTTERING INSTALLERS Insurance Cost?

As we say to all our friends in the trades, your insurance should not cost you the earth. You work hard and shouldn't have to fork out every last penny to get yourself some reasonable cover. We offer fantastic rates for all trades so that you can spend that money you saved on better things - Did someone mention the pub? 

To get a better picture of how we quote your policy, we would need to see some minor details from you. Mainly: your turnover, your trade and how many people work for you, among other small details. This gives us a clear picture of what type of risk you are exposed to. 

Of course, depending on what level of cover you want or need, your premiums will differ.



Why Choose Rhino for your GUTTERING INSTALLERS Insurance?

Don't just take our word for it; check out the thousands of 5-star reviews we've received from tradesmen and women who are over the moon with our cover. We want to offer the best possible products to the hardworking trades across the UK. All at a quality, low price. 

We are, on average, up to 40% cheaper than most competitors, so don't waste any more time comparing prices online. Come direct to us and join the Rhino crash.

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